Broadband deals with cashback in April 2024

Broadband providers are stepping up their game, offering not just high-speed internet but also excellent cashback rewards and attractive freebies. Each broadband cashback deal is suitable for different users.

Today, we’ll cover the best broadband deals with cashback to help you pick the most suitable package for your lifestyle and budget.

You can purchase a broadband plan from the UK's largest full fibre provider of up to 910 Mbps** speeds, starting at £26 a month. Your Apple TV 4K is on them, plus you can expect £12 a month!
Full Fibre is Plusnet’s latest and best connection you can get. You can stream, download, game in HD, and video call all at once for as low as £30.99 a month and get up to £72 back into your bank account.
Virgin Media invites you to refer a friend to their broadband services. If they make a purchase, you will each earn a cashback reward worth up to £50.
The ultra-fast Full Fibre 300 EE Broadband starts at £32.99. The upfront cost is £0, and you’ll also save £20 monthly when you upgrade or add unlimited data SIMs and airtime plans.
TalkTalk grants you the popular Full Fibre 150 plan, 4x faster than standard fibre, for the same price as Full Fibre 65 for only £28 a month. You’ll also get the award-winning Amazon Eero 6 router with dual-band Wi-Fi 6 included as standard.
Get the Fibre 65 broadband plan for the same price as Fibre 35 for only £26 a month. There’s no set-up fee, and you will get TalkTalk’s powerful Wi-Fi Hub as part of the deal.
For only £45 a month, you can benefit from a 944 Mb/s average download speed, 24x faster than standard fibre. You’ll also get total home Wi-Fi at no extra cost and an Amazon Eero Pro 6 router with tri-band Wi-Fi 6 to extend coverage around your home.
If you've ordered an eligible broadband product at BT, you get a prepaid virtual card you can use to make purchases online or over the phone - wherever Mastercard is accepted.
If you purchase the Full Fibre Broadband plan for £36 a month, you can get the 25GB Sky Mobile data plan from just £8.
Get any data plan with a phone or the 25GB SIM-only plan, and Sky will deduct 50% off the Broadband plan. Sky Pay As You Talk is also included.

What is a cashback broadband deal?

A cashback broadband deal is a special internet offer where you get a bonus for choosing that particular internet plan. Usually, it refers to two types of offers.

First, you can receive a free gift or reward, like a voucher, a pre-paid card, or a router, as part of your contract. These deals are pretty easy to find. You can usually get them directly from your broadband provider or through comparison sites.

Second, the provider can give you a partial refund after signing up for their broadband plan. This cashback usually comes in the form of a direct bank transfer. However, these deals are less frequent, and you usually need to claim them through dedicated cashback sites.

Either way, cashback broadband deals give you an immediate financial reward for signing up. This perk sets them apart from regular broadband offers that focus on long-term savings or bundled services.

How to find broadband with cashback or rewards?

The best broadband deals provide the necessary connectivity while helping you save money and receive extra benefits. Before you jump at the first offer you see, here are a few things to consider to pick the best cashback broadband deals for your needs:

  • Type of reward/cashback: Some providers return part of your money, while others might offer vouchers, gift cards, or electronic devices. Think about what type of reward is the most valuable to you.
  • Bundles: Many broadband providers offer bundles that include TV, phone, and internet services. Sometimes, bundling these services together increases the rewards or cashback. Check if the bundled reward gives you more value than buying these services separately.
  • Contract length: Longer contracts usually offer higher rewards. However, they also require more commitment. Consider if being tied down to a service will work well with your needs.
  • Internet speed: Even top cashback broadband deals lose their value if the internet speed is too slow for your needs. Your habits, such as streaming, gaming, or downloading large files, will help you choose a broadband plan that meets your internet speed requirements.

Which broadband providers offer cashback rewards?

While there are hundreds of broadband cashback deals, not all provide the same value. To save you some time, we did the research. Here are the top cashback broadband providers on the market:

  • Vodafone
  • Plusnet
  • Virgin Media
  • EE
  • TalkTalk
  • BT
  • Sky