Broadband and landline deals for pensioners

In the UK, there are special discounts available for pensioners on broadband plans. These discounts are designed to allow low-budget pensioners access to high-speed and quality internet. However, some providers hide these deals, making it difficult for pensioners to find cheap broadband.

In this article, we uncover the best broadband deals for pensioners. In addition, we reveal what pensioner broadband is, why internet access for the elderly is important, and how to get cheap broadband for pensioners.

Best broadband deals for pensioners


What is broadband for pensioners?

In simple terms, broadband deals for pensioners are affordable high-speed internet packages suitable for people above the UK retirement age or who collect a pension.

Some broadband providers have special discounts exclusively available to people of retirement age. Others support social tariffs, which give special deals to those claiming pension credit and other forms of government financial aid.

But cheap broadband deals for pensioners aren’t always packages exclusive to pensioners. Sometimes, broadband plans targeted at a broader range of people are perfect for pension-collecting people. This is true even if it’s not specifically advertised this way.

What are the best broadband deals for pensioners?

Are you a pensioner or someone on a fixed income searching for the best broadband deal? Our list of top UK broadband deals focuses on affordable plans that don't compromise on performance. We've analysed each deal's price, speed, and contract length to help you make an informed decision based on your budget and needs. Whether you prioritise cost or speed, you'll find a suitable option here.

Vodafone Essentials

Vodafone provides a solid choice for pensioners or anyone on a fixed income, offering reasonable speeds of up to 73 Mbps at £20 per month on a 12-month contract.

BT Home Essentials

This plan is a decent option for pensioners or individuals with limited budgets, starting at £15 per month for 36 Mbps and £23 per month for 67 Mbps – not the cheapest, but it provides sufficient speeds.

Community Fibre Essential 35 Mbps

Community Fibre is the most affordable option for pensioners or low-income households in specific London areas at £12.50 per month for 35 Mbps but with limited availability.

Shell Energy Essentials Broadband

Shell offers low-cost plans at £15 per month for 11 Mbps and £20 per month for 38 Mbps – suitable for basic internet usage but not the fastest speeds available. It is ideal for pensioners or anyone on a tight budget.

Virgin Media Essential Broadband

Virgin has affordable plans for pensioners or people with financial constraints at £12.50 per month for 15 Mbps and £20 per month for 54 Mbps – a good balance of price and speed for everyday use.

NOW Broadband Basics

NOW offers a pretty straightforward plan at £20 per month with speeds of 36 Mbps – not the cheapest or fastest, but a reasonable option for pensioners or those on a fixed income.

Hyperoptic Fair Fibre

Hyperoptic offers competitive prices for high-speed broadband at £15 per month for 50 Mbps and £20 per month for 150 Mbps – a great choice for pensioners or anyone on a fixed income who prioritises speed, provided that it’s available in your area.

Sky Basics

This plan is a reliable option at £20 per month with speeds of 36 Mbps – not the most affordable or fastest, but a decent choice for pensioners or anyone with a limited budget and modest speed requirements.

Why do seniors need broadband?

There are several reasons why elderly or retired people might need broadband. Such as:

  • Staying connected. Pensioners with broadband can call or message family and friends via WiFi.
  • Shopping. They can shop online for groceries, household products, or whatever else they might need.
  • Entertainment. There are lots of movies, TV shows, and social media content that’s accessible simply by having an internet connection.
  • Health care Information. Pensioners often use broadband to look up exercise routines, diet tips, and information regarding medications.
  • Online banking. They can send payments, monitor their accounts, and manage their money from home with an online banking service.

Benefits of internet access for the elderly

Elderly people benefit from having high-speed internet access in several ways, including:

  • Improved mental health. Many pensioners have complaints about loneliness and the impact it’s having on their mental well-being. Having a convenient way to reach out to family and friends can help reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Saving money. Some pensioners are on very low incomes. Phone plans can be expensive, but you can reduce this cost by making calls and texts via Wi-Fi. Plus, it’s easier to shop around and find deals online.
  • Less physical strain. A lot of older people have mobility issues. With broadband, pensioners can shop and bank online from the comfort of their homes. This helps reduce unnecessary physical activity that might cause them pain.
  • Better physical health. Pensioners can mitigate risks by researching symptoms, medication information, and support options in times of bad health. Plus, there are plenty of online resources pensioners can use to stay fit and avoid bad health in the first place.

How to choose a broadband deal for pensioners

When looking for a broadband provider, pensioners should consider:


Pensioners typically use broadband for online shopping or calls and may not require the fastest internet connection – 20-25 Mbps is often fine. But given that they aren’t usually in employment, they might want to stream to keep entertained, in which case they could require 50 Mbps or more. To assess your specific speed requirements and learn more about the range of broadband speeds available, visit our dedicated exploration of broadband speeds in the UK.


Given that some pensioners are on a lower income, pricing needs consideration. Comparing broadband providers, checking plan options, and looking for deals are all great ways to cut costs. So it’s wise to ensure that you understand the range of options for cheap broadband for pensioners so you don’t miss out or get fooled by confusing marketing and promotions.

Contract length

There’s a lot of confusing technical jargon and plan options, especially for pensioners. If you mistakenly choos the wrong package, you could wind up stuck in a bad service plan for 12-24 months. A year is the longest contract that is reasonable for most pensioners, so pop over to our 12-month broadband deals to understand the range of valuable choices available to you.


TVs and landlines are very popular amongst older folks. Broadband providers often have packages with internet, TV, and landline - all included for a discounted price. Visit our page on landline and broadband deals for pensioners to see what deals are available for telephone and internet, or pop over to broadband and TV deals if you’re more of a television watcher than a talker.

Broadband with landline deals for pensioners

Landline and broadband deals for pensioners offer a convenient and cost-effective home communication solution. Unlike broadband-only packages, these bundles include a fixed-line telephone service alongside internet access. This bundle is valuable for retired people who speak to family or friends using their landline telephone. Bundling your broadband and landline services is often more affordable than purchasing them separately, and providers may offer pensioner discounts. When considering these deals, pensioners should look for packages that balance affordability, reliable internet speeds, and inclusive calling features to suit their needs and budget.

Can pensioners get free broadband?

Unfortunately, pensioners can’t get free broadband. But you can claim social tariffs if you’re a pensioner on a low income.

Not every broadband provider supports social tariffs. But the ones that do tend to require you to claim one of the following:

  • Pension credit.
  • Universal credit.
  • Job-seekers allowance.
  • Disability allowance.
  • Or some other form of government income support.

Although not free, social tariffs can drastically reduce broadband costs for pensioners, making the internet accessible to most low-budget retired people.

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