Mobile broadband deals in the UK (April 2024)

Do you want to secure the best mobile broadband deals in the UK for 2024? We have you covered. Mobile internet allows you to stay connected when you're on the go. In this article, we'll compare the latest mobile broadband deals, analyze various choices, and help you make an informed choice.

Stay connected on the go with Vodafone 4G Mobile Dongle for only £8/month on a 24-month 4GB plan. Plug the dongle into your laptop USB port and get online in minutes!
Virgin Media mobile broadband deals are available as 30-day options or 12-month options, so you can try out a 30-day option before committing to 12 months. Enjoy a 5G connection and unlimited data!
Get unlimited data with EE SIM-only plan for £15/month on a 24-month plan. Excellent speeds (100Mbps), Data Gifting, and unlimited minutes and texts included!
BT offers 250GB with Essentials Plan for only £8.75/month for existing customers only. Excellent speeds (up to 100Mbps), unlimited minutes and texts, and the possibility to share data!
Sky is offering super SIM deals with a 25GB data plan with unlimited calls and texts. Enjoy these super affordable deals and easy setup!

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is a type of internet access that’s delivered over mobile phone networks and allows you to connect to the internet on the go. Unlike fixed-line broadband, it doesn’t require a physical connection to the home. Mobile networks are broken down into these generations:

  • 3G. Widely available mobile broadband with basic internet connectivity for browsing.
  • 4G. Significantly faster than 3G, 4G enables activities like video streaming and gaming.
  • 5G. The latest and fastest mobile network offers blazing speeds for bug-free streaming, downloading, and even supporting applications like virtual reality.

Mobile broadband can be accessed in various ways: via mobile phones with built-in SIM cards, USB dongles, or mobile hotspots that convert the mobile signal into a Wi-Fi network.

Which providers offer mobile broadband?

Several reliable broadband providers in the UK offer mobile broadband services. Each of them has various features and plans. Here's a quick overview of popular options:

  • Vodafone. Known for its extensive network coverage and fast speeds through its 5G Mobile Hotspot device.
  • Virgin Media. Offers gigabit fiber broadband to bigger households, providing fast and reliable internet, even exceeding the theoretical speeds of current technologies.
  • EE/BT. Boasts the best 4G coverage, making it a good choice for those who want reliable connections.
  • TalkTalk. A budget-friendly option offering good value for money, with decent data allowances.
  • Sky. Provides mobile broadband plans alongside their TV and broadband packages, offering convenience for those already subscribed to their services.

Why choose mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is a popular alternative to fixed-line broadband, especially for people who value flexibility. Compared to fixed-line options, mobile broadband doesn’t require installation or a physical connection, and comes with more benefits:

  • No fixed line is required. It’s extremely beneficial in areas within remote parts of the UK, where the fixed line is limited or impossible.
  • Portability. Whether you're a remote worker, traveler, or enjoy outdoor activities, mobile broadband keeps you connected wherever you go.
  • Broad coverage. You can stay online almost anywhere. Mobile networks have wider coverage than fixed lines, offering internet access even in rural areas.
  • Easy and rapid setup. Setting up mobile broadband is quick and straightforward, getting you online in minutes, as all you need to do is install a SIM card.
  • Device compatibility. Mobile broadband works seamlessly with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, allowing you to connect all your gadgets.

Can I get unlimited data with mobile broadband?

Yes, you can get unlimited data with mobile broadband. While unlimited mobile broadband plans aren’t common, providers like Vodafone and Virgin Media offer plans with high data limits for data-heavy users. These plans often come with fair usage policies, meaning your speed may slow down after exceeding a set data limit.

Comparing data limits, speeds, and potential throttling from providers like Vodafone and Virgin Media is important before choosing a plan (especially if you consume a lot of data on the go).

What’s the fastest mobile broadband available?

Determining the fastest mobile broadband provider in the UK is complex, as it depends on location and network performance at a specific time.

While Vodafone boasts the potential for 3.8Gbps download speeds through their 5G Mobile Hotspot device, real-world network performance currently needs to improve. However, Virgin Media offers gigabit fibre broadband to around 53% of UK homes, providing consistently fast and reliable internet exceeding even the theoretical speeds of current mobile broadband technology.

So, choosing the fastest mobile broadband UK option depends on your needs for mobile flexibility with potential high speeds, choose Vodafone, and for consistently high speeds at home, opt for Virgin Media.

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