Virgin Media is an acclaimed broadband and phone service provider in the UK, recognized for its fast internet speeds and extensive bundle options. Virgin Media has established a reputation for providing some of the fastest broadband connections available, turning it into a popular choice among households across the country. Its vast bundle selection enables users to combine broadband, phone, and TV services into a single, handy package.

In this article, we’ll look at the various Virgin broadband and phone deals offered by Virgin Media. We'll go over the features, pricing, and benefits of each plan to help you choose the strongest match for your needs. Virgin Media has a deal for you whether you want high-speed internet for streaming or gaming or you need a reliable phone service for staying in touch. Read on to uncover how to save money and make the best use of Virgin Media's exceptional offers.

List of Virgin broadband and phone deals


How do broadband and phone deals work?

Broadband and phone deals from Virgin Media combine both services into a single, convenient package, often making them more affordable than purchasing broadband alone. Virgin Media uses its fiber-optic network to deliver rapid-fire internet and reliable phone services, this way making sure of top performance and connectivity.

As Virgin Media notes, to have a bundle of your broadband and phone together can

sometimes work out more affordable than purchasing broadband on its own. Moreover, if you still make calls from your landline, it makes sense to keep your home phone, especially when line rental is included in the broadband and phone deal.

In terms of the process, you can sign up online or over the phone, choosing from various packages that suit your needs. Once a deal is selected, an installation date is arranged. A technician will visit your home to set up the necessary equipment and check everything is working perfectly.

Managing your services is easy through Virgin Media's customer portal. This online platform allows you to view and pay bills, monitor usage, and make changes to your package if needed.

Reasons to add home phone to your broadband

Having a phone together with your Virgin broadband is advantageous in many situations. First of all, you’re going to have a reliable backup communication option. In areas with spotty mobile coverage, a home phone guarantees you stay connected, especially during emergencies.

Cost savings are another significant benefit, as, already mentioned above, bundled deals often work out cheaper than purchasing services separately. For instance, if you're a family with elderly members, having a home phone can be invaluable. Elderly relatives might prefer using a landline for its simplicity and reliability. They can be reassured knowing they can always reach you without worrying about mobile signal issues.

That’s not it – a home phone can also be useful for households where the mobile signal is inconsistent. For example, if you live in a rural area, having a landline means you're not dependent on your mobile network for important calls. So, adding a home phone to your broadband package can ensure successful communication and can lead to pounds saved.

Virgin broadband and phone bundles: pros and cons

Virgin Broadband has some of the best deals when you purchase it in broadband and phone bundles. You get high-speed internet and reliable phone services. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to consider. Here, we explore the major pros and cons:

Overview of Virgin Broadband and phone deals

Virgin Media provides a wide range of package options to meet a variety of preferences. Bundling broadband, TV, and phone services comes with lots of perks, including cost savings, easier payment, and the ability to manage all services through a single provider. Customers frequently receive speedier installation and great deals. By combining services, you can adjust your bundle to what you need while benefiting from Virgin Media's high-speed internet, TV channels, and great phone service. Let’s have a closer look at the features you can get with the broadband and phone bundle deals from Virgin Media.

Broadband and phone bundles

Virgin offers 6 different broadband and phone bundles with different broadband and phone packages, speeds, prices, and add-ons. However, they all have the same contract length – 18 months. Let’s have a quick overview of all the bundle plans:

Bundle NameBroadband PackagePhone PackageBroadband SpeedMonthly PriceContract Length
M50 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatterM50Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)54Mbps£2818 months
M125 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatterM125Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)132Mbps£3418 months
M250 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatter + O2 simM250Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)264Mbps£31.9918 months
M350 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatter + O2 simM350Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)362Mbps£37.9918 months
M500 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatter + O2 simM500Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)516Mbps£43.9918 months
Gig1 Fibre Broadband & Weekend chatter + O2 simGig1Weekend chatter (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines)1130Mbps£49.9918 months

The bundles are really flexible and cater to different user needs, from light internet users to heavy gamers and streamers who require faster broadband. Also, with all the bundles you get to enjoy Priority from O2, at no extra cost. Line rental is always included, too.

Customization and add-ons

While all Virgin Media bundle plans come with Virgin Media WiFi Hub and Intelligence WiFI Technology, Virgin Media offers more customization options that you can add.

You can enhance your packages by adding premium TV channels, increasing broadband speed, or upgrading your phone plan with additional features like unlimited calls. Also, with some plans you can get an O2 SIM with 6GB data, 5G, and an O2 Travel Inclusive Zone.

These add-ons provide better value for money by customizing the services to fit individual needs. For example, boosting broadband speed is ideal for households with multiple users or gamers, while premium TV channels offer diverse entertainment options.

Boosting the phone plan ensures reliable communication with family and friends. These customizations make Virgin Media bundles versatile, allowing you to get a more personalized experience.

Things to consider when choosing a Virgin Broadband and home phone deal

While it’s known that Virgin has some of the best broadband deals out there, you still need to consider some things before making a purchase.

When selecting a Virgin broadband and home phone deal, consider your internet speed requirements, phone usage patterns, and budget constraints. Think about of how many devices will be connected at your house and your typical internet activities, whether browsing or streaming and gaming. Assess how often you use a landline, whether you need a landline for your broadband, and for what purposes, then match this with the available phone plans. Check out the main criteria to look at below:

  • Internet speed. Think about the speed needed for your household activities like streaming, gaming, and remote work.
  • Phone usage. Think of how your landline is being used to choose the right call plan.
  • Budget. Make sure the package fits within your financial limits or set a budget for it.
  • Contract terms. Check the length and conditions of the contract.
  • Setup fees. Be aware of any installation or activation charges.
  • Customer service. Research Virgin Media’s customer support reputation.
  • Promotional offers. Look for introductory discounts and their durations.
  • Area availability. Verify service availability using a broadband postcode checker to confirm it’s available in your location.

How to choose the best Virgin broadband and phone deal

To select the best Virgin broadband and phone package, first figure out your internet and phone needs. Compare available packages, with a focus on speed, call plans, and pricing. Check for additional fees and read customer feedback. Choose the package that best fits your needs and budget.

Assessing your needs

To get the best Virgin broadband and phone bundle offer, first estimate your household's internet and phone consumption. How many people will be using the internet and how much (on average) you might use? Think about the users’ activities, such as streaming, gaming, or remote work, to estimate the necessary internet speed and data consumption. Evaluate your calling habits, including how frequently and for how long you use the landline.

In addition, evaluate the contract length and be mindful of any early termination fees, as these can affect your overall expenditures if your demands change. Understanding these habits and contract terms will help you select a plan that is ideal for your requirements.

Comparing deals

Start your comparison of Virgin Media offers by looking at the features and costs of each bundle. Check the offers that fit your phone usage, budget, and internet speed requirements. Reviews from customers can actually provide some food for thought on the quality of the assistance you might get and the services offered.

To compare various packages side by side, simply use comparison websites and tools. With the help of our postcode checker, you can verify whether services are available where you are and discover bargains that are customized for your area. You may choose with confidence the best deal that best suits your needs and offers the best value by carefully weighing your options.

Virgin Broadband and phone deals: conclusion

To sum up, Virgin Media provides a large selection of phone and broadband deals to suit different demands and price ranges. These bundles, which are frequently offered at affordable prices, include reputable phone services, fast internet, and the ease of bundled billing. The flexibility to add and modify options, such as upgraded phone plans and premium TV channels, allows you to personalize the services to yourself.

Virgin Media's services have certain disadvantages like potential issues with customer support and more expensive costs when compared to some rivals, but overall, it offers good value for money. Some notable benefits are their wide-ranging UK coverage, ongoing promotions, and the dependability of their fiber-optic network.

We recommend you exploring their options, use comparison tools like our postcode checker, and take advantage of current promotions to secure the best deal. Compare packages and choose a Virgin Media deal that provides excellent value and meets your household's connectivity requirements.