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Norton Secure VPN review

Norton Secure VPN is created and distributed by the well-known developer of security products, NortonLifeLock Inc. While the company is famous for its antivirus suites, it’s worth testing if its VPN services comply with the same standards.

With this VPN you get useful security features, like split tunneling, a kill switch and an ad blocker. Also, it’s compatible with both desktop and mobile devices to protect your privacy wherever you go.

However, these are merely a few points that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the performance of the product. In this Norton VPN review, we will look over its pricing, security, and compatibility to make the best judgement.

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Norton VPN pros and cons

Is Norton VPN good for streaming?

In general, Norton VPN unblocks some streaming services. Yet, it isn’t one of the best VPNs for streaming.

However, we managed to access HBO and BBC iPlayer. Since the latter platform is only available for the US residents and the former one for people within the UK, this VPN did indeed unblock the streaming services with no major issues outside the specified countries.

PlatformDoes it work?
Netflix❌ No
BBC iPlayer✅ Yes
Hulu❌ No
HBO✅ Yes

Apart from that, Norton VPN didn’t show any success when trying to bypass Netflix Hulu location restrictions. The developers of these streaming services are continuously upgrading their anti-VPN technologies, so there’s no surprise why some products can’t circumvent them.

If you are searching for a VPN with the sole purpose of watching global content, you should consider getting NordVPN or Surfshark. They work wonders with all major streaming platforms and can easily help you watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

Unblocking Netflix with Norton VPN

Unfortunately, Norton VPN can’t change Netflix region or country. When we tried connecting to the US server and accessing one of the shows that is exclusively available on the US Netflix library, it simply wouldn’t load. You could only read the description and cast information with no supporting images.

Therefore, if you want to successfully unblock this popular streaming platform, you should get one of the best VPNs for Netflix which are proven to work. The majority of them can help you to watch many more libraries, like the UK, Japan, and others.

Is Norton VPN good for Torrenting?

Norton VPN is not the best option for torrenting, as even though it has a few P2P-friendly servers, the speeds are neither fast nor stable – staying at around 2 Mbps with some up to 8 Mbps peaks.

To give you a better understanding, we’ve tested Norton VPN with an official torrent for Ubuntu. It would take more than an hour to download a 3 GB file while if you disable the VPN connection – only 3 minutes. Therefore, this VPN is definitely not a great option for torrenting.

Other VPNs for torrenting provide much better speeds and even have dedicated P2P servers. So, I would recommend searching for alternative options if you want to enjoy torrenting.

Plans and pricing

Norton VPN has multiple pricing plans which allows users to find and pick the best options for their budget. The pricing depends on the number of devices you want to install the VPN and the duration of the subscription.

You can get the best value for money if you choose the 1-year subscription that costs $2.50/month and gives up to 5 simultaneous connections. Keep in mind that you will be billed $29.99 once a year instead of making monthly payments.

Alternatively, there are options for monthly subscriptions. Yet, they come at a higher price. Here is the detailed information on Norton VPN pricing plans:

1-month plan1-year plan
1 device$4.99/month$2.50/month, billed $29.99 annually
5 devices$7.99/month$3.33/month, billed $39.99 annually
10 devices$9.99/month$5.00/month, billed $59.99 annually

It’s also important to note that you can either get the Norton VPN separately or together with the Norton antivirus suite. It is included in the following malware protection suites:

  • Norton 360 Deluxe ($49.99/year)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select ($99.48/year)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus ($299.88/year)

Keep in mind that the antivirus packages come at a higher price since they include numerous malware protection features and the VPN is only an add on. The cheapest way to get this bundle is to choose the Norton 360 Deluxe for $34.99/year as other plans are pricier.

Can you get Norton VPN for free?

Yes, you can get Norton VPN for free if you choose to acquire it with Norton antivirus instead of as a separate product. The Deluxe and both LifeLock Select and Ultimate Plus subscriptions include a free 7-day trial which you can use to test the VPN.

With the Norton Deluxe and LifeLock Select, you will be able to use the VPN on up to 5 devices for free during the trial period. However, if you want to test it on more devices, you should opt for the LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan which supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

The free trial starts immediately once you sign up and enter your credit card details. You won’t be charged up to 7 days if you don’t forget to cancel the subscription after the week. Otherwise, the first year price corresponding to your chosen plan will be deducted from your account.

Norton VPN servers and locations

Norton VPN has servers in 30 different locations, including Singapore, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and other countries. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information on the exact number of servers, as the developers don’t disclose such data.

Even though other reviewers and online sources speculate that it has around 1,000 servers, we believe that it’s only fair to wait for the VPN service providers to publish this information themselves rather than make groundless conclusions.

It’s important to note that Norton VPN doesn’t allow you to manually select specific servers and instead, it automatically connects to the fastest one. So, there’s little need to know how many of them there are.

Apart from that, you can still pick server locations you want to connect to. Alternatively, there’s a feature called auto-connect which selects the location with the fastest speed available at the time.

Does Norton VPN work in China?

No, Norton VPN doesn’t work in China, as this country has extremely strong anti-VPN measures and only a few VPNs for China can bypass that. Unfortunately, this tool is still in a development stage and requires advanced upgrades to circumvent location restrictions in this country.

However, if you need a VPN that would work, there are a few great options for you to choose from. For example, you can set up NordVPN for China and enjoy secure browsing while travelling for work or leisure in this country.

Speed and performance: Is Norton VPN fast?

Norton VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol on Windows and Android, as well as the L2TP/IPSec on macOS and iOS. The speeds are relatively good and allows you to enjoy safe browsing online without any major issues.

Here is the detailed information on Norton VPN speeds with the OpenVPN protocol:

  • Baseline: 300mbps download, 300mbps upload
Location:Download speed (Mbps)Upload speed (Mbps)
US (OH)254.89276.29
Poland 15.934.07
Brazil 255.78259.20

While conducting the speed tests for this Norton VPN review, the only noticeable drops were registered in Poland and India. Apart from those locations, we didn’t encounter any problems regarding its performance.

Interface and ease of use

Norton VPN is compatible with all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The greatest thing is that the interface is identical on both desktop apps, as well as on the mobile ones. So, if you have multiple devices running on different operating systems, you won’t need to adjust to changes.

The installation process is also very quick and easy. You merely need to download Norton VPN from the official website and follow the instructions on the installation wizard. Alternatively, you can get it from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store within a few minutes on your smartphone.


You can get either a separate Norton Secure VPN app or the full antivirus suite (with the VPN included) on your Windows computer. It runs on Windows 11, 10, 8/8.5, and 7 with minor exceptions being the S mode in Windows 10 and 11.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, as you can quickly enable the VPN on the main dashboard by clicking the Turn on button. Additionally, if you want to select a specific region, you should press the arrow next to it and navigate to the VPN Region section.

The Norton VPN Windows app includes all of its security features – ad tracker blocker, kill switch, and split tunneling. You can access and customize them through the settings.


Norton VPN also has a dedicated app for macOS which runs on the current and the two previous versions of the operating system. Just as with the Windows app, you can get it separately or together with the Norton antivirus.

Using the VPN on macOS is just as easy as on its Windows version as the interface is almost identical. You can open the VPN by pressing on the dedicated button in the dashboard which would open three sections: the Secure VPN, VPN Region, and Ad Tracking.

By navigating through those sections you can easily turn on the VPN, select a specific region and enable an ad blocker feature. The only drawback of Norton VPN macOS app is that it doesn’t include the split tunneling or the kill switch feature.


Norton VPN can be installed on Android devices running 6.0 or later versions. It has a clean design and simple tabs to easily navigate through the application. You can get it from the Google Play Store and complete the installation process within a few minutes.

The application provides quick access to turn on the VPN, allows to select your desired region, and enable both ad blocking and wifi security features. You can find the dedicated icons at the bottom of the app.

The Norton VPN Android version is truly impressive as it’s as feature-rich as the desktop version. I would definitely say that it’s user-friendly and doesn’t require unnecessary actions to manage its features.


While many VPNs have quite limited apps for iOS, Norton VPN is not one of them. The interface is practically identical to the Android version with minor exceptions. Once you download the application from the Apple’s App Store, you will be provided with a clean and simple interface.

It has separate tabs to enable the VPN connection and select the VPN region at the bottom of the app. Additionally, you have an option to use the auto-connect button for the VPN to automatically select a country providing the fastest speeds.

However, there is one setback, as the iOS version of Norton VPN doesn’t have the kill switch or split tunneling feature just as the variant for macOS.

Norton VPN features

Norton VPN offers a basic set of features to help you protect your identity, activities and sensitive information while browsing online. While it is not packed with complex attributes like other VPNs, it definitely does the job if you need fundamental protection.

Currently, this VPN offers split tunneling, wifi security and an ad blocker as its main security features. However, since the split tunneling and a kill switch has only been recently introduced, it is fair to expect more useful perks coming in the near future.

Ad blocker

Ad Tracker Blocker is one of features that Norton VPN offers to help you get rid of intrusive pop-ups, banners, or redirects while you browse online. It is designed to not only improve your browsing experience, but also protect against malicious websites which spread malware infections.

For example, if you click on a suspicious ad, you might be redirected to a less than reliable site and prompted to install an adware. As a result, it would display even more ads to keep distributing other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). So, with Norton VPN ad tracker blocker, you can avoid such malicious ads and protect your devices.

It also displays the block history where you can check which websites were blocked in the past week, last 30 days or the whole time while using the VPN. This feature is available on all devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Wifi security

Wifi security feature allows you to stay protected in case your device connects to an unprotected network. It’s available on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets to help you remain safe while you travel or work in public places.

In simple terms, this feature triggers an automatic connection to the Norton VPN whenever an insecure network is detected. You can either customize it to start automatically or set to receive warning notifications and enable this feature yourself.

Additionally, you can add certain networks that you know are safe to the My Trusted Networks section, so that the VPN wouldn’t start when your device connects to them.

Split tunneling

Norton VPN split tunneling feature offers the possibility to exclude certain apps from connecting to the VPN. You can manually select specific applications which you don’t want to connect to the VPN whenever you use them.

If you enable this feature the selected apps will be routed directly through your ISP instead of a secure VPN connection. You can use it with generic applications, like games, which do not put your privacy at risk. However, it’s not recommended to exclude financial apps or other programs that might hold your sensitive information.

The only drawback is that currently, split tunneling is only available on Windows and Android devices.

Is Norton VPN safe?

Norton VPN is completely safe, as it uses strong encryption, as well as reliable tunneling protocols to ensure the safety of your private information. Additionally, it doesn’t collect or store data about your activities since it operates under a strict no-logs policy. Therefore, you can be sure that your sensitive details are safe while using this VPN.


In terms of security, Norton VPN uses military-grade AES-256 encryption protocol which is known to be unbreakable. Every connection to the VPN server you make is encrypted and becomes unreadable for the outsiders.

Many other respectable VPN service providers also use this cipher to protect their users’ connections. Likewise, this protocol is often regarded as the golden standard within the VPN industry.

Tunneling protocols

If you choose Norton VPN, you will have options to use two different tunneling protocols depending on your operating system. Windows and Android users are provided with the OpenVPN protocol, while macOS and iOS users get the ability to use L2TP/IPSec protocol.

Even though other VPNs have relatively more tunneling protocols, Norton VPN offers less but reliable options. For example, OpenVPN is by far one of the most prominent protocols which is often chosen for its safety. While L2TP/IPSec is not as novel as the WireGuard protocol, it is still quite reliable and used within the industry.

I would say that these protocols indeed provide security, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to implement newer ones. Taking into consideration that Norton VPN is continuously upgraded, it’s fair to say that we can expect that in the near future.

Kill switch

The kill switch feature is designed to protect your IP address in case the VPN connection is disrupted. It automatically blocks all of your traffic to ensure that the private details are not exposed.

This feature has been recently introduced by the Norton VPN for Windows and Android devices. Keep in mind that it operates as a system-wide kill switch, meaning that it stops the entire internet access instead of blocking only specific apps. You can enable it in the settings next to the split tunneling feature.

It is a useful security feature as often the VPN connection might drop for a mere second without you even noticing. So, being protected at all times is definitely something everyone would appreciate.


It’s very important to note that Norton VPN is registered in the United States which belongs to the 5 Eyes countries. Even though the US is not so privacy-friendly, this VPN ensures that none of your sensitive information would be accessible to outsiders.

In simple terms, it doesn’t collect or store logs on your online activity. As stated by Norton VPN developers, it only obtains subscriber information for communication purposes, data regarding the device you use and an aggregate bandwidth usage.

Customer support

Norton VPN users get a variety of customer support options if they have any troubles with the product or general questions about the service. You can navigate to the official website and click on the Norton Support button to get help.

Norton’s customer support system will ask you to pick the type of solution you want to choose – then, it’ll give you the list of related answers, as well as offer different ways to contact the company.

These are the support options available to you:

  • Live chat
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Online help articles
  • Messages via Facebook or Twitter
  • FAQ
  • Video tutorials
  • Community forum

Is Norton VPN worth it?

Norton VPN is a mid-range VPN which offers fundamental features, such as split tunneling and a kill switch to help you remain anonymous online.

While it can definitely protect your data, it neither supports torrenting nor unblocks a variety of streaming platforms. Likewise, if you need a VPN that would be P2P-compatible and able to give access to Netflix or other popular platforms, it’s not the best option.

However, if you’re looking for an additional layer of security as you browse online, or connect to unknown wireless networks, Norton VPN is a solid add-on to its antivirus service. It’s quite affordable, and it does quite well at handling basic tasks.

4.9 /5
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How Norton VPN compares with other VPN providers:


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