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aloSIM vs. Airalo: which eSIM provider is better?

Looking to switch to eSIM but unsure which provider to choose? Our aloSIM vs Airalo comparison will help you make the right decision. We'll assess factors like coverage, mobile hotspot compatibility, supported cellular networks, call allowances, and pricing.

Whether it's seamless global connectivity or a user-friendly interface, we'll help you find the superior eSIM provider. Let’s dive right in!

aloSIM vs Airalo: Overall comparison

Both aloSIM and Airalo provide essential features for eSIM services, including global coverage for high-speed internet connectivity. Their user-friendly interfaces simplify eSIM management, which ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

The table below provides an overall comparison of key features and ratings based on our testing and research.

Overall rank#2 out of #5#4 out of #5
PriceStarting at $4.50Starting at $4.50
Offered cellular networks4G, LTE, 5G4G, LTE, 5G
Phone callsYesYes
Mobile hotspotsYesYes
Customer serviceEmail, FAQ, Live chatEmail, FAQ, Live chat

aloSIM vs Airalo: Data plans and pricing

We have compiled a table to help you compare data plans and pricing between aloSIM and Airalo for popular destinations like the USA, Japan, UK, Italy, Mexico, France, and Spain.

Our table below includes the prices for 7-day 1GB plans for both aloSIM and Airalo.

Local eSIMs plans for 7 daysAiraloaloSIM
Japan $4.50$4.50
UK $5.00$5.00c
Italy $4.50$4.50
Mexico $6.00$8.00
France $4.50$4.50

As you can see from the table above, the aloSIM plans are very similar to Airalo’s, but in certain countries a bit more pricey.

Now, let's compare the different payment methods available for each provider.

Payment methodsaloSIMAiralo
Credit or debit cards✅ Yes✅ Yes
PayPal✅ Yes
Apple Pay/Google Pay
✅ Yes✅ Yes
Cryptocurrency✅ Yes
Bank Transfer✅ Yes
Native Payment✅ Yes

aloSIM vs Airalo: Speed & coverage

Fast speed and broad coverage are essential for eSIM services, ensuring smooth internet browsing, streaming, and communication. This ensures reliable network access, especially while traveling or in remote locations.

Average speed

The average speed of aloSIM and Airalo eSIM services varies depending on the local carrier network they utilize in each destination. Both providers support a range of networks, including LTE, 4G, and in some cases, 5G, which can affect the speed of data transmission.

Generally, the speed of eSIM connectivity can be comparable to traditional physical SIM cards, offering fast and reliable data access for browsing, streaming, and other online activities.

However, it's essential to note that users' actual speed may differ based on factors such as network congestion, signal strength, and geographical location. Therefore, while aloSIM and Airalo strive to deliver efficient connectivity, the speed ultimately depends on the specific network infrastructure and conditions in each area of operation.

Check out our table below for an overall estimation of the speeds you can get with both eSIM services in different locations.

DestinationaloSIM Average SpeedAiralo Average Speed
UK65 Mbps70 Mbps
Brazil45 Mbps50 Mbps
Japan60 Mbps55 Mbps
Spain 70 Mbps75 Mbps


When choosing eSIM providers, coverage is crucial as it dictates service availability worldwide. Both aloSIM and Airalo offer global coverage, providing eSIM services across numerous countries. They offer various data packages tailored to different travel needs, allowing seamless connectivity without switching SIM cards.

aloSIM covers popular destinations like the USA, Japan, and the UK. Airalo also has some of the best data-only eSIM plans for travelers, as it offers extensive coverage globally. With comprehensive coverage and flexible data packages, these providers ensure travelers stay connected wherever they go, making them top choices for hassle-free eSIM solutions.

Because Airalo has slightly faster speeds than aloSIM and has coverage in over 200 countries and regions (aloSIM covers 170+ countries), it is the winner here by a small margin.

aloSIM vs Airalo: User experience & customer support

Let's compare aloSIM and Airalo for their user experience and customer service. eSIM providers must be user-friendly and offer responsive support to ensure a smooth customer experience.

User experience

To evaluate how user-friendly the eSIMs are, we looked at the different factors below:

  • eSIM activation process. aloSIM and Airalo are considered two of the top eSIM providers as they offer straightforward eSIM activation processes, guiding users through the steps with clear instructions.
  • App interface. aloSIM and Airalo provide user-friendly mobile apps with intuitive interfaces, allowing users to manage their eSIM plans efficiently. The apps offer features such as viewing usage statistics, purchasing additional data, and managing account settings.
  • Low data notifications. Both aloSIM and Airalo apps notify users when their data is running low, helping them stay informed and avoid unexpected interruptions in connectivity.
  • Customer support chat. aloSIM and Airalo apps offer chat support features, allowing users to communicate directly with customer support representatives for assistance and troubleshooting. This enhances the overall user experience by providing prompt assistance when needed.

Customer service

Both aloSIM and Airalo prioritize customer service, offering easy access to support through their mobile apps. Users can conveniently reach out to customer support representatives via chat directly within the app interface. This feature ensures quick resolution of any queries or issues users may encounter during their eSIM usage.

Additionally, both providers offer comprehensive FAQs and knowledge bases within their apps, providing users with self-help resources to troubleshoot common problems independently.

Overall, the seamless integration of customer support chat within the app interfaces of aloSIM and Airalo enhances the user experience by offering immediate assistance and ensuring that users have a hassle-free experience with their eSIM services.

aloSIM vs Airalo: Additional features

aloSIM and Airalo offer additional features that enhance the value of their eSIM services beyond basic connectivity. These are the extra features we discovered both services offer:

  • Top-up options. aloSIM and Airalo provide convenient top-up options, allowing users to replenish their data when they run out. This feature ensures uninterrupted connectivity, particularly during extended travel periods or in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.
  • Voice calls. Both providers support voice calls, enabling users to make and receive calls using their eSIM-enabled devices. This functionality is beneficial for staying in touch with family, friends, or colleagues while traveling internationally without incurring hefty roaming charges.
  • Data sharing. aloSIM and Airalo offer data-sharing capabilities, allowing users to share their eSIM data allowance with other devices or family members. This feature promotes flexibility and cost-efficiency, as users can optimize their data usage across multiple devices or users.

Since both Airalo and aloSIM offer users a similar functional platform, pretty much the same additional features and both excel in customer support, we have a draw in this category.

Conclusion: Which eSIM is better?

In our aloSIM vs Airalo comparison, we have concluded that the best eSIM service is Airalo. It offers a diverse range of destinations and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordability.

On the other hand, aloSIM shines with its extensive coverage and user-friendly interface, catering to those who prioritize seamless connectivity and simplicity. Ultimately, the ideal eSIM provider depends on factors such as destination preferences, budget constraints, and desired features.


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