Broadband with cashback deals

In the highly competitive UK broadband market, providers are going above and beyond to attract new customers and retain existing users. They're offering just competing on high-speed internet – they’re also using enticing cashback rewards and other incentives.

These broadband cashback deals aim to cater to the needs of new subscribers as well as existing loyal customers - read on to find the UK’s best broadband cashback deals!

Top broadband cashback deals


What is a cashback broadband deal?

A cashback broadband deal is a special internet offer where you get a bonus for choosing that particular internet plan. Usually, it refers to one of two types of offers.

First, you can receive a free gift or reward, like a voucher, a pre-paid card, or a new router as part of your contract. These deals are easy enough to find, and you can get them directly from your broadband provider or through comparison sites.

Second, the provider may give you a partial refund after signing up for the broadband plan. This cashback usually comes in the form of a direct bank transfer. These deals are rarer, and you must usually claim them through dedicated cashback sites.

Either way, cashback broadband deals give you an immediate financial reward for signing up. This perk differentiates them from regular broadband offers focusing on long-term savings or bundled services.

How to find broadband with cashback or rewards?

The best broadband deals provide the necessary connectivity while helping you save money and receive extra benefits. Before you jump at the first offer you see, here are a few things to consider to pick the best cashback broadband deals for your needs:

  • Type of reward/cashback: Some providers return part of your money, while others might offer vouchers, gift cards, or electronic devices. Think about what type of reward is the most valuable to you.
  • Bundles: Many broadband providers offer bundles that include TV, phone, and internet services. Sometimes, bundling these services together increases the rewards or cashback. Check if the bundled reward gives you more value than buying these services separately.
  • Contract length: Longer contracts usually offer higher rewards. However, they also require more commitment. Consider if being tied down to a service will work well with your needs.
  • Internet speed: Even top cashback broadband deals lose their value if the internet speed is too slow for your needs. Your habits, such as streaming, gaming, or downloading large files, will help you choose a broadband plan that meets your internet speed requirements.

Which broadband providers offer cashback rewards?

While hundreds of broadband cashback deals exist, not all provide the same value. To save you some time, we did the research. Most of these cashback offers require customers to sign up for a new 18 to 24-month broadband contract. The actual cashback amount can vary depending on the specific broadband package selected, with higher-tier plans typically offering more generous cashback rewards. In general, new customer deals tend to be more lucrative compared to those for existing customers.\

Here are the top cashback broadband providers:

  • Vodafone - Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company offering a range of broadband plans with speeds up to 900Mbps. It offers up to £206 cashback for new customers and £100 cashback for existing customers who switch to a new Vodafone broadband plan.
  • Plusnet - Plusnet is an award-winning broadband provider with excellent customer service. New customers can receive up to £75 cashback when signing up for a Plusnet broadband package. Currently, there are no advertised cashback offers for its existing customers.
  • Virgin Media - Virgin Media is a popular broadband provider offering ultrafast speeds up to 1Gbps through its fibre optic network. It provides up to £150 cashback for new customers. There are no current cashback promotions for its existing customers.
  • EE - EE is a well-established broadband provider known for its mobile network and broadband bundles. New EE broadband customers can get up to £120 cashback. There are no cashback deals advertised for its existing customers at the moment.
  • TalkTalk - TalkTalk is a value-oriented broadband provider offering affordable plans with average speeds of 11Mbps, 35Mbps, and 63Mbps. It offers up to £120 cashback for new customers signing up for a broadband plan. No cashback offers are currently available for its existing customers.
  • BT - BT is the UK's largest broadband provider, offering speeds up to 900Mbps. New BT customers can receive up to £110 cashback, while existing BT customers upgrading their broadband plan can get up to £50 cashback.
  • Sky - Sky is a leading entertainment and broadband provider, offering plans with speeds up to 500Mbps. It provides up to £100 cashback for new customers. Currently, there are no advertised cashback deals for its existing customers.

You need to carefully review the details of each deal before signing up to ensure eligibility and understand the claim process, as these cashback offers are subject to change and may have restrictive terms and conditions.

How do I claim cashback rewards from broadband providers?

Claiming cashback rewards from broadband providers is generally straightforward, but the specific steps will vary slightly depending on the provider and the cashback platform you use. Generally, to claim cashback, you'll need to sign up for a new broadband plan through a cashback website like TopCashback or Quidco. These sites track your purchase and ensure you receive the promised cashback amount.

After signing up, the cashback amount will typically appear in your account on the cashback site within a few weeks. However, you won't be able to withdraw the funds immediately because most providers have a return period – usually between 14 and 30 days – during which you could cancel your broadband plan if you're unsatisfied. Once this period has passed, you can withdraw the cashback from the site to your bank account or PayPal balance.

To ensure a smooth cashback claiming process, read the terms and conditions of the offer and follow the steps outlined by the cashback platform. Remember that it may take some time for the cashback to become available for withdrawal, so be patient and track your purchase to ensure you receive the reward.

What other types of rewards are available with broadband deals?

Another popular reward available with broadband deals is gift cards or vouchers, redeemable at popular retailers like Amazon, high street retailers, or online providers of luxuries such as meal kits. These gift cards or voucher options give you the flexibility to purchase items of your choice, making them an appealing option for many consumers.

Another type of reward is bill credits, where the provider applies a certain amount of credit directly to your account, reducing your monthly bill for a specified period. This bill reduction helps offset the cost of your broadband plan, making it more affordable in the short term.

Some providers also offer free premium channels or streaming services for a limited time as part of their broadband packages. This perk can be desirable for entertainment enthusiasts who want to explore new content without committing to a separate subscription.

Are cashback broadband deals worth it?

In short, yes. The complete answer is that cashback broadband deals can be worthwhile, especially for new customers. Existing customers may find better value by negotiating directly with the provider or exploring retention offers. Assess your priorities and compare the deal's total value to determine if a cashback offer is right for you.

How to compare broadband cashback deals

To effectively compare broadband cashback deals, follow these steps:

  1. Use our postcode checker: Enter your postcode to find the best broadband cashback deals in your area.
  2. Check eligibility: Determine if the cashback is for new customers, existing customers, or both.
  3. Evaluate the package: Consider the broadband speeds, data allowances, and additional features.
  4. Review contract terms: Review the minimum commitment period and any upfront costs.
  5. Research provider reputation: Read reviews to gauge customer service and reliability.
  6. Calculate total costs: Factor in monthly fees, initial costs, and cashback over the contract period.
  7. Prioritise your needs: Don't focus solely on the highest cashback; consider the overall package value.

Remember, the best deal balances cost savings, performance, and customer experience. If you weigh all these factors, you can find an appealing cashback broadband deal that aligns with your needs and budget.