Thousands of Heineken employees affected in alleged data breach

Private data allegedly belonging to more than 8000 employees of the multinational beer giant has been found for sale on a hacker forum.

An unknown threat actor listed a dataset on June 2nd, claiming it belongs to Heineken, the Dutch multinational brewing company. The leak allegedly exposed 8,174 individuals from multiple countries.

The threat actor's sample reveals that the leaked dataset exposes private data, such as IDs, User IDs, full names, email addresses, companies the employees have been working for, and job roles belonging to what is claimed to be Heineken employees.

At the time of writing, Cybernews could not independently verify the claims. Heineken did not immediately respond to a Cybernews request for comment.

If true, the leak will not be the first to affect the brewing company. In 2023, it suffered a major third-party data breach that affected the personal data of up to 22,000 clients.

Heineken had used the services of the breached market research company Blauw to interview visitors who attended the Vrienden van Amstel Live, an annual concert sponsored by Heineken-owned beer brand Amstel.

Among the personal data affected were gender, age, education, province, and e-mail address.

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