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Surfshark Black Friday deals 2023

Black Friday deals with great discounts are upon us, and it’s no different with Surfshark. What could be a better opportunity to get one of the best VPNs currently on the market and save a lot of your money, if not during this year’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping holidays!

Surfshark offers extremely low prices for their VPN plans while providing the highest security and blazing-fast connection speeds. So, you can get it for even less with Black Friday deals and be fully protected online.

In this article, you’ll find all of the best discounts that Surfshark offers this Black Friday to save you some money. In addition, you’ll learn why Surfshark is one of the best VPNs to invest in!

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Surfshark Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

Once again, Surfshark has prepared some really nice eye-catching deals for you. And the best part is that you can try their services out for free! Surfshark offers a 7-day free trial and also a 30-day money-back guarantee!

This way, you can easily try out the services before committing to long-term plans.

So, here are our exclusive Surfshark Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Why should I buy Surfshark on Black Friday?

Black Friday deal:Save 82%
Price:From $2.30
Best deal:Get 82% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE

Black Friday is typically the best time to buy anything with a huge discount. So, get yourself Surfshark on the best deal of the year – here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Pay less for a top product. You’ll get a top VPN that will ensure that your online experience doesn’t have obstructions and intrusions. So, no more threats to your security or lagging connection speeds. And it will come for a very cheap price, even compared to the competitors' deals, thanks to the huge Black Friday discount!
  2. Protected payment data. Shopping season is the best time for hackers to target your data with the intent of robbing you. Surfshark will make sure your banking details are safe from prying eyes with strong data encryption, so it can’t be hacked. Also, the real-time protection feature will secure you while you’re browsing online from cyber threats.
  3. Blocked annoying ads. You can turn on the CleanWeb feature, which stops ads from showing up. So while you're browsing online for the best Black Friday deals, you won’t be targeted with malicious ads. And other parties won’t get ahold of your information.
  4. Shop with the best deals. A VPN service lets you reach many corners of the world. So, you get to choose the best deals on a global scale by changing your connection location. This is not only great for finding the best deals but to also protect your privacy while shopping online!

How to get Surfshark's Black Friday deal?

Here’s how you can apply our Black Friday deal for your purchase:

  1. Head over to Surfshark and click to get Surfshark
  1. Select the plan with the Black Friday deal
  1. Select whether you wish to buy the bundle package
  1. Fill out the payment information
  1. Download and log in to your account

What will you get with a Surfshark subscription?

Surfshark is one of the best and fastest VPN services out there. So, here are all the things that Surfshark VPN offers with their service:

  1. Best quality encryption of your data. Surfshark’s primary encryption cipher is AES-256. It’s one of the best types of encryption out there. Surfshark also offers several tunneling protocols for you to choose from, like the safest WireGuars, which build a strong wall of protection from all types of cyber threats.
  2. Extremely great speed. Surfshark consistently delivers some of the greatest speed results among its competitors. With such blazing-fast speeds, you’ll get to enjoy seamless browsing, lag and buffer-free streaming, and speedy file torrenting.
  3. Privacy protection. Surfshark’s CleanWeb is a great ad blocker tool, which also prevents other sources from gathering your data. Also, there’s a GPS spoofer that hides your real geo-location. So, with Surfshark you not only get to protect your IP but also your location.
  4. Easy streaming. You can easily unblock all of the popular streaming sites with Surfshark and enjoy a variety of geo-restricted content. With more than 3200+ servers in 100 countries countries, you won’t run out of content libraries to choose from.
  5. Fast and anonymous torrenting. Surfshark is a great VPN for torrenting, providing great download speeds and all of the servers being P2P compatible.
  6. Extra features. Surfshark has additional features that let you use a VPN in highly censored countries. Also, in case of a connection drop, there’s a kill switch, which blocks your internet connection and keeps your sensitive information safe. For an additional price, you can also get a Surfshark antivirus to protect your device from malware threats.
  7. RAM-based servers. This feature protects your purged data from being recovered and used by third parties or cyber criminals. Because all of the information is deleted from the RAM servers each time there’s a restart. So, none of your information can be shared or stolen.

If you want to find out all the benefits that Surfshark has to offer, you can read our Surfshark review.

What about Surfshark’s Cyber Monday deal?

While Black Friday deals are a more general type of sale, Cyber Monday deals are focused on technology-related products.

Having said that, Surfshark is most likely going to have very similar deals to Black Friday ones. Because that has been the case in the last couple of years. So, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to grab these deals.

So, if for some reason you missed out on the Black Friday sale, no worries! Cyber Monday will have you covered.

How much can you save on Surfshark's subscription?

Getting Surfshark with a Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount will provide the best deal to save some cash, and will give you two additional months for free!

2-year plan price comparison:

Black Friday dealRegular price
Price per month$2.30$12.95

Now if 2 years is too long of a commitment, Surfshark also offers up to 69% discount on its yearly subscription.

1-year plan price comparison:

Black Friday dealRegular price
Price per month$3.99$12.95

Bottom line

Although everyone’s waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not everybody is waiting for the right reasons. It’s important to make sure you secure your shopping experience from hackers. And what better way to do it than getting a VPN?

With Surfshark, you can secure yourself, and more! During the shopping holiday, you can grab Surfshark VPN for 82% off when buying a 2-year plan + 2 months for free and save your money. So, you get one of the best VPN providers in the market for an unbelievably low price!


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