WhatsApp down for thousands

WhatsApp outage hits over 200,000 users worldwide, according to the website monitoring platform Downdetector.com

The messaging platform reportedly went down for users around 4 pm ET. WhatsApp immediately took to Twitter informing followers of connectivity issues.

"We’re working quickly to resolve connectivity issues with WhatsApp and we’ll update you here as soon as possible, ' WhatApp tweeted to its five million followers.

By 4:30 pm ET, over 40,000 users in the US were having problems with the service, 59% with sending messages, and 37% reported issues with the app itself.

Over 175,000 users had reported troubles using the platform in the UK at its peak around the same time with similar statistics. Another 16% of British users reported problems with receiving messages.

Whatsapp down
Downdetector.com, United States

As usual, Twitter users came alive, some with questions directed towards WhatsApp, others with meme's making fun of the outage.

By 5:30 pm ET the number of users with issues had dropped to about 1500 in the UK, and around 500 in the US.

WhatApp also reported it was up and running smoothly, tweeting to its users, "...and we're back, happy chatting!"

"Everyone now returning to WhatsApp to post about the few minutes it went down #WhatsApp," one user summed up the outage perfectly in one tweet.

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