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Bernard Meyer

Bernard Meyer

Bernard Meyer is the Senior Researcher at CyberNews.

Bernard focuses his investigations on popular online tools that can impact users' privacy and/or security. This includes mobile apps, as well as desktop programs and online services. He also writes editorials on significant news events of the day related to cybersecurity.

With four years' experience in the fields of online tech and cybersecurity, Bernard has helped uncover significant online privacy and security issues affecting companies like PayPal, Tesco, Hotels.com, Santander and more. His work has been featured in Wired, Fortune, Forbes, The Telegraph, Express, Daily Mirror, Lifehacker and more.

When Bernard is not investigating online tools, he's working on the perfect roast pork or canepes. Either that, or he's busy thinking of further places to travel, having spent two years in Asia, including Taiwan and Mongolia. He is a firm believer in modern civil rights and works to empower marginalized communities in the STEM fields.