Three broadband deals

Three offers some of the best wireless broadband deals in the UK. With options of 4G and the latest 5G technology, you can get speeds up to 150Mbps for as little as £11 per month. Although not as fast as fibre, Three's portable routers are ideal for those searching for affordable, reliable, and flexible home internet – without being tied to a cable line.

In this guide, we look deep into everything you need to know about Three, including its latest broadband deals. You'll also learn why you should choose this provider, the types of broadband it offers, speeds, and tips for finding the best broadband deals from Three.


Why choose Three as a broadband provider?

Three offers excellent value wireless broadband across the UK. Here are the top reasons to choose this provider:

  • Speed. Three’s 5G broadband averages 150Mbps download speeds, as fast as fibre. Its 4G also cranks decent speeds optimised for home usage.
  • Coverage. As a major mobile operator, Three has near-nationwide 4G reach at 99% and growing 5G at 60% – ensuring strong coverage wherever you are.
  • Value. Three’s Home Broadband deals start from just £11 per month with no fees, making it one of the most affordable options long-term.
  • Easy setup. There is no need for an engineer or a technician’s appointments or upfront connection fees. Simply plug in the wi-fi hub and start surfing, streaming, or working from anywhere in your home.
  • Unlimited data. There are no harsh limits to worry about, which means you can use as much as you need each month to stream, game, work, or more.
  • Reliability. As Three owns and maintains the network, service reliability is consistently good compared to those renting infrastructure.
  • Flexibility. Three’s broadband deals allow you to choose month-to-month or fixed contracts. You can also cancel anytime if the deal is unsuitable for your needs.

What Three broadband can I get?

Three offers a variety of broadband options to suit different needs and lifestyles. Whether you want reliable internet for your home or portable connectivity on the go, Three provides both Home Broadband and Mobile Broadband solutions powered by their extensive 4G and growing 5G networks.

Here is a breakdown of the two main types of broadband available from Three:

Home broadband:

Three’s Home Broadband provides unlimited wireless internet to your home by utilising a 4G or 5G Wi-Fi hub. All you have to do is simply plug in the hub anywhere in your home for instant internet access.

You do not need any installation or a landline connection. However, your best choice for a 4G or 5G hub type depends on Three's network coverage. The table below compares Three’s home broadband on the 4G and 5G hubs.

Three’s Home Broadband deal typeContract length PriceDownload speedsData allowanceConnectivitySet up costs
4G home broadband24 months£11 per month for 6 months, then £22 per month from Month 750-100 Mbps on average (up to 600Mbps maximum)Unlimited data4G Hub with full support for Wi-Fi 5 technology (connect up to 64 devices)£0
5G home broadband24 months £11 per month for 6 months, then £22 per month from Month 7100Mbps average (up to 1,000Mbpsmaximum)Unlimited data5G Hub with support for Wi-Fi 6 technology (connect up to 64 devices)£0
5G home broadband1 month£25 a month100Mbps average (up to 1,000Mbpsmaximum)Unlimited data5G Hub with support for Wi-Fi 6 technology (connect up to 64 devices)£0

Mobile broadband:

For portable connectivity, Three's Mobile Broadband enables internet access on the go so you can stay connected without hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. Its plans come with a portable Wi-Fi router that creates a hotspot for multiple devices or a data SIM that you can input on your tablet or smartphone when away from Wi-Fi.

Most importantly, the provider’s flexible deals with unlimited data plans make choosing a plan hassle-free. You can opt for 1, 12, and 24-month contracts – or the 6-month, half-price offer on select 12 and 24-month unlimited plans.

What speeds can you get with Three broadband deals?

Three Mobile offers lightning-fast 5G or standard 4G for home broadband. According to Three, the 5G hub should deliver maximum speeds up to 1Gbps – on par with top fibre plans and 14X the UK average.

While speeds won't always reach 1000Mbps, you should be able to record average speeds up to 150Mbps with your 5G hub, which should reliably handle 4K streaming and internet-heavy activities like gaming without buffering or congestion.

In contrast, 4G theoretically tops out at 600Mbps. However, Three cites a normal range of 50 to 100 Mbps, comparable to average UK broadband speeds. This means checking your current provider’s speed is worthwhile since Three’s 4G could still be an upgrade.

Ultimately, 5G brings fibre-like speeds over a dedicated mobile network, with steadier performance than 4G when traffic is high. It is also future-proof for more devices and data needs. On the other hand, 4G suits basic usage with standard speeds at a lower cost.

The table below summarises the speeds you can expect with Three’s broadband deals.

Three broadband deals Maximum download speedsAverage download speeds
4G home broadbandUp to 600Mbps50 to 100Mbps
5G home broadbandUp to 1Gbps100 to 200Mbps

Tips for finding the best Three deal

Here are five tips for getting the best Three broadband deals:

  • Check coverage. Ensure your area has strong 4G or 5G signals from Three to get the advertised speeds. Use their coverage checker.
  • Compare packages and data needs. Look past introductory offers and check long-term pricing. Also, remember to factor in monthly data needs across users and devices. Opting for truly unlimited data is ideal for sharing across devices without surprises.
  • Know your speeds. Check Three's estimated 4G and 5G speeds against your current broadband's performance.
  • Consider contracts. Choose a 1, 12, or 24-month contract to suit your budget and usage needs. Shorter contracts allow you to test the offer before making a long-term commitment.
  • Watch out for bundled pricing. Some deals discount longer contracts or packages with other services. But be sure to check the real monthly costs after discounts expire.