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Intego Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Intego is a Mac-centered security product that can reliably protect your digital assets at minimal cost. It even offers tools for Windows machines if you own a diverse device collection. And in 2023, Intego’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals entail impressive 60% discounts.

Read on to learn more about its comprehensive features and why it’s one of the best antivirus tools you can get.

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Intego Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

Whether it's top-brand clothing or cybersecurity tools, Black Friday offers deals for anything you need. We recommend prioritizing the improvement of your online experience by getting reputable antivirus software, such as Intego!

So, catch the deal and avoid viruses, malware, and other online threats.

What is Intego?

Intego antivirus is one of a few cybersecurity tools catering to macOS users. While you can get it for other devices, Mac receives the most feature-rich security suite. It includes real-time protection, system cleaners, automatic backups, and more. Plus, it scores great in virus detection tests by AV-Comparatives.

Why should I buy Intego on Black Friday?

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Price:from $19.99
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If the idea of getting Intego has been hovering on your mind for a while, waiting for Black Friday deals is definitely worth it. Here’s why:

  1. Save a lot of money. Even though Intego plans are pretty budget-friendly, Black Friday makes it even better discounts can slash regular prices in half.
  2. Have a personalized antivirus for your devices. If you have been saving up to protect at least one of your devices, then choosing Intego during Black Friday will change the game. You can get protection for up to 5 devices (macOS, Windows, iOS) for less than a regular single-device plan costs.
  3. Comprehensive security suite. Intego antivirus is quite more than an anti-malware tool. With it, you can improve your device’s performance or control your children’s online activity. Plus, you can add a VPN for an additional discounted price to your bundle.
  4. State-of-the-art applications. Here, you get a unique antivirus program divided into six apps for macOS for better functionality or all-in-one for Windows. Made to be a candy for your eyes and easy to use.

Are Intego Black Friday deals better than Cyber Monday deals?

While Black Friday is a time for the best deals overall, Cyber Monday is a separate cybersecurity industry celebration. Both occasions offer exclusive deals unavailable during other times. Likewise, it’s a time for brands to pitch products for the most attractive prices.

Having this in mind, you can expect similar discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity not to miss out on saving heaps of money. If you have forgotten about Black Friday, Cyber Monday is around the following corner.

What will you get with an Intego antivirus subscription?

Getting Intego antivirus is definitely worth it. Whether you’re a macOS or Windows user, you receive noticeably more than simply antivirus software. Each additional feature ensures you stay protected at all times. Here’s what you get:

  • Comprehensive antivirus protection. Intego continues ranking exceptional malware detection scores. It does so by offering real-time protection and device scanning. You can make a list of trusted or quarantined files. Plus, there’s an option to sync your iOS device with your Mac and scan it for viruses.
  • System optimizer and cleaner. A mess is a mess, and it always has the power to frustrate you. Intego aims to help by cleaning your device for better performance. You can quickly delete duplicates, organize your files into folders, and more.
  • Files backup. With this feature, you will never lose important files. You can set up the schedule for automatic backups, synchronize data between two gadgets, and restore preferred files when needed. Even better, everything is stored in external media.
  • Automatic updates. Did you know that each missed application update increases the risk of a security breach? Well, Intego won’t allow this to happen as it automatically updates your apps.
  • Firewall. This antivirus program has ensured that even less advanced users get efficient protection. That’s why it offers a simplified firewall. Thanks to it, no cyber threat will come into your device through network traffic.
  • Parental control. Welcome to the 21st century, where almost every child knows how to browse online. Yet, their ability to recognize online dangers is questionable. Therefore, Intego implemented a parental control feature that allows parents to filter the content their children can see.
  • VPN. For more versatile protection, you can add a VPN to your security bundle for an additional cost. It offers all essential features, such as advanced encryption and a kill switch to protect your IP at all times, a large server fleet, and much more.

Bottom line

Intego is secure and advanced antivirus software that works excellently with macOS devices and no worse with Windows OS. It offers a versatile security suite that allows avoiding evolving cyber threats, and its great virus detection rates only prove how well it works. But what makes a good antivirus even better? That’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

Now is the best time to hop on the secure deck and get Intego with 60% off for the first year.


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