Unlock mobile freedom with the best 30-day SIM-only deals in the UK this March. These plans offer top value and convenience, ideal for savvy consumers seeking flexibility without commitment.

List of 30-day SIM only deals


What is a 30-day SIM only deal?

A 30-day SIM-only deal is a mobile plan that offers all the essentials—calls, texts, and data—without the long-term commitment of traditional contracts. These deals renew automatically every month but can be changed or cancelled anytime with minimal fuss.

This type of plan is perfect for those who prefer to avoid being tied down to a lengthy contract, providing the flexibility to adjust or halt their mobile service as their needs change. It's an excellent choice for travellers, students, or anyone looking for a cost-effective way to manage their mobile usage.

How does a 30-day SIM only deal work?

A 30-day SIM-only deal works on a rolling contract basis, which means it renews itself every 30 days. Upon signing up, you receive a SIM card with a pre-set allowance of data, calls, and texts for the month. If you're satisfied with the service, the plan automatically renews at the end of each month, and the provider will deduct payment from your registered account.

You retain the freedom to cancel or switch to a different plan with the same provider or another network before the next billing cycle begins without incurring penalties typical of longer-term contracts. This setup offers convenience and flexibility, adapting to your changing needs or preferences.

Benefits of a 30-day SIM only deal

The benefits of a 30-day SIM-only deal are compelling, especially for those who value flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Firstly, these plans don’t require a long-term commitment, allowing users to switch providers or terminate their service without facing hefty penalties.

Secondly, they are typically more affordable than standard contracts, as they don't bundle the cost of a new phone. Additionally, 30-day contracts offer the ability to adjust data and call packages monthly to suit changing needs, ideal for varying monthly usage. Lastly, they provide an excellent opportunity to test the services of different networks without long-term risks.

Which networks offer 30-day SIM only deals?

In the UK, several key providers offer competitive 30-day SIM-only deals that cater to various needs, including unlimited data options. These providers include Lebara, Smarty, iD Mobile, and Voxi, each offering unique benefits that might appeal to different user profiles.


Lebara is well-known for its strong focus on providing value to international communities within the UK, offering cost-effective plans without long-term commitments. It operates on the Vodafone network, ensuring reliable coverage nationwide.

Lebara's SIM-only deals are especially appealing for their international calling features, making it an excellent choice for those who frequently call abroad. Lebara’s flexible 30-day plans are ideal for customers who do not want to be tied down by lengthy contracts.


Owned by Three, Smarty is a straightforward, no-frills mobile provider that prides itself on simplicity and transparency. All its plans are on a one-month rolling basis and come with the benefit of tethering and using your UK data allowance for roaming in the EU at no extra cost.

Smarty stands out with its unique approach to unused data, where you can receive discounts on your next month's bill, making it a smart choice if your data usage fluctuates.

iD Mobile

iD Mobile, operated by Carphone Warehouse and running on the Three network, offers excellent flexibility and value with its 30-day SIM-only deals. Known for competitive pricing, iD Mobile provides features like data rollover, allowing customers to carry over unused data into the next month.

This provider appeals massively to budget-conscious users who still seek the perks of a connected lifestyle without committing to a long-term contract.


A part of Vodafone, Voxi targets a younger audience with its social media-friendly plans. All Voxi’s 30-day plans come with 'Endless Social Media', meaning using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram won't eat into your data allowance.

Additionally, Voxi does not require a credit check, offering an easy start for young people or those with poor credit history. With competitive pricing and the flexibility of monthly renewals, Voxi is ideal for the social media savvy and those who enjoy streaming on the go.

Pros and cons of 30-day SIM only plans

30-day SIM-only plans offer a balanced mix of benefits and few drawbacks. A significant advantage is their flexibility; users can switch providers or plans monthly without early termination fees. These plans are often more affordable than traditional contracts, as they don't bundle the cost of a new smartphone. Furthermore, the short renewal cycle allows users to adjust their data and call allowances based on current needs, providing great adaptability.

However, the main con is that the monthly cost might be slightly higher than in longer-term contracts such as 12-month SIM-only deals. Additionally, some deals offer fewer perks or bonuses than annual contracts, and not all providers offer the fastest 5G network coverage. Overall, the pros of 30-day SIM-only plans generally outweigh these cons.

What to consider when looking for 30-day SIM deal

When hunting for the best 30-day SIM deal, you must consider several key factors to find a plan that ideally suits your mobile usage and lifestyle needs.

  • Data usage. Frequently, the most critical factor is your data usage, which will dictate which plan is most economical and practical for you. Evaluate your daily and monthly internet habits. If you frequently stream videos, play online games, or use cloud services, you'll need a plan with a generous data allowance. Conversely, if your usage is minimal, a lower data cap could save you money without sacrificing connectivity.
  • Freebies. Many providers entice customers with freebies, including additional data, unlimited texts, free access to certain apps, or reduced rates for international calls. These bonuses can provide significant added value, so consider what extras each plan offers and how they align with your needs. For instance, if you travel often, look for deals that offer better rates on international roaming.
  • Contract length. While all these plans inherently come with a 30-day rolling contract, it’s essential to understand the provider’s terms regarding plan changes or cancellations. Some may allow you to switch plans or terminate your service anytime within the month without penalties, offering maximum flexibility. Others might require notice a few days before the renewal date, so it's crucial to be aware of these details to avoid unexpected charges.

How do I find the best 30-day SIM deal?

Finding the best SIM-only 30-day deals requires careful comparison and consideration of various factors. Start by assessing your mobile needs, particularly your data usage and any specific features you value, such as EU roaming or unlimited calls. Utilise comparison websites to view a range of offers from different providers in one place, which can help highlight the best deals based on cost, data allowance, and extra benefits.

Always read customer reviews to gauge the provider's reliability and customer service quality. Finally, check the network coverage in your area to ensure consistent and reliable mobile service. Following these steps, you can confidently select a plan that matches your needs and budget.

What do I do after my 30-day SIM deal finishes?

After your SIM-only 30-day deal concludes, you have several options to consider based on your satisfaction with the service. If you're happy with your current plan and provider, you can allow the contract to renew automatically for another month. However, if your needs have changed or you're looking to explore better deals, you can switch to a different plan or provider with minimal hassle, thanks to the flexibility of the SIM-only deals 30-day contract.

Alternatively, this is also an opportune time to assess your usage patterns and adjust your plan features accordingly, whether increasing your data allowance or adding international calls to suit your mobile usage better.

What is the difference between a 30-day SIM and a pay-as-you-go SIM?

The difference between a 30-day SIM and a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) SIM lies primarily in the billing structure and flexibility. A 30-day SIM operates on a rolling contract basis, allowing you to pay a fixed monthly amount for a set bundle of data, calls, and texts. This plan automatically renews every 30 days, providing consistency and ease without a long-term commitment.

In contrast, a PAYG SIM requires you to top up credit as needed, which you then use to pay for your mobile services at a per-use rate. This “top-up” approach offers ultimate flexibility and control over spending, but often at higher per-unit costs and without the predictability of monthly fees.

Alternative SIM-only plans

For those seeking longer commitments or more extensive benefits, explore our range of alternative SIM-only plans, including: