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Best VPNs for Ireland in 2024

Choosing the best VPN for Ireland is paramount for online safety, unrestricted internet access, and privacy protection in a country shaken by numerous cybersecurity incidents over the last decade. Devastating ransomware attacks and tightened online surveillance demand a fully developed Ireland VPN, so we compiled a list of the best Irish VPNs to help you choose.

Worthwhile choices allow you to avoid censorship and browse the internet securely and privately, or simply access geographically restricted streaming services, like BBC iPlayer or Netflix. Our list only includes VPNs with an elaborate Ireland server network and advanced cybersecurity features without emptying your wallet. Let's take a closer look!

Top 5 best Ireland VPNs

What to look for in a VPN for Ireland?

Due to Ireland's government's plans to expand mass surveillance, the best VPNs for Ireland must have outstanding privacy protection features. Simultaneously, efficient geographical restriction evasion is necessary to access blocked news sites or foreign streaming services. Or, simply, be able to access content restricted to Ireland when abroad.

Here's a list of features mandatory for a good Ireland VPN:

Security:AES encryption, kill switch
Privacy:No-logs policy, RAM-only servers
Servers:Large Ireland and worldwide server network
Performance: WireGuard (or equivalent) tunneling protocol

Security. Robust encryption ensures that a third party cannot monitor and intercept your data. You should also look for a functional kill switch, real-time threat protection, and cross-device compatibility.

Privacy. Ireland's ISPs can retain user data for up to a year, so a VPN that does not collect and store online activities is best. You get a genuinely private VPN service if RAM-only servers supplement the no-logs policies.

Servers. Elaborate Ireland and UK server networks are essential to retaining safe and unrestricted information access. Furthermore, due to Ireland's strict torrenting laws, specialty P2P servers are advantageous. If you need to access Irish content when abroad, a wide global server network is paramount.

Performance. WireGuard's tunneling protocol ensures the best possible connection speed and nearly unbreakable encryption. We recommend picking VPNs that use this technology or a similarly good alternative, like NordVPN's NordLynx protocol.

One VPN that ticks all these boxes is NordVPN, which our research team has evaluated as one of the best VPNs to get an Ireland IP address.

Try out the best VPN for Ireland
You will not miss out by choosing NordVPN for online safety in Ireland. It guarantees secure and unrestricted internet access with 50+ servers in Ireland and 5990+ globally. With an audited no-logs policy and efficient real-time web protection, you get the best Ireland VPN worth every dime.
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Now that we've figured out the technical necessities, let's see the list of 5 best Ireland VPNs and what each offers.

The best VPNs for Ireland – our detailed list

To compile this list, we thoroughly tested 42 VPNs regarding their speeds, logging policies, server networks, and more. Below are five winners that will make your online life safe and private in and out of Ireland.

1. NordVPN – the best private and secure VPN for Ireland overall

NordVPN banner
Based in:
Irish servers:
Yes, 50+
Logging policies:
Independently audited no-logs policy
Current deal:🔥Get NordVPN, now up to 72% OFF + free travel data!🔥

NordVPN is the best Ireland VPN that doesn't collect any user data, ensures fast connection speed, and effortlessly unblocks geo-restricted content.

Servers and speed. NordVPN offers 6400+ servers in 111 countries, with 50+ plus in Ireland. It offers Double VPN technology and obfuscated servers for an additional layer of privacy and dedicated P2P servers for secure torrenting sessions. During our in-house NordVPN tests, it retained around 90% of the initial connection speed.

Security and privacy. NordVPN is based in Panama with no data retention laws, and three independent audits verified that NordVPN follows a strict no-logs policy. Its proprietary NordLynx protocol uses advanced encryption for data safety, and all its servers are RAM-based.

Streaming. We effortlessly unblocked BBC iPlayer connected to UK servers and accessed Ireland's native Netflix library. NordVPN uses smart DNS technology (called SmartPlay in its app) that also unblocks popular streaming sites like Disney+, Hulu, Max, and more.

Pricing. You can secure up to 10 devices for just $3.39/month. There's also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for Android devices.

2. Surfshark – best Ireland VPN for multiple device protection

Surfshark banner
Based in:
The Netherlands
Irish servers:
Yes, undisclosed number
Logging policies:
Independently audited no-logs policy
Current deal:
🔥Get 83% OFF Surfshark + 3 months FREE🔥

Surfshark is one of the best Ireland VPNs for multiple device protection that also allows sharing the account with friends or family.

Servers and speed. Although Surfshark does not disclose the exact number of Irish servers, we always found one when required. It has 3200+ servers in 100 countries, outshining most VPNs regarding worldwide server distribution. It uses the WireGuard protocol to ensure a speedy connection, retaining 86% of the original speed on average, according to our Surfshark review.

Security and privacy. The Big Four accounting veteran Deloitte verified Surfshark's no-logs claim, so you can be sure your online activities remain private. Like NordVPN, it also has a RAM-only server structure, a kill switch, obfuscated servers, and double VPN features for robust online safety.

Streaming. Surfshark is a streaming-friendly VPN that works well with BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, and other popular streaming services. Furthermore, it does not limit concurrent connections, so you can unblock movies and TV shows on any device at the same time.

Pricing. You'll only have to pay 2.19/month to secure all your devices. There's also a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for Android, iOS, and macOS users.

3. Norton Secure VPN – excellent Ireland VPN for overall web safety

norton vpn banner
Based in:
United States
Irish servers:
Yes, undisclosed number
Logging policies:
No-logs policy
Current deal:
🔥 Get up to 58% OFF Norton VPN! 🔥

As the name suggests, Norton's VPN is among the best Ireland VPNs developed by a renowned cybersecurity brand with numerous online safety benefits.

Servers and speed. Norton Secure VPN has 1000+ servers in 29 countries, including Ireland and the United Kingdom. It encrypts traffic using OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols, which drops the speed retention to around 74%. However, it has dedicated P2P, making it suitable for torrenting.

Security and privacy. Norton also claims to implement a no-logs policy, but we would like to see an independent audit to verify it. However, you can get this VPN with one of the best antivirus apps to take your online safety to the next level. Additionally, you'll get a kill switch, AdBlock, and split tunneling, which make Norton Secure VPN worth the investment.

Streaming. We tested Norton Secure VPN with Max, YouTube TV, and BBC iPlayer without facing any issues connecting to Ireland and UK regions. However, we had problems unblocking Irish Netflix. Therefore, we suggest considering NordVPN or Surfshark for this streaming site.

Pricing. Norton asks for $2.49/month to secure its VPN service. You can try the service risk-free for the whole two months using its 60-day money-back guarantee.

4. ExpressVPN – reliable streaming and torrenting VPN for Ireland

ExpressVPN banner
Based in:
British Virgin Islands
Irish servers:
Yes, undisclosed number
Logging policies:
Independently audited no-logs policy (court proven)
Current deal:🔥Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

ExpressVPN is one of the best Ireland VPN choices for those willing to pay extra for a feature-rich VPN app.

Servers and speed. ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 105 countries, outperforming even the vast Surfshark network. It uses a developed in-house Lightway protocol that retains around 77% of the initial connection speed and allows unrestricted P2P traffic on all its servers, making it a primary choice for secure torrenting in Ireland.

Security and privacy. Two independent audits verify that ExpressVPN follows the strict no-logs policy and does not monitor or collect user data. Furthermore, Cure53 cybersecurity experts tested its open-sourced Lightway protocol and found no critical or even medium-severity issues.

Streaming. As expected, this service performs admirably, unblocking the most popular streaming services. We tried accessing Irish Netflix, the UK’s BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ US and didn't get a single error message. Outstanding results!

Pricing. ExpressVPN allows securing up to 8 devices simultaneously for $6.67/month. You can use its 30-day money-back guarantee to try it out risk-free. Android and iOS users also get a 7-day free trial.

5. CyberGhost – Ireland VPN excellent for streaming

CyberGhost VPN banner
Based in:
Irish servers:
Yes, 117+
Logging policies:
Independently audited no-logs policy
Current deal:🔥Get CyberGhost VPN, now 83% + 2 months FREE!🔥

If you're looking for the most extensive server network, CyberGhost is one of the best Ireland VPNs, with thousands of speedy servers around the globe.

Servers and speed. CyberGhost offers a colossal 11500+ server network in 100 countries, with 117 in Ireland. However, it also uses virtual servers, so not all are physically located there. It offers excellent connection speed using the WireGuard protocol, and our CyberGhost review revealed it retains around 86% of the original speed.

Security and privacy. Like Surfshark, CyberGhost chose Deloitte to inspect its no-logs claim. A successful audit proved that it doesn't collect and store data on users' online activities. It’s another great torrenting VPN with dedicated P2P servers to avoid strict torrenting laws in Ireland and the European Union.

Streaming. CyberGhost is one of the few VPNs with dedicated servers for streaming, so, unsurprisingly, it works perfectly with Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Max, BBC iPlayer, and other popular streaming sites. It also has a nifty smart DNS feature, but you have to configure it manually.

Pricing. For $2.19/month, you can secure up to 7 devices simultaneously. To take CyberGhost for a run, use its 45-day money-back guarantee or 24-hour free trial for Windows and macOS.

Best Ireland VPNs compared

BrandRatingServers/countriesServers in IrelandLoggingP2P serversObfuscated serversStreaming servicesSimultaneous connectionsPrice (starting from)

6400 servers in 111 countries
Yes, 50+Independently audited no-logs policyYesYesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more

3200 servers in 100 countriesYes, undisclosedIndependently audited no-logs policyYesYesNetflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and moreUnlimited$2.19/month
Norton VPN

1000 servers in 29 countriesYes, undisclosedNo-logs policyYesNoBBC iPlayer, Max10$2.49/month

3000 servers in 105 countriesYes, undisclosedIndependently audited no-logs policy (court proven)YesYesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more8$6.67/month
11500+ servers in 100 countriesYes, 117+Independently audited no-logs policyYesNoNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+7$2.19/month

Our top Irish VPN pick is NordVPN due to its outstanding cybersecurity features, lightning-fast servers, and genuine no-logs policy. It provides excellent geo-block evasion, suited for accessing most streaming sites from Ireland.

How we selected and tested these Ireland VPNs

To pick the five best VPNs for Ireland out of the 42 that we thoroughly tested, we scrutinized essential VPN features like Irish servers, encryption algorithms, logging policies, connection speed, and specialty servers. Here are our main evaluation criteria:

  • Servers. We included only those VPNs with high-speed servers in Ireland and the UK to ensure safe and private browsing in the region and provide unrestricted content access. Multiple server network spanning the globe was also paramount.
  • Privacy. Ireland's ISP restrictions demand a genuine no-logs VPN. An independent no-logs audit is a significant advantage in supporting such claims with verifiable facts.
  • Security. Our picks use at least the industry standard AES-256 encryption to safeguard users' online traffic from unwanted attention. Additional features like double VPN, obfuscated servers, and real-time web protection add bonus points.
  • Torrenting. The best Irish VPN for torrenting should support P2P traffic and include reliable security features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection. We also analyzed download speed retention to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • Pricing. With so many VPNs to choose from, there's no need to overpay if you can get a fully developed service at an affordable price. Furthermore, a lengthy money-back guarantee or a free trial is helpful to try the service out risk-free before committing long-term.

Why do you need a VPN in Ireland?

First and foremost, a high-quality Ireland VPN must have servers in Ireland and be able to combat online surveillance. Here's why browsing the web in Ireland via VPN is a great idea:

  • Privacy protection. A VPN encrypts online data flow and reroutes it through its secure server to evade online tracking and protect the user from undesired attention. Ireland's ISPs can monitor and store online activities for up to a year, which is impossible if you route online traffic through a VPN server.
  • Torrenting. Ireland blocks popular torrenting websites like The Pirate Bay. Furthermore, it follows the European Union's strict anti-torrenting laws that could get you in legal trouble if you get caught using them. You’ll be able to hide your P2P traffic with virtually unbreakable VPN encryption.
  • Unrestricted content access. You will experience content blackouts when accessing local Ireland streaming platforms from abroad or vice versa. For example, you can miss an important Irish PGA or Poc Fada championship match when abroad. Moreover, the UK's BBC iPlayer is particularly popular in Ireland but inaccessible without a streaming-friendly VPN service.
  • Freedom of speech. Recently, Ireland's government has issued troublesome statements about censoring online (and offline) discourse they consider hate speech. Battling hate speech is celebratory, but it's been proven time and time again that governments abuse such powers to silence political opposition. That makes an Ireland VPN paramount for political activists and journalists.

How to get an Ireland IP address with a VPN

Because VPNs in Ireland are perfectly legal, getting an Ireland IP address is straightforward. Here's a concise step-by-step guide that will issue an Irish IP within minutes:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN with servers in Ireland. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF NordVPN downloading
  2. Download the VPN app and install it on your device
  3. Launch the app and log in
  4. Connect to a server in Ireland NorVPN location map
  5. For better security, turn on the additional features like a kill switch or obfuscation NordVPN kill switch features
  6. You can now browse securely with an Irish IP address!

Internet censorship in Ireland

Although Ireland is a liberal democratic state, its censorship laws are unexpectedly robust. The government does not have the right to monitor its citizens' online activities freely, like in Russia or China. However, ISPs maintain the right to retain user data for up to a year.

More troubling are the recent discussions about the Criminal Justice Bill, which is supposed to address hatred based on characteristics such as race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, etc, among other issues related to violence and hatred. However, this act's opponents point to an ephemeral definition of hate speech, which could just as likely include political opposition. Whichever way Ireland's government chooses to go, the VPN demand in the region is already spiking.

Torrenting in Ireland

The European Union Copyright and Related Rights Regulations law strictly prohibits copyrighted material downloads, including in Ireland. Irish ISPs block access to popular torrenting websites like The Pirate Bay. Furthermore, they impose a 3-strike rule, which suspends or terminates ISP-user contracts if the latter is caught torrenting thrice, leaving them with no internet access.

Online surveillance in Ireland

The Irish government's online surveillance is not just an assumption, it's a fact based on research. For example, Surfshark analyzed user data requests from governments worldwide that Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Apple received. It was revealed that Ireland made nearly 20,000 accounts specified data requests, which is unusually high considering its tiny population.

Freedom of speech in Ireland

Ireland's proposed hate speech laws are widely criticized by human rights watch activists and prominent figures like Elon Musk. Freedom of expression proponents outline the amorphous hate speech definition, which could be used to silence opposing opinions, which they call incompatible with Western values.

Irish content you can watch with a VPN

Like the rest of the world, Ireland has exclusive streaming channels, including Irish Netflix, which is restricted to this region. If you’re out of the country, it might be an issue when you try to access Ireland’s content. Luckily, our suggested VPNs effortlessly bypass geo-blocks by assigning you an Ireland IP address, making it look like you are physically located there.

You can access sports events like the World Irish Dancing Championship, Senior Football, Poc Fada, and Irish PGA championships by using a trusted VPN service. Furthermore, you can enjoy the local RTE One, RTE2, TG4, Sky Sports, and Virgin Media One & Two TV channels.

Suppose you're looking for Irish Netflix content. In that case, we recommend watching the captivating drama The Dive, the documentary Psychopath Life Coach, the horror thriller Talk to Me, and the comedy Apocalypse Clown.

How to watch Ireland TV abroad

To access Irich TV from abroad, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to a streaming-friendly VPN. Our top pick is NordVPN with SmartPlay feature
  2. Download and install the app on your device
  3. Launch it and log in with your credentials
  4. Connect to a server in Ireland
  5. Head over to your chosen TV channel and enjoy the content

How to watch Ireland’s Netflix

Here’s an effective step-by-step guide on how to access Irish Netflix:

  1. Choose a VPN proven to work with Netflix. NordVPN effortlessly unblocks Netflix libraries!
  2. Download the app and install it
  3. Log in with your credentials
  4. Connect to an Irish server
  5. Head over to Netflix and watch your favorite shows

Can I use a free VPN in Ireland?

Although it's possible to use a free Ireland VPN, we don’t recommend it. You must be aware of possible risks and shaky connection quality.

Firstly, free VPNs often lack a vast server network and share them between too many users, resulting in server overcrowding. You may experience a considerable lag or even fail to unblock Ireland's content if the free VPN lacks servers. Besides, free VPN’s servers might already be blacklisted by streaming platforms.

More importantly, some free VPNs might potentially collect and sell user data, undermining online privacy. It's especially risky considering the recent Irish government's attempts to increase citizen online surveillance.

Instead, we recommend a premium VPN service to ensure a speedy connection and private online browsing. By taking advantage of free trials and money-back refund policies, you can try their services risk-free. Take a look at two worthwhile suggestions below:

  • NordVPN – get an Ireland IP address using NordVPN 7-day free trial (for Android users) and a 30-day money-back guarantee to try it out for the whole month
  • Surfshark – Android, macOS, and iOS users can enjoy this VPN for free for 7 days. Simultaneously, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee to get an Irish IP risk-free

Final thoughts

Considering the recent debates on increased surveillance in Ireland, there's no better time to subscribe to a private and secure Ireland VPN. Whether you're a political activist or just looking for a way to watch Ireland-exclusive or global streaming content, a VPN will come in handy like no other tool.

After careful and thorough research, we can strongly recommend NordVPN as the best VPN for Ireland. With a large Irish and global server fleet, second-to-none connection speed, and outstanding cybersecurity features, you can browse the web with much-deserved peace of mind.

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