Business broadband deals in the UK (April 2024)

Business broadband deals in the UK (April 2024)

If your enterprise relies on a fast and continuous Internet connection, you should consider the best business broadband deals in the UK. The best business broadband deals offer priority support, uptime guarantees, and cybersecurity benefits essential for cloud-based services, e-shops, and SaaS companies. If you fit the description, take a look at the best business broadband deals in the UK listed below.

Vodafone's business broadband plans provide up to 900Mbps download and 100Mbps upload speeds that are hard to compete with. Starting from £22.75 a month with a two-year contract, they are excellent for growing businesses and established brands alike!
Virgin Media offers 4 fiber business broadband plans ranging from 400Mbps to 1Gbps. These flexible deals start from £33 with a minimum 24-month contract. More expensive bundles include 4G broadband backup and F-Secure Internet security.
An affordable and reliable TalkTalk business broadband offer starts from just £16.45 per month. It provides up to 17Mbps download and up to 1Mbps upload speeds, static IPs, and 24/7 customer support.
One of the biggest Internet broadband providers in the UK offers fiber business broadband starting from £27.95 per month. The speeds cap at an impressive 900Mbps, backed by the reliable EE 4G network in case of downtime.
Sky is an excellent choice for enterprises seeking a broadband plan with phone line support. The plans start from £27.95 per month with 76Mbps download speed, going up to £47.95 per month for 500Mbps, 4G backup, and 2 digital phone lines.

Business broadband explained

A broadband Internet connection in the UK must reach 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds. However, more is needed for most businesses with an online presence. Full Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband business deals offer up to 1Gbps download speed, a hundred times faster than residential.

But speed is not the only criterion. Choosing broadband deals for business with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures you get priority technical support in case of downtime or a refund if the provider fails to fulfill obligations. For example, BT business broadband deals offer a 4G network backup that maintains Internet access whenever the main connection fails.

Why do you need a business broadband?

Cybercrime against businesses in the UK is increasing. Security-oriented business broadband deals offer additional benefits, like a VPN for encrypted, remote access, network-wide email scanning, antivirus, firewall, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.

Internet downtime directly impacts sales and damages reputation. Business broadband Internet connection mitigates the damages with network backups, and bandwidth priority maintains excellent connection speed during peak hours.

Lastly, there are business-specific benefits, like web hosting and business emails. Unlike regular Internet plans (on most occasions), businesses can request a static IP address to host their website. Meanwhile, a business email conveys a professional attitude that Gmail or Yahoo signatures do not.

Factors to consider when choosing broadband for business

What is the best business broadband deal for you depends on your business demands. Here's what you should consider before committing:

  • Static vs. dynamic IP address. A static business IP address lets your employees securely connect to the workplace network via A VPN. Simultaneously, a static IP is used for website hosting, IoT device connections, location-specific services, and more.
  • Technical support. Businesses must get technical assistance promptly to mitigate network downtime damages. The best business broadband deals offer 24/7 customer support, compared to fixed working hours on regular Internet plans.
  • Web hosting and email addresses. Business broadband Internet connection ensures your website loads fast and has a backup in case of downtime. Simultaneously, some providers like BT and TalkTalk offer a set number of business emails.
  • Business voice (VoIP) services. A Voice over Internet Protocol lets your customers and clients reach you without a landline connection. Simultaneously, it streamlines communication between offices to organize real-time meetings.
  • Security services. Business broadband plans offer firewalls, encrypted VPN connection, network-wide email scanning, connection backups, and DDoS protection to protect your office network from external threats.

Business phone and broadband for offices

Skipping a landline contact support can reduce your consumer pool because many people in the UK still use a landline connection. Bundling business phone and broadband deals lets more people contact you, whichever method they prefer.

Simultaneously, you can get business landline and broadband deals with exclusive discounts. You should also be aware that fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband deals usually require a landline connection because they use copper landline cables to reach business premises.

Business Internet for working from home

Consider upgrading your home Internet plan to a business broadband if you prioritize working from home. You can even consider cheap business broadband deals without costly cybersecurity benefits and bandwidth reserves for large offices.

Like businesses, you will benefit from a more stable and faster Internet connection, priority support, and downtime mitigation guarantees. Furthermore, you can claim the costs of business broadband as a business expense, which may lower your yearly taxes.