Broadband providers with the best customer service 2024

Ofcom's latest data reveals which UK providers offer the best customer service broadband. We've analysed satisfaction rates, complaint numbers, and response times to help you choose from the best broadband deals in the UK. While no provider excels in every area, some consistently outperform others. Let's explore who leads in customer service and why it matters.

List of best broadband providers' deals


Who has the best broadband customer service in the UK?

We’ve drawn data from the most up-to-date reporting from the Office of Communications (Ofcom), the UK regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting, telecommunications, and postal industries. Using this data, we’ve evaluated the major providers to help you pick the broadband provider with the best customer service.

ProviderOverall SatisfactionComplaints per 100,000 SubscribersAvg. Call Waiting Time (mm:ss)Complaints Resolved on 1st ContactSatisfaction with Complaint Handling
Virgin Media78%663:0733%46%
Shell Energy BroadbandN/A1088:14N/AN/A
Now Broadband83%N/A0:51N/AN/A

Based on the latest Ofcom data, here are the top performers in UK broadband customer service:

Plusnet: Highest overall customer satisfaction

  • 89% of customers are satisfied
  • Solid complaint handling satisfaction (53%)

EE: Fast response times and high satisfaction

  • High overall satisfaction (85%)
  • Shortest average call waiting time (1 minute 6 seconds)
  • Top satisfaction with complaint handling (55%)

BT: Strong all-rounder

  • Good overall satisfaction (83%)
  • High rate of complaints resolved on first contact (44%)
  • Top satisfaction with complaint handling (55%)

Sky: Best for complaint handling

  • 82% overall satisfaction
  • Fewest complaints to Ofcom (16 per 100,000 subscribers)
  • Highest rate of complaints resolved on first contact (41%)
  • Top satisfaction with complaint handling (55%)

While other providers like Vodafone, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media have strengths in certain areas, they fall behind these top performers in key metrics.

Remember, the best provider for you depends on which aspects of customer service you value most. Consider your priorities when choosing a broadband provider.

What is good customer service for broadband?

An expert support system is vital if you want smooth service! Good customer service for broadband is a must to avoid frustration and complications.

The best UK broadband deals offer many support options, including live chat, ticket systems, phone lines, and comprehensive help centres. When you contact a broadband provider with excellent customer service, you also get ultra-fast response times – usually, you wait less than five minutes.

Expert support teams have the skills to resolve a problem quickly and smoothly. When you need technical support, you should get a qualified technician. When you’re looking to upgrade, you get a knowledgeable sales agent.

Value is another way to identify the best broadband customer service. Compare competitors' prices and customer service offerings – is the standard of service worth the cost? There are some great affordable broadband deals with top-tier customer service.

How do we recognise that the broadband provider has the best customer service?

Pay attention to a couple of things when interacting with customer service, and you can quickly grade support quality. This way, picking the broadband provider with the best customer service is simple!

  • The contact details. Take note of how easy it is to navigate to the help centre. How difficult is it to find the contact details and options? Are there separate customer service departments available? Easy support access and specialised teams are great signs! For example, the best pensioner broadband deals have agents specially trained to help retirement-aged people.
  • Wait times. One of the best ways to test a provider's customer service is to call the company and see how long you spend on hold. With the fastest customer support, you won’t have to wait longer than a minute– in the worst-case scenario, you can wait 8 minutes or longer. Pick a broadband provider with next-day installation if you also want to avoid long setup delays.
  • Communication skills. Look at your live chat and email correspondence. Did you find grammatically correct and easy-to-read responses? Is the team friendly? Can you follow on-call instructions easily? These are key indicators of premium-quality customer service.
  • Ability to solve problems. Try asking challenging questions. How quickly do the representatives answer your questions and solve your problems? The best broadband providers have expertly trained customer service teams with the communication and technical skills to resolve issues quickly.
  • Complaint handling. Does the provider you’re testing manage complaints professionally? Complaining about a significant broadband service disruption is often frustrating, especially when you’re stuck on hold. Top-tier customer service teams respond to complaints quickly and handle issues with a positive attitude and a reasonable solution.
  • Reviews. Check third-party review sites such as TrustPilot and search for reviews related to customer service. Are there reviews praising the provider for being friendly and helpful? Are people satisfied overall? Do other users have issues getting in contact?

Broadband providers with the worst customer service

According to the latest Ofcom report, some providers fare significantly less well in customer service than others:

  • Shell Energy Broadband: Highest complaint rate
    • 108 complaints per 100,000 subscribers to Ofcom
    • The longest average call waiting time at 8 minutes 14 seconds
  • TalkTalk: Room for improvement
    • 67 complaints per 100,000 subscribers
    • Lower overall satisfaction rate (78%)
    • Lower satisfaction with complaint handling (46%)
  • Virgin Media: Mixed performance
    • 66 complaints per 100,000 subscribers
    • Lower overall satisfaction rate (78%)
    • Lowest rate of complaints resolved on first contact (33%)
  • Vodafone: Higher than average complaints
    • 64 complaints per 100,000 subscribers
    • Good overall satisfaction (83%) but room for improvement in complaint handling

It's important to note that while these providers face challenges in some customer service areas, they may excel in others. For example:

  • TalkTalk has a relatively short average call waiting time of 1 minute 22 seconds.
  • Virgin Media and Vodafone maintain good overall satisfaction rates despite higher complaint numbers.

Ofcom data provides official, standardised metrics but only captures some aspects of customer experience. When choosing a provider, consider multiple factors, including service availability, speeds offered, and pricing, alongside these customer service metrics.

Where can you complain about your broadband provider's customer service?

There are three main ways to complain about your broadband provider’s customer service:

  • Write reviews. Use independent review platforms like Trustpilot and leave an honest review. Try to give a transparent and fair complaint. Sometimes, broadband providers reach out to find a solution. So, check regularly for new correspondences after your review.
  • File an official complaint. Most mainstream UK broadband providers, including BT, have a unique complaint phone number. If you can't get a response or a resolution, consider filing a report with an appropriate third party, such as Ofcom – the UK’s communications regulator.
  • Use social media. Tag your provider's profile in a social media post and tell them you’re unhappy with the customer service. Most providers have Twitter, Facebook, and forum accounts. But before creating a public post, try contacting the company privately one last time through a DM – sometimes, you can get faster responses and fixes through social media.

How to choose the best broadband for you?

  • Look at customer service. Are there enough customer support options? How fast are the responses? Can you get to a quick resolution?
  • Find the best value. What’s the total cost? Does it have enough bandwidth for your data usage needs?
  • Pick the right speed. What broadband speeds are available in your area? How much speed do you need realistically? Who offers the best price for your speed needs?
  • Know the contract length. How many months can you commit to? Are there early termination fees? Is it flexible enough?
  • Additional Services. Are there bundle discounts with other services you need?