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Rasa Žukauskaitė

Rasa Žukauskaitė

Rasa Žukauskaitė is a PR manager at Cybernews.

Before joining Cybernews, she worked in the fashion industry for a decade. Taking a break to travel, she took on a new role as an executive assistant at a talent agency in New York. Not long after, she returned to Lithuania to finish her Bachelor's degree in marketing at Vytautas Magnus University.

Here at Cybernews, Rasa works as a PR manager covering cybersecurity research, builds partnerships with global media outlets, and takes care of communications. She enjoys the process of connecting people to important research, as cybersecurity and privacy are essential to every internet user. She has released research-based PR campaigns that gathered a lot of coverage and have been featured in Forbes, TechRadar, the BBC, the New York Post, the Verge, Bild, and many other media outlets.

Her interests when not working at Cybernews are ceramics, motorsports, gardening, drawing/painting, photography, and exploring nature.