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Best HIPAA-compliant web hosting (2024)

The importance of HIPAA-compliant hosting has never been more dominant than in recent times. Due to the reality and dynamic nature of the healthcare environment, issues related to patient data protection from unauthorized use or physical loss have become even stricter. Healthcare providers must comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines, which require nothing less than a lifetime dedication to privacy and integrity of information security.

Yet, not every web hosting provider can meet the strict requirements of HIPAA specifications. Web hosting services must comply with these standards to host sensitive health data and ensure its security and privacy.

Read on to find the best HIPAA-compliant hosting options for 2024. I have evaluated and prioritized the top HIPAA-compliant hosting providers for you to make an informed decision while searching for a suitable hosting service.

Best HIPAA hosting in 2024

HIPAA-compliant web hosting – detailed list

Together with our research team, I extensively examined every aspect of the top HIPAA-compliant hosting companies of 2024, considering every crucial element required for healthcare data security. My testing covered strict standards such as data encryption, server uptime, access limits, and continuous compliance checks.

To give healthcare businesses a more nuanced view of the features and capabilities necessary to uphold the highest standards of HIPAA compliance, I’ve compiled a detailed list of the top hosting providers compliant with HIPAA guidelines.

1. LiquidWeb – the best HIPAA-compliant hosting in 2024

Liquid WEB banner
Top features:DDOS protection, firewall, good bandwidth, high-performance
HIPAA compliance:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 74% OFF Liquid Web VPS!

LiquidWeb comes out as the best HIPAA-compliant hosting company, maintaining a robust infrastructure customized to meet the particular needs of healthcare data management. With strong data protection practices, the provider's dedication to client service is evident.

LiquidWeb takes HIPAA compliance seriously, implementing cutting-edge security protocols to safeguard patient data. With firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits, LiquidWeb ensures a secure hosting environment. It also offers a BAA (Business Associate Agreement), a critical aspect of HIPAA compliance. This agreement establishes the terms of the hosting provider's responsibility to protect sensitive health information and foster a secure partnership.

My research on LiquidWeb revealed seamless integration of security features and robust HIPAA compliance measures. LiquidWeb has dedicated HIPAA-compliant servers to protect any stored public health information (PHI). It implements strict procedures for access control and supervision, including access monitoring, ongoing team training on security awareness, and constant workstation security assessments.

LiquidWeb VPS hosting prices start at $16.00/month. But I’d suggest going for dedicated HIPAA solutions they offer. I have to say, these are very pricey, starting at $229/month for Linux and $271/month for Windows. However, the features LiquidWeb’s HIPAA-compliant plans offer are unmatchable, offering advanced security measures to comply with HIPAA’s guidelines exclusively. LiquidWeb also offers 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans.

LiquidWeb is an excellent choice for healthcare entities seeking HIPAA-compliant hosting, focusing on advanced security features. Ideal for medium to large-scale healthcare organizations, LiquidWeb's commitment to data protection and scalability makes it a reliable partner in ensuring HIPAA compliance.

2. ScalaHosting – HIPAA-ready hosting with exceptional affordability

Scalahosting banner
Top features:Isolated hosting, SSL certificates, managed VPS plans
HIPAA compliance:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 49% OFF ScalaHosting VPS + save an additional 15% with any ScalaHosting plan!

ScalaHosting earns its position as an optimal choice for HIPAA-compliant hosting by seamlessly blending top-notch security features with cost-effective hosting solutions. Garnering a commendable rating, ScalaHosting sets the stage with a feature table highlighting its strengths.

ScalaHosting provides isolated hosting environments for each user, ensuring that healthcare data remains secure and confidential. This feature aligns perfectly with HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing a dedicated space for sensitive patient information. The importance of data backup in healthcare cannot be overstated. ScalaHosting's provision of daily backups and snapshots enhances data resilience, providing a safety net against potential data loss or corruption.

Duting my ScalaHosting testing, I was impressed with its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. The isolated hosting environment instilled confidence in the security of sensitive healthcare data.

While ScalaHosting excels in affordability, its customer support response times could be improved. In comparison to other providers, like LiquidWeb, the support may sometimes be less prompt.

ScalaHosting’s managed VPS plan pricing begins at $12.71/month, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious healthcare organizations. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. What really surprised me is that ScalaHosting offers free managed VPS hosting (GDPR-regulated and HIPAA-compliant) for government and public agencies in the US.

Ideal for small to medium-sized organizations, ScalaHosting's isolation features and scalability make it a dependable option for safeguarding patient information in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

3. Nexcess – enhanced HIPAA compliance with managed precision

Nexcess banner
Top features:Managed hosting, advanced monitoring, scalable cloud solutions
HIPAA compliance:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 55% OFF Hosting!

Nexcess stands out as an exceptional choice for HIPAA hosting, offering a meticulously managed hosting environment that caters to the intricate demands of healthcare data security. It offers scalable cloud hosting solutions, empowering healthcare entities to adapt to changing needs. The scalability ensures that the hosting environment evolves alongside the growth of healthcare websites or applications.

Nexcess goes beyond conventional hosting, providing managed services that specifically address the needs of HIPAA compliance. The controlled environment ensures that healthcare organizations can focus on patient care while Nexcess handles the complexities of hosting security. The provider employs sophisticated monitoring tools and threat detection systems, proactively identifying and mitigating potential security risks.

My hands-on experience with Nexcess revealed a comprehensive managed hosting approach that significantly eased the burden of maintaining HIPAA compliance. The advanced threat detection mechanisms demonstrated a proactive stance in ensuring data security.

While Nexcess excels in managed services, the pricing may be perceived as relatively higher compared to providers with similar offerings, like ScalaHosting.

Nexcess positions itself as a premium managed hosting provider with a starting price of $17.50/month, reflecting the depth of its services. With various hosting plans suitable for HIPAA, Nexcess ensures that healthcare organizations can seamlessly scale their hosting environment.

Nexcess is an ideal choice for healthcare entities seeking a fully managed hosting solution that goes beyond standard HIPAA compliance. With its advanced threat detection and scalability, Nexcess is particularly suitable for medium to large-scale healthcare organizations prioritizing a hands-off, precision-managed hosting experience.

4. HostPapa – uncomplicated HIPAA compliance with a user-friendly solution

Top features:User-friendly control panel, data encryption, SSL certificates
HIPAA compliance:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 20% OFF Hostpapa VPS!

HostPapa distinguishes itself as an excellent choice for HIPAA-compliant web hosting by offering user-friendly solutions that simplify the complexities of compliance. With a solid rating, HostPapa is suitable for healthcare entities seeking a straightforward approach to HIPAA hosting. HostPapa boasts a commendable uptime record, ensuring that healthcare websites and applications remain accessible without interruptions.

HostPapa's user-friendly control panel simplifies the management of hosting settings, making it easier for healthcare organizations to navigate and implement the necessary configurations for HIPAA compliance. It provides free SSL certificates to encrypt data in transit, which contributes significantly to meeting the encryption requirements outlined in HIPAA guidelines.

My comprehensive HostPapa review highlighted the platform's user-friendly design and intuitive control panel. Setting up SSL certificates was a straightforward process, enhancing the overall security of the hosted healthcare data.

While HostPapa excels in simplicity, its server response times may be slower than its competitors. Other HIPAA-compliant hosting providers, like LiquidWeb, may offer slightly faster loading speeds for healthcare websites.

HostPapa's starting price of $15.99/month is competitively positioned for those entering the world of HIPAA-compliant hosting, facilitating smooth price scaling and allowing healthcare organizations to upgrade as their hosting needs evolve.

HostPapa serves a great deal for organizations that want a user-friendly hosting solution without compromising HIPAA compliance. Particularly suitable for small to medium-sized healthcare organizations, HostPapa's intuitive control panel and free SSL certificates make it an accessible and reliable option for hosting healthcare data securely.

5. Flywheel – HIPAA hosting with a design-centric approach

Flywheel banner
Top features:Managed WordPress hosting, design-centric solutions, performance optimization
HIPAA compliance:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 17% OFF Flywheel with annual plans + 2 months free!

Flywheel is another great choice for HIPAA-compliant hosting, offering a unique blend of design-focused solutions backed by robust security measures. For healthcare teams working on collaborative projects, Flywheel's collaboration tools streamline workflows. This is particularly beneficial for healthcare professionals managing websites or applications that require frequent updates and collaboration.

Flywheel specializes in managed WordPress hosting, providing a secure and optimized environment for healthcare websites built on the WordPress platform. This specialization ensures a tailored hosting solution with enhanced HIPAA compliance features. It excels in performance optimization, delivering swift loading times for healthcare websites. This focus on speed aligns with HIPAA principles, contributing to a seamless and efficient user experience.

My hands-on experience with Flywheel revealed a refreshing emphasis on design aesthetics without compromising security. The managed WordPress hosting environment proved to be intuitive and efficient, simplifying the management of healthcare websites. Flywheel claims to ensure tracking and authorization with audit trails, digital signatures, and approval workflows.

While Flywheel excels in design-centric hosting, I’d like to see more exclusively HIPAA-dedicated servers for enhanced security and data privacy. If this is of concern to you, I’d suggest going for LiquidWeb’s HIPAA-compliant plans.

Flywheel's starting price of $13.00/month reflects its premium managed WordPress hosting provider position. While limited plans may be explicitly labeled as HIPAA-compliant, Flywheel's performance and design-centric approach make it suitable for healthcare organizations looking to host WordPress sites securely.

Flywheel goes well with organizations seeking design-focused hosting solutions with a strong emphasis on HIPAA compliance. Particularly suitable for healthcare professionals managing WordPress-based websites, Flywheel's performance optimization and collaboration tools make it an ideal option for those who prioritize aesthetics and security in their online presence.

HIPAA hosting comparison table

RatingCompliance guaranteeBackupUptimeSecurity featuresStarting price
HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC 2Yes 100%DDoS protection, SSL, firewalls, VPN$16.00/month
HIPAA, GDPRYes 99.9%SSL, firewalls, SShield, Antispam$12.71/month
HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC 2Yes 100%DDoS protection, SSL, TFA, firewalls, VPN$17.50/month
HIPAA, GDPRYes 99.9%SSL, firewalls, VPN$15.99/month
HIPAA, GDPRYes 99.9%SSL, firewalls, VPN$13.00/month

How we tested and ranked HIPAA hosting?

Ensuring the security and compliance of HIPAA hosting demands a meticulous evaluation process. At Cybernews, our hosting testing and ranking methodology involves a comprehensive series of steps, from initial assessments to in-depth analysis using specialized tools.

To find the best HIPAA-complient web hosts, we looked at 49 hosts, checking their Terms of Service to make sure they are HIPAA compliant. We then picked 5 providers that best met our criteria. Here’s what steps we took in our evaluations:

  1. Research and selection criteria. We established stringent criteria for selecting HIPAA-compliant hosting providers. Our criteria included advanced security features, adherence to HIPAA regulations, server performance, scalability, customer support, and pricing.
  2. Initial provider screening. To narrow down potential candidates, we conducted extensive research based on industry reputation, customer reviews, and expert opinions. This initial screening allowed us to create a shortlist of hosting providers poised for deeper evaluation.
  3. Tool-based information retrieval. Employing specialized tools, we jumped into the technical aspects of each hosting provider. We utilized tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Sucuri to evaluate server response times, website loading speeds, and security measures.
  4. HIPAA compliance verification. HIPAA compliance is essential for HIPAA-compliant hosting, and we rigorously verified each provider's compliance status. We scrutinized Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), security protocols, data encryption methods, and the presence of necessary safeguards required by HIPAA and GDPR.
  5. Hands-on testing. A crucial phase involved hands-on testing of each hosting provider. We created test environments, hosted sample healthcare websites, and assessed the user interfaces, ease of setup, and overall user experience. This hands-on approach allowed us to provide practical insights into the day-to-day usage of each hosting service.
  6. Performance benchmarking. We conducted performance benchmarking tests to compare hosting providers objectively. This involved assessing server response times, uptime records, and the ability to handle traffic spikes – critical factors for a reliable HIPAA-compliant hosting environment.
  7. Security audits and vulnerability scans. We performed security audits and vulnerability scans using industry-leading tools to identify potential weaknesses and ensure that each provider could withstand cyber threats effectively.
  8. Final ranking. We assigned rankings to each HIPAA hosting provider based on the cumulative data gathered from our assessments.
Expert comment
Tech copywriter and security expert

What is HIPAA-compliant hosting?

HIPAA-compliant hosting is a type of hosting aimed at healthcare organizations that adheres to strict HIPAA guidelines. It securely processes, stores, and transfers Protected Health Information (PHI) for healthcare organizations, including clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

Such hosting should include fully managed servers, extremely secure server cabinets, a dependable network and power configuration, and a host of other security measures.

Choosing HIPAA-compliant web hosting is like giving your healthcare organization a shield against fines and legal headaches. It's the way to make sure your electronic health info is in the safest hands possible. So, it's the VIP treatment for your website, keeping sensitive patients’ data safe and sound.

Wrapping up

Navigating the scenery of HIPAA-compliant hosting demands a meticulous approach, and my comprehensive research has unveiled top-tier solutions. For unparalleled security, reliability, and scalability, LiquidWeb emerges as the best HIPAA-compliant web hosting option. Event though the exclusive HIPAA-dedicated servers are fairly expensive, its advanced security features, commitment to compliance, and seamless scalability make it the best HIPAA-compliant hosting provider for diverse healthcare organizations.

As healthcare data remains a prime target for cyber threats, investing in a robust hosting solution is non-negotiable. Choose the best HIPAA hosting provider to meet and exceed HIPAA guidelines, ensuring the utmost protection for sensitive patient information.


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