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aloSIM review 2024

aloSIM is an eSIM card that guarantees trouble-free travel worldwide. It allows you to purchase internet data plans for your mobile device and stay connected in 170+ countries while avoiding data roaming charges, tiresome swapping of physical SIM cards, and the need to search for a Wi-Fi connection.

In this detailed review, we’ll closely look at aloSIM, assessing such aspects as pricing and plan options, ease of use, pros, cons, and more. Let’s see if this eSIM card is simple to use and worthwhile.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#4 out of #6
💵 Price:$4.50/week
🌏 Countries and regions:170+
🛜 Offered cellular networks:5G, LTE
📱Does it allow phone calls:Yes (through a separate service)
🔗 Does it support mobile hotspot:Yes

aloSIM Pros and Cons

What type of plans does aloSIM offer?

aloSIM goes neck and neck with other best eSIM cards and offers a wide selection of data plans. It provides local and regional packages with different plan duration, data allowance and price. Check out a summary of the available pricing plans to find the one that suits you best.

Local aloSIM eSIMs

Local aloSIM eSIM plans work in 170+ separate countries. While traveling in one of them, you can choose from several different packages that vary in data allowance, duration, and price. If, for example, you’ve just arrived in the United States and need a data plan for your trip, these are the options:

US planPrice
1 GB for 7 days$4.50
2 GB for 15 days$8.00
3 GB for 30 days$11.00
5 GB for 30 days$16.00
10 GB for 30 days$26.00
20 GB for 30 days$42.00

Regional aloSIM eSIMs

Regional aloSIM eSIM plans work in multiple countries situated in the same region. They include Asia (13 countries), Asia Five Pack (5 countries), Eastern Europe (11 countries), Europe (34 countries), French Guiana / Martinique / Guadeloupe (3 countries), Mediterranean (6 countries), North America (3 countries), Scandinavia (4 countries), South America (9 countries), UK, Ireland, Scotland (2 countries), and Western Europe (4 countries).

These are the pricing options and data packages for Europe. It’s important to note that all the regions have different packages and prices:

Regional Europe planPrice
1 GB for 7 days$5.00
2 GB for 15 days$8.00
3 GB for 30 days$13.00
5 GB for 30 days$20.00
10 GB for 30 days$37.00

How much does aloSIM cost?

The cost of aloSIM begins at $4.50 for 1 GB/week if you’re staying in the United States. Keep in mind that the price differs depending on the country. Take a look at how it varies in some of the most attractive travel destinations (1GB for 7 days):

Local eSIMs plans 1 GB for 7 days

Does aloSIM allow phone calls?

aloSIM, the app itself, doesn’t provide a phone number, nor does it allow you to call, send text messages or receive them. Nonetheless, aloSIM suggests installing a separate app “Hushed”, which provides the users of aloSIM a free temporary international number.

It works both over Wi-Fi or mobile data, as well as includes free credits with about 30 calling minutes or 50 texts. You can easily top up the amount on “Hushed” if needed.

Don’t forget that using aloSIM data plans allows you to access your favourite VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or others. All these apps have built-in, free calling and texting features that will help you stay in touch if you decide not to install “Hushed”.

Make sure you already have mentioned apps on your mobile device before activating the eSIM card.

Customer support

If you’re in trouble while using aloSIM, its rapid customer service will help you find the solution. These are the options aloSIM offers if you run into an obstacle:

24/7 live chat✅ Yes
Email support✅ Yes
FAQ✅ Yes
Phone number❌ No

The best and fastest way to solve any issues is the 24/7 live chat. Briefly explain the problem that occurred or ask a question and you’ll be connected to a customer support specialist as soon as possible.

alosim live chat

If you prefer solving problems via email, write to the 24/7 aloSIM email support ([email protected]).

And if you’re the kind of person who searches for answers on their own, try out the extensive FAQ section that will help you with troubleshooting, account settings, setting up and managing your eSIMs and much more.

What devices support aloSIM eSIM?

aloSIM is easy to use with all newer devices. It’s simple to find out if your smartphone supports all eSIMs by checking its specifications on the manufacturer's website.

You can also do so within the settings of your phone – if you find an option to add or manage an eSIM card, it means your phone is compatible. If you still have doubts, we recommend contacting your mobile carrier’s customer support.

Here are some of the newest devices that should have no problem supporting the aloSIM eSIM card:

iPhoneXR, XS, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Google Pixel2 (with Google Fi), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Fold
Samsung GalaxyS20, S20X, S21, S22, S23, S24, Z Fold, Z Flip
HuaweiP40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro
Xiaomi12T Pro, 13, 14 Pro

How to use and activate aloSIM eSIM

aloSIM app itself is hassle-free and very user-friendly. It has a minimalistic design and is easy to navigate. The app only contains crucial features and lets you browse between 3 main sections:

  • My eSIMs. Here you will see your current and expired eSIMs that you’ve purchased.
  • Store. Find and buy various aloSIM eSIM data plans straight on the app.
  • Profile. This is where you’ll discover all the information related to your account, basic settings, referrals, customer support, FAQ, and more.
alosim app

How to buy aloSIM eSIM card

It will only take a couple of minutes to purchase and start using the aloSIM eSIM. These are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Download aloSIM. Go to Google Play Store or App Store and install aloSIM app.
  2. Create a new account. Register with your email, Google account or Apple ID.
  3. Purchase an eSIM plan. Choose your desired country or region in the store section. alosim select package
  4. Browse the data packages. alosim select a plan
  5. Select your preferred plan and follow the instructions to complete the payment. aloSIM accepts Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and aloCASH credits. You can receive them by redeeming a voucher to add aloCASH to your account or by referring friends to aloSIM. alosim review your purchase
  6. You’re all done! Your eSIM package, the remaining data and the expiration date will be seen in the “My eSIMs” section.

How to activate aloSIM eSIM card

Once you‘ve bought an aloSIM data plan, it’s time to activate your eSIM card:

  1. Search for the exact guidelines in the “Profile” section by clicking “How to Install your eSIM”. alosim profile
  2. Here you will find step-by-step guides for each installation option: “Automatic”, “QR Code” or “Manual”. Follow the instructions and install your eSIM. alosim how to install
  3. When you’re ready to access your data and start using it, open “Settings”, then “Cellular”, if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.
  4. Under “SIMs” select your eSIM. Toggle on “Turn On The Line” and “Data Roaming” to connect to a local network. Under “Cellular Data Network” confirm your APN is “alosim”.
  5. If you have a Primary data plan from your regular provider, go to “Cellular Plans”, select your Primary data plan and toggle “Data Roaming” as off. This will make sure you don’t amass roaming charges on your regular carrier bill.

Final thoughts

All eSIM card providers are bound to gain more and more traction among smartphone users. eSIMs are flexible, contract-free options that are ideal for travelers compared to physical SIM cards.

Although aloSIM lacks global and unlimited data packages and a built-in international number, it still remains one of the best options for an eSIM provider.

Accessible pricing, minimalistic design, worldwide coverage and 24/7 customer support should make your experience with aloSIM hassle-free and worthwhile.

Still not sure if you should get aloSIM? Check out this aloSIM vs. Airalo comparison!


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