Matthew Perry’s X account hacked by scammers

Hackers have targeted the X account of the late Friends star Matthew Perry to spread a cryptocurrency scam.

Fraudsters infiltrated the account and pinned a post with a link to a supposed site where individuals could donate to the Matthew Perry Foundation.

However, this link directed people to a fraudulent site, as first reported by multiple media outlets, including Rolling Stone.

Matthew Perry’s official X account has a following of 1.5 million and has not posted officially since October 2023.

The scam was first acknowledged in a post via Instagram that has since been deleted.

A recent pinned post from the Matthew Perry Foundation X account states that “this is the only official Matthew Perry Foundation X account, and we will only ever post official Foundation communications from this account.”

The post urges users to report any fraudulent activity or imposter accounts while reminding users to refrain from making donations to any site that isn’t

Included in the post is a statement from the Matthew Perry Foundation regarding the recent hacking incident.

“We have received reports that Matthew’s official X page has been hacked and is directing users to a fraudulent site soliciting donations via cryptocurrency. Please do not donate to this site or share the fraudulent posts on social media,” the statement reads.

The Matthew Perry Foundation was established in honor of the late actor, who had a long battle with addiction. The foundation is committed to helping others who are struggling with the disease.

The fraudulent post has been removed from Perry’s X account, and no information regarding the consequences of the attack has been reported.