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GTA 6 gameplay leaked after Rockstar Games hack

Multiple videos of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 video game have been leaked online. The culprit claims to have accessed Rockstar Game's Slack server.

The leak was first posted on GTAforums. A user with the alias teapotuberhacker posted a message saying they got footage of the GTA 6 game, source code for GTA 5 and GTA 6, and GTA 6 testing build.

The leaked video showed various game features, such as character movement, conversations, and other bits of gameplay of the yet unreleased video game. The culprit also shared screenshots of the game's programming and print screens of Rockstar's Confluence wiki page.

GTA 6 gameplay leaked after Rockstar Games hack
Hacker announcing the leak in GTAforums. Image by Cybernews.

The threat actor claims to be the same person who breached Uber only a few days earlier. The culprit claims to have accessed the company's Slack servers via a social engineering attack. The attack on Uber was carried out similarly.

Teapotuberhacker told the skeptical crowd on GTAforums that the leaked videos were shared between Rockstar Games employees in conversation on the Slack platform.

While Rockstar Games have not yet confirmed the hack, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier says he can confirm the leak after a conversation with sources inside the company.

"This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games," Schreier said.

On a rampage

A threat actor named Teapot compromised an Uber employee's account and left messages on corporate Slack channels and Uber's HackerOne account last week.

The threat actor has likely accessed Uber HackerOne vulnerability reports. The already publicly disclosed records show that Uber is quite active on HackerOne.

The threat actor allegedly also logged in to Uber's Slack, an office messaging platform, to notify the staff of the breach.

GTA 6 gameplay leaked after Rockstar Games hack
Stolen list of videos, shared by the threat actor. Image by Cybernews.

"I announce I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach. Slack has been stolen, confidential data with Confluence, stash and 2 monorepos from phabricator have also been stolen, along with secrets from sneakers," the message reads.

The individual behind the Rockstar Games hack claims to be the same person who hacked Uber. However, the statement is so far unconfirmed.

Rockstar Games is a video game studio best known for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead series, as well as other well-known titles like Max Payne and Bully. Rockstar Games’ parent company is Take-Two Interactive, a video game holding company that also owns 2K video game studio.

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