Cybersecurity awareness solutions to prevent potential attacks

The rising trends of cybersecurity threats, data breaches, unintentional leaks, and what not have influenced companies to look for cybersecurity awareness training solutions for all employees. An effective training solution addresses cybersecurity mistakes that employees might encounter at the workplace. It also educates about cyber risks and teaches how to prevent potential attacks.

Training all of your employees is a great way to ensure a good cybersecurity posture and avoid human error, which often results in fraud, data breaches, and other threats. And while cybersecurity is not everyone's cup of tea, there are many providers that offer interesting and interactive training solutions capable of luring even those that are green at the field.

In this article, you’ll find the best cybersecurity awareness training solutions for 2024 that will help you ensure a streamlined training experience.

Best Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions: detailed list

Selecting the right cybersecurity training platform for your company might be challenging as there are many different solutions for different needs. We have prepared a wide selection of the best training solutions with diverse services. Let’s check them out.


ServicesSecurity Awareness Platform, Phishing Simulation, Cyber Security Awareness Training
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Free versionFree trial available

If you’re interested in improving your business’ cybersecurity posture, look no further than GoldPhish – a company providing world-class awareness training and simulated phishing campaigns.

As you might have guessed from the name, GoldPhish specializes in cyber security awareness training and provides a phishing simulator integrated into their innovative platform. Their platform is 100% white-labeled allowing you to use your organization's branding and allows you to build your own email templates or use an array of templates from their content library for your phishing campaigns. Manage your entire training program from their platform, plus monitor progress and produce reports regarding your employees’ performance.

To ensure that the training is fun and engaging, GoldPhish uses methods like quizzes, infographics, visuals, videos, and bite-sized interactive material. When the course is complete, you can also broaden your knowledge by accessing a library regularly updated with the latest cybersecurity content.

Terranova Security

ServicesManaged services, CISO Coaching and consulting, support
ResourcesBlog, press release, product sheets, webcasts, whitepapers
Free versionYes (free 14-day trial)

Terranova Security is one of the best security awareness solutions. Being people-centric, it brings various training options for the workforce, including training programs, an educational platform, and coaching services.

With the help of this provider, employees are introduced to the training approach that assists with reducing human error and keeping the company cyber safe and sound. Customizable, easy to use – the platform includes comprehensive integrations and deployment options.

The training includes end-to-end customization, multilingual technical support, engaging and gamified learning, option for mobile training, and more. It also provides phishing simulation trials, cybersecurity assessments, and coaching sessions.

For more in-depth training options, check out Terranova Security’s website.


ServicesSecurity awareness program, phishing simulations, compliance tool, elastic security program
ResourcesFAQ, case studies, phishing playbook, security awareness guide
Free versionNo

When looking for a combination of a fully-managed security awareness training program, phishing simulations, and compliance tools, CybeReady is a solution that provides it all.

Conveniently, with CybeReady, you will be able to deploy an automated program built by security awareness professionals. This includes running data-driven campaigns, adaptive training, and specialized training programs based on the team’s performance. CybeReady's solution is automated – removing the burden from your IT team's shoulders and delivering training autonomously.

What’s more, with CybeReady, you can track the progress of the program. They will provide you with advanced KPIs, compliance reports, and actionable insights.


ServicesAPI integration, microservices, high performance applications, legacy application migration, consulting, training
ResourcesBlog, technical guides
Free versionYes

NodeSource is an excellent application that accelerates the software we use on a daily basis. It powers web, mobile, and desktop applications, connected devices, API back-ends, and more.

In terms of functionalities, NodeSource enables companies to run production-ready Node.js apps with optimized resource visibility and knowledge of application performance and security. Its product is built around performance monitoring and enhanced security. And its ability to rapidly detect, fix, and reduce issues is one of the most crucial features businesses can benefit from.

For a smooth experience, this tool provides deep operational visibility into mission-critical applications and its behavior, as well as software’s overall health. These detailed application metrics help teams to identify issues in advance and, in result, keep app’s infrastructure under full control.


ServicesSecurity awareness training, phish testing, policy compliance tracking, assessments, dark web monitoring
ResourcesBlog, guides, referral program
Free versionYes

If you want to implement cybersecurity awareness training hassle-free, Cyberhoot is a great choice. This provider offers a feature-rich and simple to use platform that can onboard a user in a few simple steps. It delivers all of the tools needed to protect oneself, your business, and your users.

Whether you want cybersecurity awareness training, phish testing, or policy compliance tracking, this platform has it all. It offers a convenient programmed approach with plenty of automation and customization. You can easily set up a training program and automate it, as well as use your own policies, videos, and other materials to enrich the existing training library.

But that’s not all. CyberHoot offers additional features like dark web monitoring and a novel approach to assignment-based phish testing. CyberHoot has eliminated the hassles of traditional email-based phish testing; gone are the headaches of Allow Lists, X-Headers, and employee frustration. You need to check it out for yourself!


ServicesManaged IT services, remote IT support, cloud services, hardware, network cabling, UCaaS/VoIP
ResourcesBlog, articles, videos, podcasts
Free versionYes (IT assessments only)

Executech offers a comprehensive suite of managed IT services, products, and solutions. It’s a full-service IT department. It helps companies with managed security services, firewall implementation, antivirus, employee training, and beyond.

Conveniently, Executech offers the essential layers of cybersecurity in one single package. It’s the combination of the best products securing from the most common cyber threats. The package includes enterprise-grade tools (numerous software and hardware options), hands-on support from security consultants, ongoing training, and monitoring.

There’s more – Executech also focuses on preventing the incidents. It helps companies with backing up their business data using top-notch vendors. In addition, if the incident of losing your data occurs, Executech supports you with the backup and DR (Disaster Recovery) solutions.

ACI Learning

ServicesPractice labs, learning hubs, audit, IT support, project management
ResourcesBlog, FAQ
Free versionNo

If you want to keep your focus on sharpening the knowledge and learning the base of cybersecurity awareness, ACI Learning is the ideal solution. It offers a variety of practice labs, learning hubs, instructor-led audit courses, and more.

This provider specializes in multi-edged learning options for IT professionals of all levels. In addition, ACI Learning offers a tailored experience. This means that the company is going to develop and customize a package of learning specifically for your team’s needs and characteristics.

If you’d like to check out their course catalog or certificates – there’s plenty of information on the ACI Learning website.

ServicesApplications services, cloud services, database services, data analytics, data intelligence and automation
ResourcesBlog, case study hub
Free versionNo

Navisite is another smart service that creates and manages the cloud infrastructure and assists independent software vendors (ISVs), software as a service (SaaS), and eCommerce enterprises in focusing efforts on developing new products and services.

The way Navisite operates is innovative and superb. They offer a solution that can be deployed smoothly almost without any technical knowledge. In fact, the provider not only builds the cloud infrastructure but also provides management and maintenance. To complement this, its team focuses on strategic initiatives.

You can explore more on the broad variety of services around cloud, DevOps, and other services they provide on the Navisite website.

NetCom Learning

NetCom Learning
ServicesManaged cybersecurity learning services, in-person and virtual instructor-led training, and online courses
ResourcesWebinars, blogs, assessments, case studies, e-books, media & news, course catalogs, and instructors
Free versionNo (Free courses available)

NetCom Learning is one of the most popular and successful companies that offer IT/business training courses and certifications. It was established way back in 1998, and since then, it has been helping businesses build an innovative and effective learning environment in their workspaces and have a skilled and smart workforce to drive growth.

One of the strongest training areas that NetCom Learning covers is cybersecurity. CompTIA, EC-Council, Microsoft, AWS, ISC2, and Cisco are some of the top security vendors that use the security courses and certificates that the company offers. These security programs can help you empower your teams and allow them to improve their skills and expertise and master the cybersecurity domain.

It makes NetCom Learning a single-stop solution for businesses to meet their security skilling needs. Other than cybersecurity, the company also covers many other training areas, including cloud computing, networking, AI & data, application development, architecture & design, business applications, business leadership, and business processes.

PKI Solutions

ServicesTraining, consulting, support service, online assessments
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Free versionNo

PKI Solutions offers all-rounded operational services of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This involves ensuring the security and processes to protect the data which requires careful monitoring of the underlying cryptography.

PKI Solutions guarantees that the digital footprint within the organization is locked and out of reach. To maintain your company secure at all times, this provider offers PKI consulting services, PKI assessments, and PKI training.

If you’d like to get professional support and unlimited access to the online training catalog, PKI Solutions have flexible subscription plans. And if you’d like to do a test drive, you are more than welcome to do so on the provider’s website.


ServicesCoding training, compliance training, security training
ResourcesBlog, FAQ
Free versionYes

Unlike any other provider, Avatao provides secure coding training that enables development teams to prevent vulnerabilities and cyber risks. This saves your company time and reduces business risks, allowing you to focus on making other important decisions for growth.

If you’re looking forward to integrating security into development, Avatao is a great choice. Their platform’s main value proposition is to deliver secure products faster, easily meet compliance requirements, and establish a strong security culture. The practical training uses real-life scenarios and grants ISO 27001, SOC 2, and PCI DSS compliance certificates.

To get to know more about Avatao’s coding training, check out their website.

Red Piranha

ServicesSecurity training, testing, assessments, cybersecurity review, compliance tool, security management, security investigation
ResourcesNews room, case studies
Free versionYes

This is another near consolidated platform with advanced security technologies. Red Piranha’s main product, Crystal Eye, is one of the market's first Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platforms. It aims to handle all organization's security demands to defend, detect, and respond to complex cyber threats.

This platform contains top-notch features, such as rapid implementation, simple configuration, and customizable fine-tuning that helps to reduce the burden on other teams. The company states that the facilities are under strict quality control standards.

To complement this, Red Piranha has ISO 27001 certificate and is recognized within the security awareness sector. If you’d like to reinforce your security awareness with a leading developer, Red Piranha is a great choice.


ServicesTraining, technical assurance and testing, advisory and audit, managed services, digital forensics, incident response
ResourcesBlog, case studies
Free versionNo

Commissum is another expansive solution for resolving information security, governance, risk management, and compliance challenges across multiple industries.

Their services offer identifying security risks before attackers do. This involves technical assurance and testing, application scanning, advisory, audit, extensive training, as well as incident response. Commissum also practices Open-Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) exercises, which can be later used to deliver threat assessment. In terms of training, Commissum's framework supports each role and the risks it faces, accordingly delivering the content via multiple channels, closely tracking metrics, and knowledge retention through various feedback mechanisms and simulations.

Whether you’re taking your first steps towards a private cloud or are looking forward to expanding the scope of security services, Commissum experts can provide you with professional guidance. You can determine whether this service is right for you by checking out their website.


ServicesSecurity awareness training, cyber risk assessment, account breach scan (ABS), neurophishing, cyber sentiment analysis (CSA)
Free versionYes

Kymatio focuses on providing cyber risk assessment and security awareness training.

This provider implements automation to manage the security awareness program, measure the level of alertness of teams, train them in cybersecurity behaviors, and prevent human errors.

Its AI helps to achieve essential visibility into the workforce's exposure to information security issues. Kymatio brings attention to one of its many features – simulations of real-life situations. It measures the alertness of employees and maximizes the cybersecurity parameters.

Kymatio also provides an account breach scanner, neurophishing, and other human-element cyber risk management. You can find extensive training descriptions on their website.

The Security Company

ServicesFace-to-face training, online learning, simulated phishing
ResourcesBlog, reports and whitepapers, eBooks
Free versionNo

If you’re looking forward to creating a culture of security awareness in your organization, The Security Company is an ideal choice of solution for you.

This provider offers an integrated, sustainable, and sustained approach to employees' security awareness. It’s achieved through a phased approach to delivery, so the operational sector has the time to adapt and get used to cybersecurity elements.

It includes strategic planning, simulated phishing, face-to-face training, eLearning, awareness survey, and other classified tools. These tools allow employees to select resources, and materials that suit them personally and can retain them long term. To enroll in their program, you can directly contact experts through their website.

Cyber Bytes Foundation

ServicesIn person and online training courses, cybersecurity boot camps
ResourcesPearson VUE testing
Free versionNo

Cyber Bytes Foundation is an organization on a mission to create an environment that would empower developers, researchers and employees with cybersecurity knowledge.

The foundation not only provides cybersecurity training for employees, students, and minorities but also runs a research center and organizes youth summer camps that help attendees stimulate critical thinking, innovation, and creativity.

Besides education programs, Cyber Bytes Foundation also offers Pearson VUE testing. If you are confident in your skills, you can even test your cybersecurity knowledge and receive certificates that will help you get to the next step in your career.

Cyber Management Alliance

ServicesTraining, assessments, virtual Data Privacy Officer services, incident planning and response, cybersecurity consultancy
ResourcesWebinars, interviews, research papers, blog
Free versionNo

Next on the list is Cyber Management Alliance – a company providing specialized training courses with a focus on data protection.

Besides cybersecurity training tailored to your organization's needs and risk profile, Cyber Management Alliance also offers services that help improve overall business growth, like security consultancy and business insights.

With interactive tabletop exercises, online and classroom training, and plenty of free resources, Cyber Management Alliance is surely the one provider to check out if you want to improve your organizational security posture.


ServicesSecurity awareness training, personalized phishing training, threat response
ResourcesCase studies, Blog, webinars, Ebooks, CISO sandbox
Free versionNo

Hoxhunt is a security awareness platform providing training based on a people-first approach.

What sets Hoxhunt apart, is that the provider adapts the training curriculum to match each employee's skill level – the platform learns along with the workforce and offers personalized material based on their behavior. Besides addressing personal weakpoints, companies can choose from a variety of awareness topics and pick a program that would help tackle risks specific to their industry or organization.

Apart from the training platform, Hoxhunt also provides incident response services and has plenty of resources available on their website if you want to find out more about effective security awareness training.


ServicesSecurity awareness training, consulting services, cyber forensics, threat detection, vulnerability assessment
Free versionNo

Texial is a company providing a variety of cybersecurity services, from corporate training to digital forensics and threat detection. No matter what kind of issue your organization runs into, Texial has you covered.

The company mainly provides cybersecurity awareness training for corporations, educational institutions, and law enforcement officers and at the end of each course, participants receive certifications. The great thing is that besides learning about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, you can also join their ethical hacking training course in Bangalore and become a certified ethical hacker or a penetration tester.

If you're looking for an all-around security provider that would ensure both your technical and human side of cybersecurity is top-level, make sure to check out Texial.

Global Learning Systems

ServicesCybersecurity awareness training, phishing simulation, managed services, consulting
ResourcesWebinars, blog, podcast, videos, whitepapers, articles
Free versionYes (certain packages)

Next up is Global Learning Systems. This company has training programs not only on basic cybersecurity principles but also on secure coding, data protection, anti-phishing, and many more.

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Global Learning Systems surely knows how to provide effective and engaging awareness training. Rather than just delivering overwhelming amounts of information, the training is divided into smaller courses and covers topics relevant to the customer's organization. If by chance you are too busy or just don't know what program to choose for your employees, the experts at Global Learning Systems can tailor the training material for you.

Also, if you're looking for some free resources, don't miss out on Global Learning Systems! They offer a variety of free training packages, videos, articles, and even a podcast.


ServicesGamified cybersecurity awareness training, simulation
ResourcesArticles, case studies, videos, industrial vulnerability scoring system
Free versionNo

If you think security awareness training consists of boring classroom presentations and taking written tests, think again because ThreatGEN takes a different approach. By using gamification and simulating real-world scenarios this provider ensures the training is effective and interactive.

Their signature solution Red vs. Blue offers an immersive, hands-on experience where participants have to defend against an active opponent, just like it would be in real life. The great thing is that this type of training is suitable for every skill level – both people without any prior technical knowledge and seasoned professionals can learn enjoyably.

But the simulations, scenarios and labs are not all that's available on the Red vs. Blue platform. ThreatGEN also offers useful on-demand courses if you want to brush up on what you learned.


ServicesCybersecurity awareness training, phishing simulation
ResourcesWhitepaper, Awareness Academy brochure
Free versionNo

While some might consider security awareness training as something that is only conducted once in a while just to check a mark, IT-Seal operates based on a different approach – their main focus is to establish a sustainable security culture within an organization.

To make sure that the critical cybersecurity information is retained, IT-Seal not only conducts interactive classroom and online training but also regularly assesses and tests the participants over the course of a few months or even a year.

The provider has 4 packages, three of which offer continuous training and assessment, varying options for customization, and other extras. However, if you're looking for a more general, one-time training program IT-Seal has you covered too.


ServicesSecurity training, cybersecurity consulting, risk assessment, program security, security architecture
Free versionYes (certain courses)

TCecure is a company helping businesses achieve their cybersecurity goals by offering a wide range of services. From risk assessment, consulting, and security awareness training to software assurance – TCecure has you covered.

To ensure the human firewall can withstand even the most sophisticated threats, TCecure offers awareness training in partnership with CySkills. Gamified content, augmented reality and real-world attack scenarios are just some of the techniques used to ensure the courses are engaging and effective.

So, if your business needs an overall cybersecurity upgrade, you can rest assured that the experts at TCecure will take care of every little detail.


ServicesSecurity awareness training, phishing simulation, policy compliance tracking, gamified security awareness training, real-time intervention training
ResourcesBlog, videos, security articles, case studies, datasheets
Free versionNo

SafeTitan provides a behaviour driven security awareness solution that delivers security training in real-time. With their security awareness training and phishing simulation reports, you can get a 360 view of the entire organization.

If you are looking for a diverse cybersecurity training platform, then look no further. SafeTitan reduces security risks by creating end-user awareness of critical security threats such as phishing emails and even reduces staff susceptibility to phishing by up to 92%. What's great is that SafeTitan can tailor the training specific to the employee’s needs, rather than training the whole organization. You will also have unlimited access to their extensive library of training courses, videos, and quizzes.

Book a free SafeTitan demo today and learn how it can protect your organization from emerging phishing threats.

BTR Consulting

BTR Consulting image
ServicesSecurity awareness program, gamification, phishing simulations, training and communication, consulting
ResourcesReports, case studies, articles, news, quick guides, flyers, videos, game demos
Free versionOn request

Cybersecurity awareness can become boring if you indulge in traditional actions such as posters or informative emails, etc. One of the biggest challenges is providing people with an engaging experience that allows them to truly remember and adopt new behaviors and safe habits.

With BTR Consulting's "Human Shield: the game" the user will learn techniques and tricks to protect himself and his organization from cyberattacks. The evaluation of material learned is based on how the user identifies "safe" or "unsafe" behaviors – 8 situations are presented in each mission, with more than 50 options that the user has to choose throughout the game.

Organizations increase their budget to raise awareness, but this does not mean that actions generate the necessary impact. It is not about doing more, but about doing better, that's why innovation is the priority at BTR Consulting.


ServicesSecurity training, human capital assessment, risk assessment, design of security architectures, audit, personal data management
ResourcesWebinars, blog
Free versionNo

Capa8 is a Mexican-based cybersecurity awareness platform that helps to ensure the company gets an extra layer of information security.

Their services contain comprehensive diagnosis, which helps to determine the risk level of your company, strategic management to establish priorities and minimize the risk, and management of personal data amongst other industry-standard solutions.

Capa8 also supports decision-making by assisting businesses in the evaluation, adoption, and strengthening of their security strategy using reference frameworks and international standards (OSINT intelligence threats assessment, penetrations tests, vulnerability assessments, gap analysis, and others).

If you’re ready to build a secure environment or fasten the security awareness in your company, learn more about Capa8 on their website.


ServicesSecurity awareness training with animated videos
ResourcesBlog, research, reports, help center
Free versionNo

While many providers on this list use video content to deliver security awareness training, not many of them do it quite like NINJIO.

What makes NINJIO different is that they use Hollywood-style storytelling to educate people about cybersecurity. Their short, animated videos feature stories based on real cybersecurity incidents and cover only one topic at a time, which helps retain information and is engaging to watch.

NINJIO also releases new episodes regularly, so you can be sure your team will be informed of the latest threats. And when the training is done, a quiz will help ensure they know how to handle even the most complex cybersecurity incidents.

Best Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platforms: final recommendations

The rising number of cybersecurity threats encourages companies to learn how to protect themselves from emerging cybercrime threats by introducing appropriate security awareness training, cyber protection strategies, and tools. Luckily, there are certainly a great number of cybersecurity awareness training solutions available. We made a quick recap to make the selection process easier.

Here are our top picks:

  1. GoldPhish – the only security awareness training solution you will ever need.
  2. Terranova Security – people-centric security awareness training.
  3. CybeReady – fully-automated training platform with engaging content.
  4. NodeSource – efficient and secure security tool.
  5. CyberHoot – open and easy to navigate security awareness training platform.
  6. Executech – cybersecurity protection for businesses in one easy package.
  7. ACI Learning – comprehensive on-demand cybersecurity awareness learning platform.
  8. Navisite – tailored digital security solution to to maximize your IT transformation.
  9. NetCom Learning – a world-famous company that specializes in managed learning services and talent development, covering a wide range of training areas, including cybersecurity.
  10. PKI Solutions – solid cybersecurity monitoring software and training services.
  11. Avatao – industry-leading cybersecurity with quality training services.
  12. Red Piranha – easy-to-use integrated security platform.
  13. Commissum – joined up approach to solving information security challenges.
  14. Kymatio – guided cyber risk management with a neat awareness program.
  15. The Security Company – essential and bespoke security awareness training by behavioural change experts.
  16. Cyber Bytes Foundation – training for employees and youth looking to break into the cybersecurity industry.
  17. Cyber Management Alliance – cybersecurity training courses and business advisory.
  18. Hoxhunt – a platform offering personalized and gamified learning material.
  19. Texial – cybersecurity training for different types of industries, with a variety of specific courses.
  20. Global Learning Systems – training on different topics, with plenty of free courses and resources.
  21. ThreatGEN – gamified learning platform offering simulation of real-world scenarios.
  22. IT-Seal – sustainable cybersecurity awareness training.
  23. TCecure – all-around cybersecurity services provider with some free training courses available.
  24. SafeTitan – behavior driven security and phishing awareness platform.
  25. BTR Consulting – an engaging game that helps retain educational content.
  26. Capa8 – efficient comprehensive diagnosis, strategy management, and security development platform.
  27. NINJIO – provides short and animated episodes based on real life cybersecurity incidents.

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