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Best free VPNs for Firestick in 2023

Amazon Firestick is an excellent tool for accessing streaming content at a press of a button. It gets even better when you can stream unlimited global content with it. If you want to stream content with a Firestick without paying for a VPN, a free VPN is your solution.

However, there are a lot of free Firestick VPNs on the market, but aside from many limitations, some aren’t secure and can’t unblock streaming platforms. After all, only a premium VPN, like NordVPN, can provide you with the best online experience. It unblocks a variety of streaming platforms and offers the most advanced security features.

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Whether you are looking for an advanced security layer or for a Firestick VPN that unblocks a magnificent list of streaming platforms, NordVPN is a VPN to go for. It ensures next-generation protection, market-leading connection speeds, and streams content in full HD.
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Yet, if you’re searching for a truly free Firestick VPN, continue reading and find only the best ones in terms of streaming, security, and overall performance.

Top 5 best free VPNs for Firestick

  1. Atlas VPN – the best free Firestick VPN overall
  2. Proton VPN – all-in-one free VPN for Amazon Fire TV
  3. Windscribe – VPN with the most free server locations
  4. Hide.me – the most anonymous free Firestick VPN
  5. ZoogVPN – a decent free VPN solution

Problems with free VPNs for Firestick

Even though having a free Firestick VPN is better than staying without VPN protection at all, several issues are inevitable. A free VPN offers minimal services. Limited monthly data and connection speed, small server fleet, and only one or two security features (even outdated ones). That’s how a free VPN tries to force you to upgrade your subscription.

Moreover, a large number of free Firestick VPNs can be dangerous. There have been cases where free VPN services collected their users’ data and sold them to third parties to make some income. Consequently, users’ online privacy and security are compromised.

Overall, it’s always better to choose a premium Amazon Firestick VPN service. Top VPNs on the market offer the most advanced suites of security features, they nearly leave no impact on connection speeds, and you can access all major streaming services worldwide. Moreover, you can try out most of them using a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cybernews pro tip

NordVPN is our favorite VPN service for Amazon Firestick overall. It has a free trial that you can combine with a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this period, you can fully enjoy its 5500 servers in 60 countries and fantastic streaming platforms' unblocking capabilities.

Get NordVPN for Amazon Firestick

Best free Fire TV Stick VPN apps - our detailed list

Picking a free VPN that has popped up first on the app store list isn’t the recommended way to go when choosing a free VPN for Fire TV. It can be both – dangerous and disappointing.

To help you, we have tested and selected a list of the best free VPN services compatible with Amazon Firestick, which offer essential security features, help you to access streaming services, and improve your online experience.

1. Atlas VPN – the best free Amazon Firestick VPN in 2023

Atlas VPN banner
Unblocks Netflix:Yes (paid-only)
Simultaneous connections:2 devices
Data cap:5 GB per month
Want to try the premium version?🔥 Get Atlas VPN, now 81% OFF! 🔥

Atlas VPN is currently the best free VPN you could get for Amazon Fire TV. With its free subscription, you can use up to 5 GB of protected data.

Security and privacy: whether you choose a free or a paid subscription, Atlas VPN offers robust protection. Like many other top VPN services, this one also uses the market-leading AES-256 encryption. And for the matter of your privacy, Atlas VPN follows a strict no-logs policy and doesn’t collect any of your activity logs nor the actual IP address.

Performance: one of the selling points of this VPN is the WireGuard tunneling protocol. It’s available for free plans and ensures that even a tiny server fleet with 3 locations to choose from won’t impact your speed too harshly. Moreover, there’s no connection speed limit.

Compatibility: to have a free Atlas VPN on your Firestick, you would need to share a VPN connection from your phone or desktop device. Overall, Atlas VPN is one of the most intuitive VPN apps.

Features: a free Atlas VPN app includes a kill switch feature that protects the IP address when a VPN connection drops. All of its servers support P2P traffic, so there should be no issues regarding torrenting. On the other hand, with a paid plan, you get the IP rotator, data hack detection, and more.

Streaming: free users won’t be able to enjoy Netflix, but YouTube works just fine. On the other hand, paid Atlas VPN is excellent for streaming Netflix, Disney+, and other major streaming platforms.

If you want to get unlimited data, a full Atlas VPN security suite, and unblock major streaming sites, a premium version should be it. The pricing starts from as low as $2.05/month.

Learn more about the service in our Atlas VPN review.

2. Proton VPN – versatile free VPN for Amazon Firestick

ProtonVPN banner
Unblocks Netflix:Yes (paid-only)
Simultaneous connections:1 device
Data cap:None
Want to try the premium version?🔥 Get up to 50% OFF Proton VPN! 🔥

Another excellent free choice for Amazon Firestick – Proton VPN. It is an open-source VPN service without any data cap. It has a dedicated Firestick app that you can easily set up and enjoy a further comfortable experience.

Security and privacy: Proton VPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is a tough nut to crack even for the most advanced intruder. And this VPN is also concerned about your security, therefore it follows a strict no-logs policy.

Performance: to balance out the tiny selection of servers in only 3 locations, Proton VPN has implemented the WireGuard tunneling proton on its application. With it, the connection speed remains good, and you also receive an additional security layer.

Compatibility: you can download the Proton VPN app straightforwardly on your Amazon Firestick. The logging-in process requires you to have an additional device to authenticate you. Nevertheless, the app itself is well-developed and user-friendly.

Features: the bigger portion of features, like P2P file sharing or NetShield, belong to paying users. Nevertheless, free users can benefit from the kill switch feature for IP protection whenever a VPN connection is lost. Additionally, there’s also DNS leak protection.

Streaming: a small server fleet that you get with a free plan isn’t a good case if you wish to unblock Netflix or other streaming services. In other words, free users can’t access streaming sites. Yet, with a paid Proton VPN plan, you can enjoy Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and other major streaming platforms.

To connect more than one device and use all the available features, you would need to pay $4.99 per month. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try out the premium version of Proton VPN.

Get to know the service better from our Proton VPN review.

3. Windscribe – free Amazon Firestick VPN for streaming

Windscribe banner
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Simultaneous connections:1 device
Data cap:2 GB (no email) or 10 GB (with email) per month
Want to try the premium version?🔥 Get 55% OFF with a 1-year plan! 🔥

Windscribe is a free VPN that you can use with Firestick to enjoy Netflix. Once you sign up for the free service, you receive 10 GB of protected data, 11 server locations to pick from, and enough features to stay secure.

Security and privacy: Windscribe is a free VPN that’s safe to use. It uses government-trusted AES-256 encryption for your online traffic. And as for authentication, it trusts the advanced SHA-512 algorithm. Even though this VPN collects some of your information, like the timestamp of the last activity using a VPN, it doesn’t collect your browsing history.

Performance: here, even free users receive the market-leading WireGuard tunneling protocol that improves your connection speed and online security. Out of 60+ paid server locations, you can use 11 free server locations that are distributed around the world.

Compatibility: after getting the app on your Fire TV and signing up for the service, the experience remains smooth. Everything is made to be easy, so you could quickly enjoy VPN benefits.

Features: this free VPN is quite generous with the features you get. Aside from a fully functional kill switch feature, you can use an ad blocker to stop malicious ads from interfering with your online experience, create a secure hotspot, and connect to two servers simultaneously. There’s also a free SOCKS5 proxy that is excellent for torrenting and bypassing restrictions.

Streaming: considering that Windscribe has 11 free server locations, your chances of unblocking Netflix increase. You may enjoy Netflix US, Germany, UK, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.

After all, a paid Windscribe version can give you more. Bigger server fleet, more accessible streaming platforms, and overall better security. The starting price is $5.75/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Find out more about the features in Windscribe review.

4. Hide.me VPN – privacy-oriented free Fire TV VPN

Hideme vpn banner
Unblocks Netflix:Yes (paid-only)
Simultaneous connections:1 device
Data cap:10 GB per month
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Certified as one of the most anonymous VPNs on the market – HIde.me VPN – works great for Amazon Firestick. With its free version, you receive up to 10 GB of secured data, 5 server locations to choose from, and all the features of a paid version.

Security and privacy: Hide.me VPN is very strict with its privacy policy and doesn’t collect any of your data. It has also been audited by DefenseCode Ltd. and certified as a truly anonymous VPN provider. To ensure your online security, this VPN uses advanced AES-256 encryption.

Performance: even though the paid Hide.me VPN version has an outstanding list of tunneling protocols, free users can only use OpenVPN, IKEv2, and the IP version, including IPv4 or IPv6. And there are 5 server locations to use; the US East, the US West, Canada, Netherlands, and Germany. Nevertheless, this VPN offers decent connection speeds.

Compatibility: to start using Hide.me VPN with Amazon Firestick you would need to take only a few steps. When the app is all set, you can connect to a server within a click and enjoy a protected connection.

Features: a mix of the kill switch and split tunneling features – Stealth guard – improves your safety and comfort level while using a VPN. However, you can use those two features separately as well. There’s a free SOCKS5 proxy for torrenting and port forwarding in addition.

Streaming: unfortunately, the free version of Hide.me VPN didn’t manage to unblock Netflix or any other streaming service during our tests. Meanwhile, you can access Netflix, and more with a premium version.

Even though Hide.me VPN free version is generous, a paid subscription gives you more. Unblocked Netflix and other streaming services, unlimited data, more extensive server fleet – this means a better online experience. The monthly price starts from $2.43.

Check out our Hide.me VPN review for more information.

5. ZoogVPN – a reliable free Firestick VPN

ZoogVPN banner
Unblocks Netflix: Yes (paid-only)
Simultaneous connections:1 device
Data cap:10 GB
Want to try the premium version?🔥 Get up to 85% OFF Zoog VPN! 🔥

ZoogVPN is one more free-of-cost VPN that you can trust using on your Amazon Firestick. It offers decent connection speeds, dedicated Firestick app, and some extra security features to benefit from.

Security and privacy: after signing up with an email to this VPN, your traffic gets protected using AES-128 encryption. And the company promises not to collect any of your activity logs.

Performance: free ZoogVPN users can choose from PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC, and the latest IKEv2 tunneling protocols. While the paid version also gives you the famous WireGuard tunneling protocol. And the free server fleet is distributed in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Compatibility: Amazon Fire TV supports ZoogVPN, meaning you can download a dedicated VPN app. The app is suitable for both – beginners and advanced users. Yet, the functionality isn’t very flexible, as you can only use the kill switch feature and choose a protocol.

Features: here, you can benefit from the kill switch feature whenever your VPN connection drops. There’s also the ZoogShadowing feature that helps users from heavily-censored countries to bypass restrictions. And the Netherlands-based servers support torrenting.

Streaming: ZoogVPN is another free service that doesn’t bypass geo-restricted content. However, everything changes if you decide to hop on the paid version; you can enjoy Netflix, Disney+, and more.

Without providing any payment details, you can use 10 GB of data for a week for free. And when the trial ends, you would need to pay as low as $1.87/month.

Free Firestick VPNs compared

For those who are rushing to find a reliable free VPN for Firestick, we have prepared a comparison table. Here, you can see every essential characteristic of our top 5 free Firestick VPNs and choose your provider within minutes.

VPN serviceData capRating Works with Apple TVUnblocks NetflixLogging
Atlas VPN 5 GB
NoYes (paid-only)No-logs policy
Proton VPNUnlimited
YesYes (paid-only)No-logs policy
Windscribe10 GB
YesYesNo-logs policy
Hide.me VPN10 GB
YesYes (paid-only)No-logs policy
ZoogVPN10 GB
YesYes (paid-only)No-logs policy

How we tested these free Firestick VPNs

When choosing a free VPN, there are more factors to consider aside from the amount of protected data you can use. Here, you can see what criteria we have followed to select only the best free VPN services for Amazon Fire TV:

  • Security and privacy. We ensure that most of our suggested VPN services would have AES-256 encryption used among the military and governmental institutions. No less important is your privacy; whether you go for a free VPN or a paid one, a strict no-logs policy should be your concern.
  • Compatability. A dedicated app for Amazon Firestick ensures better security and a comfortable experience. Hence, each VPN on the list offers an application you can download on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Features. Free VPNs already offer limited services, so putting effort into finding the one that has more than just the kill switch feature is crucial. We made sure that each VPN would have an extra feature to guarantee you a better online experience.
  • Speed. First, it’s important that a free VPN would offer the WireGuard or OpenVPN tunneling protocols. These ensure stable and good connection speeds. Additionally, free VPNs tend to limit the connection speed. So, we selected those that don’t limit the performance on their free plans.
  • Streaming. A strong VPN can help you access global streaming content. However, it’s also important that a VPN connection wouldn’t interfere with the video quality.

How do I set up a free VPN with Firestick?

Since all of our recommended VPNs have a dedicated application for Amazon Firestick, the setup process takes only a few minutes and even less effort. Here, you can see how it’s done:

  1. Choose a reliable free VPN and download the application. Atlas VPN worked great for us.
  2. From your Fire TV Home screen, head to “Settings” and select “Applications”.
Fire TV settings and applications
  1. Choose “Manage Installed Applications”.
Manage Installed applications option on Fire Stick
  1. Select the VPN app and log in.
  2. In the VPN app, pick a location and a server.
  3. Once you connect to a VPN, your IP address changes.

Note that Atlas VPN has a dedicated Firestick app for paid users only. To use this VPN on your Fire TV for free, you would need to get the app on your mobile or desktop devices and share a protected connection.

Why free VPNs might be dangerous

Getting a free Firestick VPN seems like an innocent and easy thing to do. However, you should always think twice before downloading a service. Here’s why:

  • They are possibly selling your data. It’s been discovered that free VPN services tend to collect and sell their customers’ data to third parties. The reasoning varies. It can be for permission to work in a highly-censored country or to make some income.
  • Malware infection. There are free VPNs that display annoying and dangerous ads to earn a buck. These can transfer you to malicious websites, infect your device, or make you a phishing scam victim. That’s one more way how they allow third parties to interfere with your online protection.
  • Free VPNs can track your online activity. It’s been reported that some free VPNs implement a tracker to their apps and expose their customers’ privacy. Your browsing history, location, and other personal information become accessible.
  • Outdated suite of security features. Due to low or no income, free VPNs avoid investing in advanced security features. Hence, you receive poor apps with outdated protection.

Free Firestick VPNs that do not work

There are numerous free VPN services available to download on Amazon Firestick. Yet, many of them aren’t actually compatible with Firestick. Or they are dangerous to use.

Sometimes the straightforward rule of “sounds too good to be true” can save your day. Often, if a free VPN service claims to have thousands of servers, unlimited data, and a bunch of features, it can’t be trusted.

When the moment comes, and you need to download the VPN app, we highly recommend choosing a VPN from our provided list. Or getting the cheapest premium VPN service on the market that offers all the latest features and top-notch streaming performance.


If you catch yourself considering whether having a free Firestick VPN is worth it, then the answer is yes. A free VPN can ensure essential online protection and privacy or even help access Netflix. After all, trustworthy free-of-cost VPNs are much better than staying without VPN protection.

Our favorite free VPN for Amazon Firestick in 2023 – Atlas VPN – offers a reliable service. With its free version, you can protect up to 2 devices, use up to 5 GB of monthly data, and use several of its features that improve your online experience.

However, we would recommend choosing a premium VPN, like NordVPN, that offers next-generation security, fast connection speeds, and excellent geo-restricted content unblocking capabilities.

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