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Jetpac eSIM Review

Jetpac, a Singapore-based company, is gaining popularity among frequent travelers. Notably, our research revealed Jetpac's unique function: free airport lounge access (SmartDelay) if your flight encounters a delay of 60 minutes or more. But that's just the beginning of Jetpac's perks, which include travel insurance, concierge services, and other travel-related benefits.

Covering over 100 countries and regions, Jetpac provides data-only packages without local phone numbers.

The company has received awards like the 2023 Travel Product of the Year from the Asia Telecom Awards and Best Global Roaming Services from the Tripzilla Excellence Awards.

Now, let's dive into this Jetpac eSIM review and look at Jetpac eSIM plans, prices, regional availability, user-friendliness, and functionality.

🥇 Overall rank:#4 out of 7
💵 Price:$0.60 (USA)
🌏 Countries:100+
🛜 Offered cellular networks:3G, LTE, 4G, 5G
📱 Does it allow phone calls:❌ No (Data-only plans)
🔗 Does it support mobile hotspot:✅ Yes

Jetpac Pros and Cons

How Does Jetpac work?

Jetpac eSIMs function as digital versions of the physical SIM cards you are familiar with. These eSIMs allow travelers to connect to local carrier networks without the hassle of switching a physical SIM card. This innovative solution lets you keep your current phone number and easily renew data plans, making it incredibly convenient for those on the move.

To get started, users must purchase a Jetpac eSIM plan, install the Jetpac app, and activate the plan before or after arriving at their destination.

Users can choose global, regional, and local plans depending on their travel needs. Global plans are perfect for frequent travelers visiting multiple countries, while regional plans cover specific areas, and local plans provide the best coverage within a single country.

eSIMs, being entirely digital, eliminate the risk of losing a physical SIM card and allow for remote activation without needing a local carrier, saving valuable time and effort.

Most eSIMs are primarily designed for internet connection plans, making them less ideal for network-based phone calls than regular SIM cards. This fact makes Jetpac eSIMs an excellent choice for those who prioritize seamless internet access during their travels.

Beyond connectivity, Jetpac enhances your travel experience with a suite of perks. From complimentary airport lounge access to travel insurance and concierge services, Jetpac aims to make your journey smoother at every step.

What types of plans does Jetpac offer?

Jetpac offers internet access with coverage plans for over 100 countries and wider regions. Regional plans include the North American Plan – covering Canada and the United States – as well as plans for Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and a European plan.

Global data plans include 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40GB options.

Prices range from $1 for a Global plan with 1GB (4 days) to $0.60 for 0.5GB (1 day) in the USA. Most data plans are valid for 30 days, except for the 0.5, 1, and 3GB plans.

Here's an example. Internet access in the US costs $13 for a 30-day plan with a 10GB data plan. A second example would be Europe, where you can get 10GB for 30 days for $18.

Also, Jetpac data packs are valid for one year after purchase, making it easier for travelers to plan their trips.

All Jetpac plans have access to travel perks, elevating your journey beyond data connectivity.

Pro tip: Keep the eSIM installed but turned off until you land in your destination country!

Global Data Plan

Jetpac's broad coverage spans over 100 countries, making it ideal for world tours or multi-country trips. With reliable connectivity in popular global destinations, travelers can stay connected effortlessly. Perfect for frequent flyers, Jetpac ensures seamless internet access wherever your adventures take you.

Global planPrice
1GB for 4 days$1
3GB for 7 days$10
10GB for 30 days$25
15GB for 30 days$30
25GB for 30 days$38
30GB for 30 days$45
40GB for 30 days$80

Regional Data Plans

Jetpac also offers regional plans for Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Uninterrupted internet access within these regions is crucial because it allows travelers to stay connected, access essential information, and navigate new environments without disruptions.

For example, here is the regional Europe plan.

Regional Europe PlanPrice
1GB for 4 days$1
3GB for 7 days$8.50
5GB for 30 days$14
10GB for 30 days$18
15GB for 30 days$28
20GB for 30 days$34
30GB for 30 days$40
40GB for 30 days$60

Local Data Plans

Single-country plans are available for specific countries: the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Jetpac eSIM's value proposition for travelers includes affordable data plans, convenient activation, reliable connectivity, lounge access, hotspot capability, and no data throttling in individual countries.

For example, here is a local data plan for the UK.

Global planPrice
1GB for 4 days$1
3GB for 7 days$6
5GB for 30 days$8
10GB for 30 days$14
15GB for 30 days$20
30GB for 30 days$36
40G for 30 days$50

How much does Jetpac cost?

Jetpac eSIM prices vary depending on the destination country, as the provider works with local mobile carriers.

The table below summarizes Jetpac's prices for popular travel destinations, representing plans with data plans of 1GB for four days.

Local eSIM plan 1 GB for 4 days

Can you make phone calls with Jetpac?

Currently, Jetpac doesn't offer local phone numbers. However, you can make calls via WhatsApp using any data plan up to 40GB. You may encounter some challenges using local apps that require a local phone number.

What devices support Jetpac eSIM?

Many European and global smartphone models manufactured after 2018 support eSIMs. Some models even do not have a physical SIM card slot. Either way, users should check their smartphone's manual for eSIM compatibility before ordering a Jetpac eSIM.

According to Jetpac, this list contains e-SIM-supported devices:

Apple iPhoneiPhone SE (2020,2022), iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Samsung GalaxyNot 20, Z Fold, Z Flip, S22, S23
Google Pixel4, 5, 6, 7, 8
HuaweiP40, Mate 40 Pro
OthersVarious models from Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Honor, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, Vivo
Apple iPadOnly iPad devices with Wi-Fi + Cellular features are supported

How to use and activate Jetpac eSIM?

Using Jetpac eSIM is straightforward. Follow these steps through Jetpac’s website or mobile app.

How to buy a Jetpac eSIM?

You must ensure that your device is compatible with eSIMs before buying one. You can buy a Jetpac eSIM with payment options such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Buying Jetpac eSIM via the website:

  1. To start with Jetpac eSIM, select your desired coverage, whether global, regional by continent, a group of countries, or local by country. JetPac website
  2. Once you’ve chosen the coverage, select the desired Jetpac eSIM plan that fits your needs.
  3. Next, log in to complete the purchase. Purchasing JetPac
  4. After you finish your purchase, you should get an email with an activation QR code. Your final step is scanning the QR code to download your eSIM and then follow Jetpac’s installation guide on your device.

This simple activation process ensures you can connect quickly.

Once purchased, to use a Jetpac eSIM, ensure your internet connection is stable and do your best to avoid interrupting the installation. Go to your device's settings, select the eSIM for mobile data, and turn on data roaming.

You can also purchase Jetpac eSIM via the mobile app for an even more seamless experience.

Buying Jetpac eSIM via the mobile app:

  1. Start by downloading the Jetpac app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and set up an account.
  2. Next, choose your desired destination and select a preferred data plan.
  3. Finally, complete the checkout using any debit or credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

How to use Jetpac eSIM?

Using Jetpac eSIM is similar to using any other eSIM provider. Follow these easy steps to travel worry-free:

  1. Turn on data roaming in your device settings.
  2. Once you start using data in a supported foreign country, the eSIM will activate automatically.

Customer support

Jetpac offers robust customer support through multiple channels, including email ([email protected]), Instagram, Facebook, an in-app live chat feature, and an active blog.

User reviews praise the fast response times, with some receiving help within 28 minutes, and commend the diligent resolution of technical issues.

Customer support is available on a 24/7 basis, so you can be confident in your ability to access help when you need it. This availability provides peace of mind for travelers across different time zones and locations.

Below is a table summarizing the available customer support options and their features:

Live chat✅ Yes
Email support✅ Yes
Knowledge base✅ Yes
FAQs✅ Yes
Phone number❌ No
Active blog✅ Yes

The bottom line

Jetpac's eSIM offers reliable connectivity for basic data usage during international travel and features competitive regional and country-specific plans. A unique benefit is complimentary airport lounge access.

Jetpac perks include discounts on popular tourist attractions, spa services, and dining options. And here are some of the upcoming perks in June: premium lounge access, fast track access in selected airports (i.e., skip the immigration queue when you land), and a free 30-day ExpressVPN (virtual private network) trial that aims to secure browsing while abroad. Some of these other perks are not free but are an option at heavily reduced prices.

However, limitations include confined country availability and no unlimited high-speed data. The intuitive app interface and prompt customer support get high user praise, making Jetpac a practical solution for affordable connectivity.

It covers regions like Europe, North America, and Asia, as well as popular individual countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and France.

With reliable connectivity and an impressive array of travel perks, Jetpac offers a comprehensive package for the modern traveler. From lounge access to travel insurance and concierge services, these added benefits set Jetpac apart in the eSIM market.

Overall, Jetpac is a valuable option for travelers needing dependable data services.

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