Elon Musk hints at resurrecting Vine

In a recent X post, Elon Musk hints at potential plans to return the long-dead short-form video platform Vine.

The questionnaire he posted on X asks a simple question: “Bring back Vine?” with a simple “Yes” or “No” format.

Since the post was uploaded, over 1.7 million people have voted, with 70% saying they want to see Vine returned.

Vine, the former short-form video platform, popular among millennials, was acquired by Twitter in 2012 for roughly $30 million, CNBC reported back in 2022.

The app offered six second videos and included a host of different creators who dispersed to different social media platforms after Vine’s demise.

Various comments under the X poll show that people are still interested in seeing Vine integrated into Musk’s current social media platform, as one comment says “Just integrate into X under a different tab. No reason to have it be separate.”

Another comment reads “Please. Keep it to short form tho,” demonstrating that the beloved social media platform is still in demand. .

However, Musk has toyed with the idea of bringing back Vine before, as he released a similar poll back in October 2022.

Many media outlets including Bloomberg and CNBC have reported on the matter in the past and explained how difficult this process would be for the tech mogul, as resurrecting Vine would take a lot of time and money to execute, and the platform could face similar issues to those that initially buried Vine.

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