Hinge combating harassment with hidden words feature

The popular dating app Hinge has introduced a hidden words feature in a bid to tackle online harassment among daters.

The American dating app says that the feature “gives daters across the globe the ability to filter words, phrases, and emojis in their incoming Likes with Comments.”

Hinge has taken this step to “reduce unwanted interactions while increasing safety and confidence” in users' dating journeys, the company said in a press release.

The company claims that online harassment is on the rise across digital platforms, particularly affecting certain groups.

According to the company, it has introduced hidden words to combat negative interactions before they arise.

The feature allows users to create a list of undesirable words, phrases, or emojis that will not appear in their inbound Likes with Comments section.

Instead, messages that contain these unwanted words, phrases, or emojis will be moved to a different section where they can be reviewed or deleted without opening the message.

“Additionally, users will be able to add to their hidden words list if reporting messages as inappropriate,” the press release states.

Online harassment has grown to be a severe problem in online spaces. A Pew Research Center survey of US adults found that 41% of Americans have experienced digital harassment, which encompassed cyberstalking, offensive name-calling, and sexual harassment.

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