Fastest broadband in the UK for June 2024

Big households, businesses, gamers, tech enthusiasts, and streamers all want one thing. Less buffering and quicker load times!

In this article, we uncover the fastest broadband plans in the UK and how to pick the best plan for you.


8 fastest broadband plans in the UK

Here is a detailed list summarizing the fastest broadband providers. Check and compare plans based on their price, setup fees and contract terms.

1. Community Fibre Hyperfast – the fastest UK broadband

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£56
Setup fees£14.95
Cost per 1 Gbps£18.70
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

Forget about buffering with Community Fibre’s Hyperfast broadband which averages 3000Mbps download speeds. It’s a steal – working out at £18.70 for each Gbps of speed. Unfortunately, it’s only available in London. But don’t worry, Community Fibre have other fast plans available for plenty of other cities across the UK.

2. Hyperoptic Hyperfast – cheap 1Gbps broadband

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£35
Setup fees£19
Cost per 1 Gbps£30.90
In-contractNo price changes

It’s not the fastest UK broadband, but it’s still rapid, 1130Mbps – more than enough for most households. It’s one of the cheapest 1Gbps broadband options too! However, it’s only in 10 cities in Britain, two in Scotland, as well as one in Wales and Northern Ireland – so availability is scarce!

3. Virgin Media Gig1 – premium service

Contract cost18 months
Monthly cost£39.99
Setup fees£0
Cost per 1 Gbps£34.60
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

Yes, Virgin Media’s Gig1 is a few pounds more than Hyperoptic’s Hyperfast option and both offer the same speeds. But the Gig1 is far more widely available in Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Plus, Virgin Media is renowned for excellent customer service and offers excellent TV/broadband bundles!

4. Virgin Media Gig2 – fastest UK broadband speeds

Contract cost18 months
Monthly cost£84
Setup fees£0
Cost per 1 Gbps£42
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

For most UK residents in need of blazing-fast internet, Virgin Media’s Gig2 is the best option. Thanks to Virgin owning its network lines and prioritising fibre coverage, It’s already available in 1 million residential homes! Averaging 2000Mbps download speeds, with this plan, you can avoid those dreaded download times!

5. EE Full Fibre 1.6 Gbps – make your speed dreams a reality

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£69.99
Setup fees£0
Cost per 1 Gbps£43.70
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

EE’s fastest UK broadband plan is its full fibre 1.6 Gbps. If you’re looking for speeds in between Virgin’s Gig offerings, this is the one. Pick this instead of the Gig 2 and you’re probably only sacrificing speed you wouldn’t use anyway. Plus, it’s £14 less each month.

6. TalkTalk Full Fibre 900 – idyllic speeds at an affordable price

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£45
Setup fees£0
Cost per 1 Gbps£47.00
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

900Mbps downloads might seem slow when compared to some of our fastest plans. But it’s still fast enough for gamers, streamers, remote workers, and even large households with multiple devices. Choose TalkTalk’s Full Fibre 900 if you’re looking for quick speeds without the, often heavy, full fibre price tag.

7. Vodafone Full Fibre 900 – secure contract with great speeds

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£49
Setup fees£0
Cost per 1 Gbps£53.80
In-contractNo price changes

Vodafone’s Full Fibre 900 provides similar speeds to TalkTalk’s offer at a slightly higher price point. However, with this plan, there are no sudden mid-contract price increases. As a bonus, this plan comes with advanced WiFi technology and has extensive UK coverage – more than 9 million homes!

8. BT Full Fibre 900 – fast broadband with full-fibre and TV

Contract cost24 months
Monthly cost£59.99
Setup fees£0
Cost per Mbps£66
In-contractPrice increases (2025)

BT matches Vodafone and TalkTalk’s 900 Full Fibre offers speed-wise. It’s slightly more expensive. However, unlike Vodafone, it has TV and full-fibre broadband bundles which can save you a significant amount of money. Plus, unlike TalkTalk, it gives you access to 5 million WiFi hotspots across the UK for free.

Which broadband speed is best for you?

The best broadband speed for you depends on your needs.

For regular use between 30-100Mbps is fine. This is enough for families, planning on streaming multiple videos or games at the same time. It’s also good for downloading heavy files and reliable video conferences for remote workers.

For moderate use, we recommend 100-1000Mbps. This is ideal for large UK households as well as a lot of businesses. With these speeds, you can stream in 4K and enjoy lightning-fast uploads.

The heaviest internet users need speeds of 1000Mbps and up. The fastest UK broadband is at this level and is only truly needed by tech enthusiasts, big businesses, and power users.

Average broadband speeds in the UK

Below, you can find the average speeds for the fastest broadband plans currently available in the UK.

ProviderPlanAverage download
Community FibreHyperfast3000Mbps (London)
Virgin MediaGig11130Mbps
Virgin MediaGig22000Mbps
EEFull Fibre 1.6 Gbps1600Mbps
TalkTalkFull Fibre 900944Mbps
VodafoneFull Fibre 900910Mbps
BTFull Fibre 900900Mbps