O2 broadband deals for July 2024

Today, the numerous broadband providers in the UK have extremely varied service offerings and deals. However, O2 is a reputable broadband provider for British consumers and businesses. So, if you’re struggling to make the best choice, consider what O2 offers.

You can get great deals even as an existing customer, with no charges for EU roaming, exclusive offers for saving money, and flexible broadband plans. If this grabs your attention, we’d suggest you dive deeper and learn more about the best O2 broadband deals.

O2 offers the Basics deal for users who are looking for the perfect solution for their daily tasks, such as Internet browsing and emails. You can enjoy speeds of 16Mbps and monthly download storage of 20GB for £8.50 a month if you’re on O2 or £13.50 a month if you’re new.
With speeds of 16Mbps and unlimited downloads, O2 decided to present to you the All Rounder deal. This package includes up to 10 email addresses, an O2 Calendar, and McAfee Security for only £12.50 if you’re an O2 user or £17.50 a month if you’re not.
Another great deal of O2 is its broadband – the Works. O2 users can get it for £21.00 a month, while the rest can subscribe to it for £26.00. Thanks to this deal, you’ll enjoy a static IP address, unlimited monthly downloads, and speeds of 16Mbps, making it suitable for playing video games or binge-watching your favorite shows.

Why choose O2 as a broadband provider?

This internet service provider grants you a special My O2 account, which offers you exclusive deals regardless of whether you’re a long-time O2 customer or just getting started. This is because My O2 has fantastic promotions that allow you to save more than £100 per year.

On top of this, O2 offers custom plans. So, if you think the regular options won’t satisfy your needs, you can always adjust the data up or down and tailor your perfect package. Finally, you can avoid EU roaming, which is not the case with some major broadband companies.

What O2 broadband can I get?

O2 no longer provides home broadband services, except for businesses or remote workers. Still, you can go for some of their mobile broadband. Here is a brief overview of them all:

  • Pocket hotspots. The O2 pocket hotspot devices work like a router in your home, except no broadband cables run into them, and they connect to the internet wirelessly by 4G. Even more, you can connect up to 10 devices to them and enjoy the O2 services even on the go.
  • O2 dongle. Dongles are USB-powered mini modems. They’re great for serving broadband to a single device, and you can even get Wi-Fi dongles that support multiple connections.
  • O2 in-car Wi-Fi. This deal works similarly to the pocket hotspots. It only connects to your car through USB. Ultimately, this O2 broadband deal offers either monthly or pay-as-you-go versions.
  • Data SIM. The last O2 broadband available is the data SIM, which will get your tablet online without Wi-Fi. O2 lets you choose from monthly, pay-as-you-go, and pre-loaded data SIMs.

O2 broadband speed

O2 broadband doesn’t have the very best speeds, but it is still sufficient for most online activities. What’s surprising is that all of its deals have the same download speed. But let’s check this out:

Broadband dealSpeed
The Basics16Mbps download/1.1Mbps upload
The All Rounder16Mbps download/1.1Mbps upload
The Works16Mbps download/2Mbps upload

Tips for finding the best O2 deal

Finding the best O2 deal is crucial, so let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks:

  • Check out the network coverage in your region. This is a crucial factor, as 4G mobile broadbands are no help if there’s no network coverage in your area.
  • Be aware of your renewal date. Many broadband providers raise your price when you renew. So, always check what the renewal date brings for your deal.
  • Carefully explore the unlimited packages. Unlimited broadband isn’t always unlimited. That’s why you should always check whether there are any limits.
  • Check for promotions. Cashback, vouchers, and similar broadband with free gift offers come in handy. Therefore, see if your O2 broadband deal includes such perks in its plans.