NSA forms central AI security hub

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has announced the creation of a new AI Security Center aimed at addressing the “opportunities and challenges” of AI integration with national defense, as well as guaranteeing the US maintains its global stronghold on how the cutting-edge technology is developed and used in the future among world powers.

"AI will be increasingly consequential for national security in diplomatic, technological and economic matters for our country and our allies and partners," said NSA Director Army Gen. Paul M. Nakasone Thursday while attending a National Press Club discussion in Washington.

Nakasone said the AI Security Center will partner up with private US industry and national labs, academia within the intelligence community, the US Defense Department (DoD), and certain foreign partners.

The formation of the new entity will allow the US intelligence agency to consolidate numerous AI security-related tasks while overseeing the development and integration of AI capabilities within US national security systems, according to a news bulletin posted on the DOD website.

Tasks will include developing AI best practices, examining AI methodology, and analyzing risk frameworks.

Director of US National Security Agency, Cyber Command

The center will help the US contain AI threats involving critical infrastructure, while deploying AI capabilities within the US defense sector – all in-line with national security initiatives.

“The unique talent and expertise at the NSA make the agency well suited to support the government's effort to ensure the US maintains its competitive edge” Nakasone said about the new entity.

Defense officials have said the most recent strategies guiding US national security, defense, and intelligence emphasize the increasingly consequential role of AI.

Additionally, US officials made a “political declaration” on the responsible military use of AI, aiming to lead the world in how to define norms regarding responsible AI use in military conflicts.

It’s critical the nation maintains its leadership as artificial intelligence technology “rockets forward with innovation," the NSA director said.

Nakasone, also serving as the Chief of US Cyber Command and the Central Security Service (CSS), pointed out that “this lead should not be taken for granted.”

He noted that foreign adversaries have been using “theft and exploitation” of US intellectual property for decades, and will continue to do so as AI applications and innovation advance.

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