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Best antivirus software for business in 2022

In this digital age, many companies could face online cyber security attacks. While businesses store their customers' and, sometimes, employees' data online, they're becoming more vulnerable to cyber thieves. Luckily, an antivirus suite for business can help to prepare for all threats and mitigate the effects of a possible attack.

For cybercriminals, small businesses appear as easy targets. That's why it’s especially important to invest in your cyber security. Customer trust is a fundamental step in business reputation, and trust can't be there if the business is not a secure one.

In this article, I’ve prepared a list of the best security software for business. Below you’ll find a detailed description of each provider's main features and functionalities, as well as a list of things to consider when picking a cyber security package.

Top 5 best antiviruses for business

  1. TotalAV – best antivirus protection in 2022 overall
  2. Norton – antivirus with the most features
  3. Bitdefender – feature-rich business antivirus
  4. Avira Prime – antivirus for small businesses
  5. McAfee – antivirus software for unlimited devices

What to look for in business antivirus?

For business owners, choosing the best antivirus software option is a crucial decision. With most of your data being online, security is of the most importance. But just blindly picking the most popular or expensive antivirus software isn’t smart. You need to know what features are a must, so your business is safe.

To invest in the best antivirus software option, it needs to cover these main features:

  • Protection against malware. The main purpose of an antivirus is to secure your systems from dangerous viruses or phishing attacks. So, any good provider has to offer software with a high-security score and not flag false-positive attacks. Also, it should update often, to offer the best quality protection.
  • OS support. Not all antivirus providers offer the same support for different OS systems. So it’s smart to check before buying the package if it works with your systems. And, if you’re using different OS systems, it’s crucial to check if you get the same amount of support for each.
  • Email security. Another important feature to have since a lot of business information goes through email. Securing your email box will prevent data leaks and phishing attacks.
  • A safe browser or VPN. The best antivirus software offers both of these features, but at least one of them is mandatory. This helps protect your identity and activity online. Also prevents from visiting malicious websites.
  • Price. Businesses have a lot of expenses, so blindly choosing the cheapest or the most expensive antivirus software isn’t too smart. You need to pick the provider that is within your budget but still offers the necessary features you need.

Best antivirus for business in 2022 – our detailed list:

If you wish to find a professional antivirus for your business, here’s our detailed list of best antivirus solutions on the market in 2022.

1. TotalAV – the best business antivirus software overall

Total AV user interface
Max simultaneous connections:6 devices
Free version:Yes
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Current deal:🔥Get TotalAV, now 84% OFF!🔥

TotalAV is one of the market’s most popular antiviruses and is our top pick for businesses. It successfully detects and blocks malware, has a feature-rich suite of security, and offers a user-friendly interface.

With an extensive list of security features that includes real-time protection, ransomware protection, safe browsing feature, and more, TotalAV detects up to 100% of 4-week-old malware. And during independent lab tests, it manages to perform great regarding performance and usability.

Other than that, this antivirus software has additional features that ensure overall online safety for the whole business team. You get the AdBlock feature for avoiding and removing potentially dangerous ads. To check whether your data has leaked, there’s Identity protection.

The System Tune-up feature helps you to organize your device’s system by cleaning junk or duplicate files, as well as browser’s history and cookies. Plus, the antivirus uninstalls the unused applications. All of this improves your device’s performance.

Moreover, you can enable a VPN connection that has become one of the most crucial cyber security layers to add to your daily browsing. And you can use the password manager to store and share your business logins among the team securely.

TotalAV antivirus software is available on all major operating systems. Each of the apps is well-organized. There are 4 primary tabs on the dashboard that help you access the essential tools quickly. Overall, this program is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Therefore there should be no issues while getting used to the application.

TotalAV is the best option for smaller businesses. There’s a free version, but it offers limited security. And the starting price of a paid subscription is $19.00 per year for 3 devices.

Get to know more from our TotalAV review.

2. Norton – antivirus with the most features

Norton antivirus banner
Max simultaneous connections:20
Free version:No
Platforms:Windows, macOS
Current deal:🔥Get up to 83% OFF Norton Antivirus🔥

Norton is one of the most popular antivirus program providers for personal and business use. Norton Small Business is a cloud-based antivirus, reducing the resources needed from your machines. Plus, there’s also 24/7 support for you and your employees.

One of the best features that Norton Small Business has is real-time problem solutions. The software protects your devices even during the rest hours, so you’re ensured constant protection from phishing and malware attacks.

Norton’s updates get frequent updates, and they also don’t interfere with work hours – saving your work time and reducing any potential lag.

Spam blocking and Internet protection systems provide security against human error factors. No more accepting unknown files or visiting untrustworthy websites. More so, it protects from phishing attacks too.

Another great feature is Identity Safe. It logs and protects all login information, so there are no data leaks. By adding Norton’s VPN to the mix, you are sure to secure your online activities from prying eyes.

Emails aren't forgotten either. Norton's SONAR and Safe Web system offers email security and scans email boxes for malicious malware. For more security, there is an automatic scan for unknown files before downloading.

You control this software through the Norton Small Business management platform. It uses a user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to work with and understand. There you can find an overview of your security and end-point command. This guarantees you comprehensive protection control.

A safe browser addition to Norton’s antivirus package would completely sweeten the deal. But even without it, the other security features are great for online protection.

There is no free plan for Norton Small Business. The pricing starts at $99.99 for 5 devices/year, and it protects up to 20 devices. You can also customize your package of features and add any extras as the need arises.

To find out more, check out our full Norton antivirus review.

3. Bitdefender –antivirus protection with comprehensive features

Bitdefender interface
Max simultaneous connections:100 devices
Free version:No
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux and some other OS
Current deal:🔥Get Bitdefender for up to 70% OFF!🔥

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is one of the most popular and best antivirus providers for businesses. And it has a list of beneficial antivirus features to boost your team's online protection.

This software has machine learning technology that learns and adapts to your behavior. Because of this feature, the antivirus is capable of preventing attacks before they even happen, including unknown risks. So there is full protection against malware threats.

Bitdefender’s antivirus is able to deal with human error possibilities. This software provides a safe browser for online security. It detects malicious websites before your employees can access them. Additionally, it includes a VPN for identity theft protection and adware protection from malicious ads.

Additional features are Bitdefender’s email security and defense against fileless attacks. So, data leaks and phishing attacks stop being such a hassle.

You can control the entire Bitdefender antivirus program from one management platform for comprehensive protection control. It does take time to get used to it and can be a little confusing at first. However, it’s a powerful system that includes all the analytics on the security levels, endpoint security detection, malware alerts, and user registry monitoring.

For the operating systems support, Bitdefender covers a wide range of OS. Except, there is no support for iOS yet. And if you need to contact their support, the only way is through the ticketing system.

While Bitdefender doesn’t have a free antivirus software plan for businesses, they do have the basic and premium package plans to choose from. The basic plan is great and covers all the necessary malware threat protection.

The premium package is where a wide range of features shine. Advanced features add mobile device protection, give full endpoint protection application control, and app control, and deal with human error risks.

The pricing plan starts from $77.69 for 3 devices/year, and it covers up to 100 devices. For more devices, you’d need to contact their support team.

To find out more, read our full Bitdefender review.

4. Avira Antivirus – small businesses antivirus

Avira banner
Max simultaneous connections:25
Free version:No
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Androids, iOS
Current deal:🔥 Get 1 year of Avira at 40% OFF! 🔥

Avira Prime is another great contender for a small business antivirus provider. As they promise, Avira's specialty is malware detection and protection from viruses.

Apart from virus and ransomware protection, Avira Prime also secures you from infected websites. More so, the antivirus software package includes great email security and download protection.

With Avira Prime, you will get real-time antivirus protection against malware and online threats. An already included VPN will help you secure your data and online identity.

You can optimize your privacy settings and get access to a password manager, so there would be less worry about possible data leaks.

Some of the most powerful tools that Avira Prime has are a smart scan and a comprehensive cleaner. With a smart scan, you can check your system for malware, weak passwords, outdated apps, and vulnerable networks.

Comprehensive cleaner provides a file shredder. Once the file’s gone, you don't have to worry about it ever again.

You also get constant software updates, so you're always enjoying the latest product improvements.

There is no safe browser option, but it’s not too necessary considering other features in the package.

The support for Windows and Android systems is more extensive than the one for macOS or iOS. Also, these are the only OS they offer antivirus software for.

Avira Prime software plans work best with small businesses. There is no free option, and the pricing plans for this software start at $249.99 for the first 2 years or $12.99/month, and it can cover up to 25 devices.

To find out more, read our full Avira review.

5. McAfee Total Protection – cross-platform antivirus for business

McAfee user interface
Max simultaneous connections:10 devices
Free version:Yes
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal:🔥Get McAfee, save up to 69%🔥

McAfee is one of the oldest antiviruses on the market and serves great for business. There’s a subscription that protects an unlimited number of devices and includes every available feature that the service has.

To stay protected from malware, ransomware, and phishing scams, you can use 3 device scans. A full scan, quick, and for specific folders or files.

However, next to essential scans, there’s also a Vulnerability scan. It looks after the most critical security patches and informs you about needed updates so there would be no security gaps.

To strengthen your device’s immune, there’s a Firewall implemented. It filters processes going through your device and blocks the ones that seem suspicious. That being said, the threat is eliminated before it hits.

McAfee also offers additional features, such as a VPN. Even though it has only the most basic functionalities, like kill switch feature, this additional security layer is still a big bonus to improving your online experience.

And you can also securely store your logins and passwords to the McAfee True Key password manager. It’s protected using advanced AES-256 encryption and 2FA.

The software is available on nearly all major operating systems, excluding Linux. Just like the setup process, the further experience is also smooth, and the interface is intuitive.

There’s a free version for mobile devices. And as for the desktop version, you can always use a 30-day money-back guarantee. The pricing starts from $39.99/year.

Learn more about the service in our McAfee Antivirus review.

6. Trend Micro – antivirus for large businesses

Trend Micro antivirus banner
Max simultaneous connections::Unlimited devices
Free version:No
Platforms:Windows, macOS, Linux, Androids, iOS
Current deal:🔥 Get Trend Micro, now 54% OFF! 🔥

Trend Micro is another cloud-based antivirus product. It supports anything from small businesses up to an enterprise. You control the software through a singular manager platform. There you get all the security information and endpoint control.

Trend Micro antivirus product promises live protection against phishing attacks and other malware. The software learns from your behavior and adapts to your needs. Machine learning technology works to combat all phishing attacks for endpoint security.

For best protection, Trend Micro software automatically detects both already known and unknown malware for your systems. It blocks the virus attacks before they even happen.

Additionally, this antivirus software updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about outdated and vulnerable systems.

Trend Micro comes with a VPN and a safe browser, which not only offers identity theft protection but also warns about dangerous websites. Another great addition is email security, which also helps prevent spam attacks or accepting fileless attacks.

This software works with most of the operating systems and includes mobile device coverage. In case of any issues, customer support is available via live chat. And for bigger issues, you can access ticket support.

One thing to note, there is no protection against USB viruses, so it’s your responsibility to prevent malicious USB attacks.

There is no free version of this antivirus software, and the paid version is on the pricier side. The plan starts from $37.75/user, which can add up if you are intending to cover many users.

To find out more, read our full Trend Micro review.

7. ESET – secure and quick antivirus

ESET NOD32 banner
Max simultaneous connections:100
Free version:No
Platforms:Windows, Android, macOS, Linux
Current deal:🔥Get ESET, save up to 30%🔥

ESET is cloud-based antivirus software for small business security. You manage ESET through a singular management platform. It provides all the data of your security system and allows you to manage all endpoint security and user activities.

ESET antivirus software offers protection based on machine learning and human expertise. It adapts to your activity and learns from the logged issues and attacks to protect you from future issues.

One of the best features of ESET is its endpoint security. It offers ransomware protection, prevents fileless attacks, blocks targeted attacks, as well as prevents data breaches.

This software guarantees protection from phishing attacks. Email security is in their package as well. Complete disk encryption and file server protection allow for a safety guarantee.

The package does not include a VPN or adware protection. Yet, the provider does have a safe browser. So while you do sacrifice a bit of online anonymity and security, the threat of visiting dangerous websites is minimal.

ESET covers most of the operating systems’ security, but there’s no iOS support. Also, you can’t contact them via live chat.

The ESET plan allows you to cover up to 100 devices, and the cost starts from $717/3 years or $239/year for 5 devices. There is no free plan.

To find out more, check out our full ESET antivirus review.

How did we select and test these antiviruses?

With so many different antivirus software providers on the market, it might be confusing to pick and choose the right one. Therefore, we did the job for you by distinguishing the best ones from the extensive list of existing security software providers.

We based our list of best antivirus software for businesses on this criteria:

  • OS support. Before suggesting any antivirus software, we checked to make sure that they support the most common operating systems. To get on the list they didn’t have to support all OS, but majority support was a must.
  • Malware detection rates. We’ve tested each software to reach a higher than 95% success rate in malware detection and if they flag any false positive attacks.
  • Malware protection. To curate our list we took into account what malware protection each provider offers. The highest placements covered most of the possible cyber-attacks.
  • Price. Business antivirus software can be pricey, especially the ones with lots of features. So we took the costs, and device coverage and offered features in the account before suggesting them.
  • User support. Figuring out antivirus software can be difficult. Easy contact with user support is a must in case of emergencies or issues.

Why do you need an antivirus for your business?

You need to protect your business with antivirus software just like your personal devices too. It provides system security and protects your data and your employees' information.

An important factor to consider is that your business provides livelihood not only to you but also to your employees. So the dangers of phishing attacks or data leaks have higher consequences. Especially when cybercriminals often see small businesses as an easy target.

Also, clients count on businesses that have a good reputation. And to maintain that, you need trust. If the consumers can't even visit your business page securely, then they won't consider buying or repurchasing from you.

Antivirus for business compared

Here is a quick side-by-side comparison of all the providers mentioned on this list.

Money-back guarantee
Easy to use
Devices covered
TotalAV30 daysYes6Yes
Norton60 daysYes20Yes
Bitdefender30 daysNo (takes time to get used to)100 (and more)Yes
Avira60 days for annual sub. 14 days paying monthlyYes25Yes
McAfee30 daysYesUnlimitedYes
Trend Micro30 daysYesN/AYes
ESET30 daysYes100No

Can a business use free antivirus?

The first thing to consider is if you would trust a free antivirus software to protect your business product, clients, and employees' data. Free antivirus software has fewer features and lower security levels compared to a paid subscription.

With free antivirus software, you will not get password managers or enabled VPNs. So, your online identity is at risk, and the data leak danger becomes much greater.

The security from phishing attacks is basic and doesn't cover all the topics of concern. Real-time protection isn't provided, causing more troubles while managing your business security.

There are no live support or ticket systems to help you either. You have to deal with all technical issues yourself.

So, why intentionally harm your business by choosing a free antivirus, when it’s your business reputation that is on the line?

Investing in a paid antivirus software subscription will not only offer your business better protection but will also take some of the responsibility from you. It will allow you to concentrate on growing your business instead of fearing cyber attacks.


With so many antivirus software in the business, it can be overwhelming to pick the one. So, both small and large businesses need to decide what level of protection they require.

A flashy and popular, and expensive, antivirus software may appear attractive and the best choice. That is not always the case. Most expensive doesn’t mean the best for you.

Small businesses don’t always require the entire package of antivirus software features, so it’s important to really know what satisfies your business needs.

After figuring out your requirements, the next step is to pick the best antivirus software provider that meets them for the price you’re prepared to pay.

Based on our research, we’ve picked TotalAV as the top pick for business antivirus software. It has the best features for the price of their package, and this antivirus program has our seal of approval.

Protect and grow your business, leave the fears of cyber-attacks and cybercriminals in the past.

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