Louis Garneau Sport customers’ cards got skimmed

The Canadian sportswear brand was breached, resulting in its customers' card information being stolen.

In a notice to affected clients, Louis Garneau Sports stated that it had found an “unauthorized code” on their systems from June 8th to July 28th. After an investigation, the company determined that the malicious code skimmed personal data during the purchasing process.

According to the company, the threat actors acquired personal information, including names, surnames, emails, and home addresses. Other pieces of sensitive information stolen were account numbers and credit or debit card numbers, in combination with any required security or access code.

Louis Garneau Sports claims that it has “no evidence of actual misuse” of the stolen credit card data. However, out of caution, it is notifying its clients. The company has also offered affected individuals free credit monitoring protection services for 12 months. The Office of the Maine Attorney General states that 2966 people were affected by the hack.

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