Zen broadband deals

Looking for a broadband provider that prioritises speed, reliability, and excellent customer service? Look no further than Zen Internet. Unlike some providers focusing on flashy promotions that disappear after a year, Zen stands out for its commitment to consistent value. Zen also scores highly in assessments by the industry and is well-known for its dedication to customer satisfaction. Let's check out the top Zen broadband deals in the UK.

List of Zen broadband deals:


Why choose Zen as a broadband provider?

Here are some reasons to choose Zen as a broadband provider, according to the Zen website:

  • Superfast fibre broadband. Zen fibre broadband deals provide lightning-fast fibre connections for online gaming, streaming media, and video calling.
  • Unlimited packages. Among the many advantages of their unlimited services are a wireless router, limitless downloads, and assistance from UK-based employees.
  • Price. Zen guarantees clients that the cost of their internet bundle will not change throughout their agreement.
  • Customer service. Zen's dedication to providing excellent customer service is clear from its status as the UK's largest independent B Corp broadband provider.

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What Zen broadband packages can I get?

Depending on your unique requirements and tastes, you may select from a variety of possibilities when looking into Zen broadband packages. Below is a summary of the many broadband packages that Zen provides:

  • Full fibre broadband. Zen uses fibre optic technology to provide top internet services with its Full Fibre Broadband bundles. Its remarkable internet speeds can reach up to 900Mbps. Such high-speed internet is perfect for watching videos, playing online games, and downloading large files.
  • Superfast fibre broadband. Are you looking for top speeds but don't quite need the full power of Full Fibre? Zen's Superfast Fibre Broadband plans offer a fantastic alternative. The dual-band router offers top speed no matter which room you are in, and the static IP address lets you access your files from anywhere across the globe.
  • Fast broadband. Zen's Fast Broadband plan offers a good value choice for those who favour affordability above lightning-fast speeds. These plans may not be ideal for online gaming or video conferencing. However, they will be fine for web browsing and utilising simple programs.

Zen broadband speed

The speed of your connection is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an internet service provider because it can significantly affect your online activities. Let's compare the speed of different broadband packages offered by Zen:

Broadband dealSpeed
Full Fibre 300 CityFibreUpto 300mbps download speed – 300 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 100 CityFibreUpto 100mbps download speed – 100 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 500 CityFibreUpto 500mbps download speed – 500 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 900 CityFibreUpto 900mbps download speed – 900 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 100Upto 100mbps download speed – 18 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 300Upto 300mbps download speed – 47 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 900Upto 900mbps download speed – 100 Mbps upload speed
Full Fibre 500Upto 500mbps download speed – 70 Mbps upload speed

Tips for finding the best Zen deal

When searching for the ideal Zen broadband deal, consider these helpful tips to ensure you get the most value for your money:

  • Compare packages. Explore the range of Zen broadband plans to find one that aligns with your speed and budget requirements.
  • Check promotions. Watch for special promotions or discounts Zen may offer, especially for new customers.
  • Consider contract length. Evaluate the contract length options to choose a plan that suits your flexibility needs.
  • Read reviews. Look for customer reviews and feedback on Zen's services to gauge their reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Bundle services. Check if bundling broadband with other services like TV or phone can lead to additional savings.
  • Contact customer support. Reach out to Zen's customer support for any queries or clarifications to make an informed decision.

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