Best 100mbps broadband deals in the UK in 2024

You might consider switching to a 100Mbps broadband Internet plan if you notice stuttering video streams, laggy gameplay, and slow download speed. Ultra high-definition movies and TV shows on streaming sites require a fast Internet connection, just like competitive online video games.

Numerous Internet service providers in the UK offer 100Mbps, or even faster, broadband plans. But knowing your exact requirements is best because they can get pricey. We'll help you decide by listing the best 100Mbps broadband Internet plans in the UK and how to use your Internet speed to the fullest.

The UK's telecommunications giant offers 100Mbps, 500Mbps, and even 910Mbps speed plans. Starting from £32/month with no upfront and setup costs, you can get one of the best 100Mbps broadband plans in the UK with a 24-month contract.
The Full Fibre Plusnet broadband network supports speeds of up to 900Mbps. Covering most of the UK, Plusnet delivers high-speed broadband suited for large households and unlimited personal use. Sign up for a 24-month Plusnet plan with no setup costs.
Virgin Media now offers broadband plans up to 500Mbps to over five million customers. Furthermore, it is expanding the Gigabit broadband network that can support multiple users without slowing down download or buffering HD video streams.
TalkTalk 100Mbps broadband deal is available with an 18-month contract and no upfront cost. It offers exclusive discounts for the first 6 months, no setup fees, and excellent Wi-Fi routers to sustain the fast Internet connection speed for the foreseeable future.
Starting from £29.99/month with no upfront costs, BT is a superb choice for personal Internet use requiring unlimited data. With an average speed of 150Mbps, BT is optimized for competitive online gaming even when downloading at the same time.
Sky is well-known for providing high-speed broadband Internet in the UK, reaching up to 900Mbps. Furthermore, depending on your demands, you can get anything from 30 to 900Mbps, and Sky will adjust the prices to save you money.
Fibrus is an excellent choice for students and cooperative renting that doesn't charge extra for an outstanding Internet connection. Moreover, it even has a 2000Mbps plan that can simultaneously sustain more than 10 people without slowing down.

What is 100Mbps broadband?

Understanding the exact Internet plan capabilities can get tricky, as many confuse Mbps (Megabits per second) with MB/s (Megabytes per second). Apps commonly use the latter to represent the download speed or upload speed. Meanwhile, ISPs display the Internet plan speed in bits as it was historically agreed upon in the telecommunications industry.

So, what does 100Mbps broadband actually mean? It means you have uninterrupted access to a broad bandwidth network with the maximum capacity to transfer 100 megabits per second. Since 1 megabyte equals 8 megabits, the 100 Mbps broadband gives you a maximum of 12.5 megabytes of download or upload speed, enough to download an average-length song within a second.

Is a speed of 100Mbps considered fast?

The 100Mbps Internet plan is considered fast worldwide. In the UK, 10Mbps is a decent download speed to start from. But plans that are ten times faster offer a much better connection to big households and users who work with large amounts of data. Furthermore, the recent increase in remote work-from-home opportunities amplified the need for speedy Internet access.

We also must consider the emergence of smartphones and IoT devices that connect to the Internet. A household of four people may simultaneously use more than 10 devices to stream HD movies, download games, or upload pictures and videos to the cloud. A 100Mbps Internet plan is speedy enough to sustain such activities without interruption, but let's put things in a better perspective in the following paragraph.

How fast is 100 Mbps for different needs?

Let's see what 100Mbps, or 12.5MB/s, broadband can do. For example, Netflix recommends at least 3Mbps for a high-definition stream, at least 5Mbps for full high-definition, and a minimum of 15Mbps for ultra-high-definition videos. So, if you use data primarily to stream TV shows, a 20-30Mbps speed plan is sufficient, leaving some room for browsing while watching.

Regarding online gaming, Call of Duty: Warzone requires a minimum of 24Mbps download and 8Mbps upload, and League of Legends a 16Mbps download and 16Mbps upload speeds. Considering that video calls demand at least 3-5Mbps (with a recommendation of 10-20Mbps for a seamless experience), a plan of 35-45Mbps would suffice for one device.

Things get more demanding, considering downloads and uploads. The game of the year, Baldurs Gate 3, is over 100GB large. It would take 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 20 seconds to download the game over 100Mbps broadband and the whole day using a compact 10Mbps plan.

Simultaneously, a 1-hour video upload to YouTube can vary from 4GB (full high-definition) to 23GB for ultra-high quality, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes upload time, to the maximum of 5 hours 41 minutes for the maximum allowed 256GB file size. It is evident that 100Mbps broadband is a preferred option for esports players and content creators.

These calculations are done for one person watching Netflix, playing online, or downloading video games. Right now, 25Mbps is recommended for comfortable Internet use by one person, so a household of 4 or more will easily reach and even exceed the 100Mbps broadband limits.

What are the advantages of 100Mbps broadband?

There are numerous advantages to 100 Mbps broadband in today's data-driven digital landscape. Here's a list of the most common fast Internet speed benefits:

  • Suited for large households. Families or friends renting together can use the Internet simultaneously without experiencing lag and downtime. Otherwise, a person who downloads a big video game or streams in ultra high-definition may use all the bandwidth, leaving others without Internet access.
  • Fast download speed. Video games and 4K quality movie packs can reach 100GB file size, which could take a day to download on a much slower than 100Mbps Internet speed.
  • Multi-tasking. Suppose you're a content creator uploading a massive video to YouTube. You will need a good broadband plan to keep browsing the web until your upload is finished.
  • Competitive esports. Every second counts in games like Counter-Strike 2 or League of Legends. Competing at a high level is nearly impossible while experiencing lag due to slow Internet performance.
  • Smart home. A smart TV can use up to 25Mbps, a doorbell with a camera between 2-3Mbps, and even a smart fridge can demand a solid 8Mbps. A smart home with multiple connected devices often requires 100Mbps broadband to sustain data exchanges.

What are the disadvantages of 100Mbps broadband?

Although the benefits outweigh the setbacks, you should be aware of a few disadvantages to 100Mbps broadband. Here are the most common issues:

  • Availability. Currently, 100Mbps broadband and faster is available to more than 75% of the UK population. The fastest broadband is delivered via fiber cables and 5G cellular networks, but 100Mbps is also available via Digital subscriber line (DSL.) Unfortunately, these high-speed technologies do not yet cover the entirety of the UK.
  • Pricing. A faster Internet plan is more expensive and a waste of money if you do not use it fully. An average monthly cost of up to 30Mbps in the UK is £20.01, compared to £27.58 for 100-149Mbps deals, which amounts to quite a sum during the year.
  • Router upgrade. You will need a 100Mbps broadband router to sustain these speeds. Although all new routers do, you may need an upgrade if it has been a while since you updated your home network gear.

What is the average cost of 100Mbps broadband deals in the UK?

The typical pricing range of a 100Mbps broadband Internet plan in the UK is between £20.00 and £30.00 per month. The pricing depends on the Internet service provider, the contract length, and additional benefits, such as TV access, mobile data, and networking equipment.

How to Find the Best 100Mbps Broadband Deals in Your Area?

The availability of high-speed broadband Internet connection depends on your location in the UK. That's why you will have to check whether it's accessible via your postcode or address. We recommend using an availability checker by MoneySuperMarket or Uswitch to find all available options.

Keep in mind that any continuous Internet connection over 25Mbps is considered broadband. Both comparison websites let you choose the desired Internet speed, contract length, provider, and pricing. Simply input your postcode or address into a search bar, select the criteria, and you will get a complete list of available broadband plans in your area.

Security Tips for Using 100Mbps Broadband

UK's National Cyber Security Center experts warn of a likely increase in cyberattacks in the upcoming two years. It's essential to use additional cybersecurity software and follow online safety tips to avoid unnecessary risks. Here's what you can do right now to protect your 100Mbps broadband connection from hackers:

  • Use an antivirus. A reliable antivirus is the number 1 go-to tool for comprehensive online protection. Choose a service that offers a full system scan to remove viruses with real-time online protection to prevent future infections.
  • Change router password. Most routers come with default login-password combinations issued by the manufacturer. However, it's best to change it to a robust and unique password that only you would know. Here's how to create a strong password to keep cybercriminals away.
  • Use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an excellent online privacy protection tool. Furthermore, the best VPNs have anti-malware and anti-tracking features to protect your digital life from unwanted attention.
  • Avoid piracy. Torrenting for free might sound tempting once you have a fast Internet connection plan. However, illegal torrenting websites are often ridden with malware hidden within video game cracks, movies, and even PDF files. It's best to avoid visiting illegal piracy sites.
  • Update software. Software updates regularly include vulnerability fixes. If you don't apply them as soon as possible, your device may have an open back door, which is particularly risky regarding operating systems and cybersecurity software.

Is 100Mbps broadband worth it in the UK?

Yes, a 100Mbps broadband Internet plan in the UK is definitely worth it. Due to technological advancement and the expansion of fiber optic cables, more and more UK Internet Service Providers offer high-speed broadband connections for competitive prices.

The quality of movies and video games has increased tremendously over the last decade, resulting in large file sizes. If the current trend continues, it's a safe guess that slower Internet plans will be unable to keep up. Unless you have minimal online data consumption primarily used to browse news sites or check email, we recommend considering a 100Mbps Internet plan from the providers listed in this article.

100Mbps broadband alternatives in the UK

The UK offers numerous alternatives to 100Mbps broadband Internet, depending on your needs. Furthermore, because the fiber optic cables do not yet cover the entirety of the United Kingdom, sometimes obtaining a 100Mbps or faster Internet plan is simply not possible.

In this case, we recommend checking the satellite Internet connection options. Although they are slower than 100Mbps broadband plans, they can provide Internet access even to the remotest corners of the UK. Online games may lag a bit, and downloads take some time, but excellent region coverage compensates for these shortcomings.

On the contrary, you can get a faster than 100Mbps Internet plan if you consume a lot of online data or live with more than 4 people. Large households should consider 200-300Mbps plans. Currently, Virgin Media is one of the fastest UK Internet providers, with plans that average an impressive 1130Mbps.