Broadband deals with free gifts

In today’s competitive market, broadband providers are regularly offering free gifts and incentives to attract new customers. These perks often come in the form of gift cards, cashback offers, high-tech gadgets, premium routers, or prepaid cards – adding significant value to your purchase.

In this article, we will explore some of the best broadband deals currently available that include these value-packed extras.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your internet service or switch providers, these offers are worth considering.

Best broadband deals with gifts


Can I get a broadband deal with free gifts?

Yes, you can sure get a broadband deal with free gifts. In fact, the competition in the telecom industry is rapidly growing, and providers will do almost anything to attract new customers.

The most common way to get a freebie is by switching broadband or going for a provider for the first time. But what’s really important is to remember that you should also focus on the quality of the package.

In other words, gifts shouldn’t interfere with your decisions. Always check whether the broadband deal will cater to all of your needs.

Another important point is that broadband deals with freebies aren’t available across the whole UK. That’s why you need to use the postcode checker and see if your region is eligible for such offers.

What free gifts can I get with my broadband deal?

There are a few types of gifts that broadband providers can offer. Usually, they come in the form of vouchers, but let’s see what else you can get:

  • Gift cards and vouchers. These gifts are popular incentives. You can either use them at specific stores or redeem your voucher in some stores.
  • Reward cards and prepaid cards. Pre-loaded with a set amount of money, you can use these freebies as credit cards at stores that accept them.
  • Gadgets. Although rare, providers can include a free TV, laptop, gaming console, headphones, soundbar, speaker, or other tech stuff in their broadband deals.
  • Free router. Most broadband deals come with a router, but some companies include more powerful routers in their packages.
  • Cashback. Broadband providers can give cash back to the consumers in the form of a cheque, which you can deposit into your bank account.

Broadband deals including a free gift are often limited, so you might want to grab it before the offer expires.

How do I find broadband packages with free gifts?

Everyone loves giveaways and free gifts, and if you’re looking to hunt some deals down, our postcode checker is the perfect place to start. We’ve done the heavy lifting to save you some time.

Just type in your postcode in our postcode checker, and we’ll round up the most relevant and enticing deals offered in your area. Browse through the results and look for those with additional perks. Then, click through to the provider's website to sign up or learn more.

Though you may be interested in broadband packages with free gifts, don’t forget to peruse other offers – you may just find the best broadband deal for you.

How to get the best broadband deal with a free gift

When you’re looking into some broadband deals with a free gift, you’ll need to take some things into consideration. These factors are largely based on how you’re going to use the internet. Let’s take a look below:

  • Broadband speed: Speed is everything when it comes to the internet. You’ll also need to consider how many people will be using the connection. You’ve got full fibre, which is hyperfast (1,000 Mb) and can handle more than six users; faster fibre around 65 Mb for up to five users; basic fibre at about 35 Mb, which handles around three users, and ADSL or standard broadband – which is about 10 Mb and can handle a few users at the same time. You’ll need to choose a good broadband speed based on your usage.
  • Contract length: You’ll also need to consider how long you want to be locked into a contract. While 24 and 18-month contracts may be the most common, you can also take a look at current 12 month broadband deals.
  • Monthly cost: Cheap broadband is always tempting, so factoring in monthly costs is always a solid way to save. You just want to make sure that the monthly cost hasn’t been bumped up with the inclusion of free gifts.
  • Upfront costs: Looking to save big at the outset of your broadband deal? Peruse through the best broadband deals with no upfront costs.
  • Bundle deals: Bundling features is another option for cutting costs. You can tack on additional savings and value by pooling your broadband and TV together or getting your home phone bundled with broadband.

Which providers offer broadband with a free gift?

Numerous broadband providers give free gifts so they can tempt you to go for their deal. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company offers the best service.

So, we’ve rounded up the best broadband deals with free gifts. Let’s see what some of these providers have been known to offer:

  • Vodafone: From Amazon Gift promos to brick-and-mortar store vouchers, Vodafone regularly offers incentives for new customers.
  • Sky: At the time of writing, Sky is offering £45-£70 vouchers to new customers signing up for a contract. The amount of the gift card depends on what kind of broadband you get and how long your contract is for. You’ll be able to pick from vouchers for stores such as M&S, Tesco, GiftCloud or Sainsbury, just to name a few.
  • Three: Three has been known to throw in gadgets like Chromebooks and other electronics for customers looking to sign up for new contracts. If you keep an eye on their offers, you’ll regularly find gift cards and vouchers as well.
  • Virgin Media: Virgin Media has some of the best offers around if you catch them at the right time. Their promos have seen hardware like TVs, wireless speakers, and tablets given away to new customers. This is in addition to gift cards, vouchers or redemption points, and even their own brand of Virgin Wine.
  • TalkTalk: In addition to their referral plan (customers can get a £50 gift card for new customer referrals) TalkTalk has been known to give up to £100 vouchers for their new customers.
  • Plusnet: Not only does Plusnet offer a solid referral program, but they also regularly divvy out cashback and gift certificates if you sign up for the right deal.

How can I claim my free gift?

Claiming your free gift depends on the broadband provider. But although this process varies, you should be able to claim it once your new connection is active. This timeframe is typically from 30 to 90 days.

Usually, the company will email you to tell you how to log into your account and where to find the gift. Also, you might need to fill out a form so that the provider can automatically send you the freebie.

Should I get a cheaper broadband over a free gift?

When considering broadband deals, the key is to weigh the long-term benefits against the temptation of free gifts. While mouth-watering perks like gift cards and gadgets can make a package seem more attractive, the overall value of the broadband contract deserves careful attention.

Cheap broadband deals without extras might ultimately offer better savings and a more suitable service for your needs.

Before committing, make sure to take a close look at the details. Promotional gifts can be offset by higher monthly fees or less favorable terms. Ensure the broadband speed, length of contract, and service reliability meet your requirements. In some cases, opting for a standalone broadband deal could provide greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness over time.

Remember, the initial excitement of a free gift should not outweigh the importance of choosing a plan that fits your long-term budget and usage needs.

Do broadband providers still offer TVs as a free gift?

Yes, there are some broadband providers that still offer free TVs as a gift for your loyalty. However, this has become pretty rare due to the high costs and increased competition. Still, don’t lose hope. You can find such a provider and enjoy free TV as well.

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