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Developers and CTOs see cloud security differently - report

Higher-ups point to security as a major reason behind cloud migration, while database administrators (DBAs) and developers are unsure.

While IT professionals mostly agree on the benefits of Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for cloud migration, attitude towards security is somewhat predetermined by the role in the company.

According to a survey by MariaDB, IT professionals (39%) see the most benefits from cloud migration in the ease of integration with cloud-based tools and services.

The report claims that uptime (35%) and ability to scale (32%) were also among the top reasons for cloud adoption.

However, the survey's results imply that people in different roles view the drive for cloud investment differently. For example, 58% of IT heads, including CTOs and CIOs, named increased security as a benefit of cloud migration.

Only 22% of DBAs and 26% of developers agreed, indicating some stark differences in views towards how beneficial cloud is for systems safety.

Differences persist in respondents' attitudes towards what's driving cloud investment.

While 55% of IT heads saw higher demand for analytics as key, only 37% of DBAs and 29% of developers felt the same way.

IT heads were also more optimistic that database automation would give vendors an advantage, with 52% of respondents thinking so.

Again, the figure dropped to 35% of DBAs and 26% of developers thinking the same. According to the survey, a similar divide exists on views for flexibility and elasticity of the cloud.

However, most of the respondents (90%) agreed that it is essential to choose a database vendor that supports multicloud capabilities.

Asked to point out what they would consider a 'worst nightmare,' 46% said that would be a failed database migration, while 36% mentioned bad database documentation.

Interestingly, over half of respondents (55%) said their organizations use legacy systems that nobody knows how to fix if they break.

Server cloud

Recent reports show that while cloud adoption is hitting an all-time high, more adopters are unhappy with what they're paying for.

According to the latest report from CloudBolt, only 8% of IT professionals surveyed around the globe believe they are getting the most from the cloud.

73% of the respondents agreed that they'd reached a point where they struggled with efficiency scaling cloud efforts.

Other reports show that many IT professionals fear that threats designed for cloud challenge general and multi-cloud adoption the most.

Close to 63% of respondents said cyber threats specifically targeting cloud services were the main obstacle to cloud adoption.

Unsurprisingly, 60% said that the lack of security solutions protecting cross-platform environments was the critical hindrance for smoother general cloud adoption.

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