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Best Firefox Add-Ons: Our Top Picks

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers out there and it offers a wide range of add-ons to customize and enhance your browsing experience.

While the browser already has many useful features, there are plenty of extensions that you can use to take your browser to the next level.

However, choosing Firefox extensions can be a challenging task because of the abundance of solutions available in the market. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide that contains the best Firefox add-ons to choose from.

Best Firefox Add-Ons: Our detailed list

Here’s our detailed list of the best Firefox extensions to help you choose the best addition(s). If you use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, make sure to check out the following platforms to improve your browsing experience.


FeaturesReal-time alerts/notifications, activity dashboard, approval process control, automated scheduling, calendar management, real-time analytics, workflow management
ResourcesBlog, webinars, YouTube tutorials
Free planYes

SocialBee is an ideal social media management tool for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. This extension allows you to create, customize, and distribute content across multiple social media platforms from a single location at an affordable price.

It also enables you to manage your social media pages and groups and provides reporting and analytics to track the performance of your accounts conveniently.

Here’s a list of the main features that SocialBee offers:

  • Create a schedule for posting using the content calendar
  • Canva integration
  • Recycle expired time-sensitive content and/or evergreen posts
  • Customize your posts for each social media platform
  • See a real-time preview of your upcoming posts
  • Multiple workspaces and team collaboration features

SocialBee is a highly-rated Firefox extension for social media management. It offers a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.


FeaturesDocument management
Free planYes

Next up on the list is eesel – an add-on that helps you cut through the noise and find the documents you need in seconds. The way eesel works is that it filters your browser history and creates a new tab containing all of your most used documents.

This add-on is especially useful if your team works on a variety of different documents across multiple platforms like Google docs, Notion pages, and Figma, just to name a few.

Here are some features that make eesel stand out:

  • Automatically organized folders
  • File sharing
  • Create commands and shortcuts
  • Works with any app

Another neat thing about eesel is that it doesn't require any set up and it runs entirely locally, meaning that the contents of your documents never leave the browser and remain private.

Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant

Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant
FeaturesAutocomplete suggestions, spell checker, snippets, passive voice checker, synonym suggestions, punctuation checker, keyboard shortcuts
Free planYes

Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant by Sapling is a Firefox extension that helps you improve your writing by providing spelling, grammar, and other writing suggestions. Not only does it allow you to correct your writing for spelling and grammar errors, but it also helps you improve fluency and writing style.

This extension is powered by AI and is designed to help you write on-point messages and content to ensure that everything you write is mistake-free and looks professional.

The following are some main features that Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant offers:

  • Passive voice checker to help you use active voice
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Real-time instant proofreader
  • Total word count calculator
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant is an excellent tool for maintaining a consistent writing tone across your business team.


FeaturesSecure password management, AES 256 encryption protocol, web app for easy password access, auto form fill feature, import and export password feature, discover and update weak passwords
Free planYes

Passwork is a business-focused password management solution that helps you store, organize, and secure your passwords and other sensitive information. With this Mozilla Firefox add-on, you can create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and access them easily and securely from any device.

Here’s a list of features that Passwork offers:

  • Cross-platform compatibility with apps for multiple devices
  • Strong AES 256 encryption
  • Auto form fill feature
  • Search function to find the passwords you need easily
  • Web app for access to passwords from any location
  • One-click login
  • Detection and updating of weak passwords
  • Import and export passwords
  • Detection and updating of weak passwords

Passwork also offers additional security features like password sharing and two-factor authentication to help you protect your sensitive information. This way, you can significantly reduce the risk of your passwords being compromised by hackers or other malicious actors.

Lean Library

Lean Library
FeaturesLibrary resources organization, Lean Library Access, Lean Library Open, centralized resource access
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, support articles
Free planFree to use

Lean Library is a Firefox extension (also available on other browsers like Chrome) that simplifies the process of finding and accessing academic journals and other online resources. It provides a centralized platform for searching and accessing resources from multiple sources and helps users get easy access to their library's e-resources, such as articles and e-books.

When you’re on a website that contains material that their library has access to, the extension will notify you and provide single-click access to the content. This eliminates the need to deal with paywalls or multiple log-ins, saving users time and money.

Here are some of the features that Lean Library offers:

  • Provides easy access to your library's e-resources, including articles and ebooks
  • Allows you to access content without dealing with paywalls or multiple log-ins
  • Unlocks instant and legal access to millions of free academic papers
  • The extension will notify you when you are on a website that contains material that your library can give you access to
  • Centralized platform for searching and accessing resources from multiple sources

Lean Library also offers Lean Library Open, a service that unlocks instant and legal access to millions of free academic papers. Even if you aren’t affiliated with an institution, you can use Lean Library Open to access open-access materials quickly and easily.

Refermate Anywhere

Refermate Anywhere
FeaturesAuto-apply coupons and earn cash back, refer brands to earn a commission, search for the best commission and cashback rates, coupon and price drop alerts
Free planFree to use

Refermate Anywhere is a Firefox add-on that can help you save money while shopping online. It finds the best available coupons and automatically applies them to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.

When you're at the checkout page of a store, the extension will notify you of all available coupons and cash-back offers. You can then apply the best available option.

The extension allows you to earn commission by referring brands. It provides you with access to 18,000 brands that you can refer from, and the platform will pay you, for every sale you refer, in cash.

The following are some features that Refermate Anywhere offers:

  • Coupon and cashback with real-time alerts
  • Helps you earn cash back instead of gift cards or points
  • Commission earnings on each sale made through your referral link
  • Compare commission rates, within google search results

Refermate Anywhere also includes features like price drop alerts and coupon notifications to help you get the best deals. It also allows you to compare cash back and commission rates directly within search results.

Bitcoin Crypto News

Bitcoin Crypto News
FeaturesBitcoin price monitoring, real-time notifications when the price drops, latest news about Bitcoin development
Free planFree to use

Bitcoin Crypto News by OinkAndStuff is a useful tool for individuals interested in keeping track of the cryptocurrency market and staying informed about developments in the Bitcoin industry.

It’s an excellent extension for Mozilla Firefox by Oinkanstuff, which has over 1 million active users in 190 countries. It allows you to stay informed about the latest developments in the Bitcoin industry with updates directly from Coindesk.

Here are some features that Bitcoin Crypto News offers:

  • Monitoring of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Real-time non-intrusive notifications for price fluctuations
  • Charts and graphics for all popular altcoins currently available in the market
  • Up-to-date news about development in Bitcoin

The best feature of Bitcoin Crypto News by OinkAndStuff is that Softpedia Labs awarded it because it is 100 percent adware-, spyware-, and malware-free extension.

Neeva Search + Protect for Firefox

Neeva Search + Protect for Firefox
FeaturesAd-free search by default, safe and private web browsing, search across apps and websites, no tracking of personal information, shopping research option
ResourcesBlog, FAQs
Free planYes

Neeva Search + Protect for Firefox is a private search engine add-on that makes your browsing experience safe. It blocks third-party trackers to protect your search and browsing data and allows you to search anonymously using the incognito feature whenever you need.

Here are some unique features that Neeva Search + Protect for Firefox provides:

  • Ad-free search engine by default
  • Blocks trackers
  • Helps you browse anonymously and safely
  • Search across apps and websites
  • Doesn’t log your browsing history

Another great feature of Neeva Search + Protect is that it allows you to customize your search engine to generate personalized results. You can also sync your documents, calendar, and email to make your search even more convenient and get everything you need from a single search bar.

Malware.AI Browser Security

Malware.AI Browser Security
FeaturesMalware detection
Free planYes

Next up is Malware.AI Browser Security – a security extension by Inlyse, a company specializing in next-generation malware detection solutions. This add-on uses intelligent image recognition mechanisms and self-learning neural networks to detect malware, so you can rest assured that all files are safe before you download or open them.

To ensure your browser is secure, this add-on uses these measures:

  • Blocks downloading of malicious documents
  • Scans documents before viewing them
  • Protects against links to malicious documents
  • Provides possibility to skip scans
  • Provides possibility to manually block/unblock downloads and inline documents

When threats are basically on every corner of the internet these days, it's a good idea to upgrade your browser with a malware detection tool like Malware.AI Browser Security. And if you're looking for protection more suited for businesses, Inlyse also has a premium version of this add-on available too.


FeaturesBlurs any element when screen sharing
ResourcesBlog, tutorials
Free planNo

If you often find yourself sharing your screen for work or when streaming online, you should check out Blurweb.app – an extension that allows you to blur certain elements on your screen, like personal information for example.

When sharing your screen with Blurweb.app, you can:

  • Blur images, paragraphs, headings, videos and more
  • Control blur intensity
  • Keep blur even after reloading the page
  • Remove all blur sections with one click

Overall, Blurweb.app is a great tool that helps you ensure privacy in just a few clicks. It is especially useful if you make a lot of videos that involve recording your screen – with this extension, there's no need to spend hours editing out personal details or confidential information out of your videos.

Seller Assistant App

Seller Assistant App2
FeaturesOn-page FBM and FBA calculator, sales and profit estimator, break-even point and targeted ROI, stock checker, product notifications, custom notes, product quick view
ResourcesBlog, FAQs
Free planYes

Seller Assistant App is another excellent browser extension for Mozilla Firefox that provides a variety of tools and features to assist Amazon resellers in finding and analyzing products.

The extension includes IP alerts and quick view, an FBA calculator, and a stock checker, and allows users to view and save critical product data, competition information, and profit estimates.

Here’s a list of features that the Seller Assistant App offers:

  • Estimates profit and sales based on various factors, such as referrals and FBA fees
  • Provides warnings for intellectual property issues and meltable inventory
  • Displays the number of FBA/FBM offers, lowest and average prices, total revenue, and units sold for competitors
  • Shows size tiers, product dimensions, category, BSR, and ASIN
  • Allows you to export data to Google Sheets with one click
  • Can search for products on Walmart, Alibaba, eBay, and Google by UPC, model, and title

Seller Assistant App offers a 14-day free trial with no payment information required, after which you can choose your preferred subscription plan. It’s a comprehensive tool for Amazon resellers looking to streamline their product search and analysis process.


FeaturesEmail finder, data segmentation
Free planYes

Minelead is an email finder Firefox addition that helps you find and connect with people and companies online. It’s designed to assist you in building valuable business relationships and generating leads for email marketing.

The following are the main features that the Minelead extension offers:

  • Email verifier to check the quality of searched email addresses
  • Comprehensive email finder tool to find professional emails
  • Can export custom email lists
  • Can perform bulk operations to find and/or verify emails
  • Can create a list of selected emails to build a leads collection
  • Can also be integrated with Google Sheets, Zapier, Zoho, and HubSpot

Minelead also provides a tool for unlimited B2B lead generation tools and helps you find the right contact information of companies with an online presence. It is intended to help you generate value for your business and build genuine connections by targeting the right market effectively.


FeaturesBlock or allow access to certain websites
Free planYes

Next up is SafeWeb.app – a Firefox add-on that protects children from accessing websites that might be malicious or inappropriate.

Besides restricting the kids' devices from accessing harmful content, SafeWeb.app is also a great tool for ensuring your children focus on schoolwork, as it also gives you the option to block online games websites, or social media.

Some of the main features of SafeWeb.app include:

  • Uninstall Prevention
  • Create website whitelists and blacklists
  • Disable Prevention
  • Real-time reporting
  • Shows the usage time of various applications
  • Option to control your kid's device from your phone

What's great about the SafeWeb.app is that their plans are relatively cheap, ranging from $2 to $6 a month, not to mention the free plan that supports 2 devices and offers unlimited blacklists.

Best Firefox Add-Ons: Final recommendations

Firefox is a well-optimized and powerful browser that supports tens of thousands of extensions. You can use these extensions to customize your browser and enhance your experience by adding useful features.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best extensions for Firefox discussed above.

  1. SocialBee – a powerful social media management platform that allows you to create and distribute content across different social media platforms.
  2. eesel – a document management extension that helps you find documents across various apps all in one place.
  3. Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant by Sapling – an easy-to-use extension for Firefox to help you make your content mistake-free.
  4. Passwork – an all-in-one password managing add-on to create, store, and secure passwords in a single place.
  5. Lean Library – a comprehensive tool for students, researchers, and librarians that provide access to more than 30M papers online.
  6. Refermate Anywhere – a great extension for online shoppers to save money by finding the best deals and coupons on the go.
  7. Bitcoin Crypto News by OinkAndStuff – a simple platform to find the latest news about Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies quickly.
  8. Neeva Search + Protect for Firefox – a private, ad-free, and customizable search engine extension that provides the results you want.
  9. Malware.AI Browser Security – a security add-on that uses intelligent image recognition mechanisms and self-learning neural networks to detect malware.
  10. Blurweb.app – an add-on that blurs certain elements of your screen when screen sharing.
  11. Seller Assistant App – a specially crafted Firefox extension to help Amazon resellers find and analyze products.
  12. Minelead – a comprehensive email finder, designed for businesses, to find relevant and high-quality email addresses to take their lead generation game to the next level.
  13. SafeWeb.app – allows you to blacklist and whitelist certain websites.

Best Firefox Add-Ons – FAQ

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