“Keep AI away from Spiderman” says Spider-Verse producer

The producer of the famous Spider-Verse franchise movies said that the movies always were about creating new styles, not plagiarizing other artists' work.

Christopher Miller took the X platform to state that the upcoming release, "Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse," will not use generative AI.

"There is no generative AI in Beyond the Spider-Verse and there never will be. One of the main goals of the films is to create new visual styles that have never been seen in a studio CG film, not steal the generic plagiarized of other artists' work." he said.

The statement comes after Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra strongly endorsed using AI in the movie industry to reduce the cost of film production. Sony is one of the producers of the Spider-verse movies.

“We are very focused on AI. The biggest problem with making films today is the expense,” Vinciquerra said at Sony’s Thursday, as reported by IndieWire. “We will be looking at ways to…produce both films for theaters and television in a more efficient way, using AI primarily.”

The boom of generative AI has shaken the entertainment industry, with employees worried AI will take their jobs. In 2023, the Hollywood writers protest erupted, with them demanding not to use AI for writing screenplays.

The five-month-long writers’ strike had secured an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The memorandum says that literary material cannot be written by AI and that the latter material will not be considered source material.