Elementor website hosting review (2024)

WordPress hosting is the most popular hosting type, and Elementor is not a new name in the hosting world. Previously, Elementor was just a plug-in that required another hosting service to work. Nowadays, this is a separate website hosting service with its own website builder included.

There aren’t many reviews about this website host service available, so it’s hard to determine how reliable and efficient it is for business website hosting. Whether the performance results are good enough to host your business site successfully, or should this provider be better for personal blog websites. In addition, it’s hard to guess how useful and easy-to-use the features are and if Elementor offers something new to stand out among numerous other website hosts available on the market.

We tested Elementor hosting services to see if this website host can compete with other notable hosting providers on the market. We checked its performance, security, hosting features, website builder, and value-to-price ratio to help you decide if this website host is the best one for you.

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Elementor hosting pros and cons

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What is Elementor web hosting?

Elementor offers a website hosting solution powered by cloud technology that is perfect for WordPress hosting. This website host includes numerous useful features for business hosting, including E-commerce features and blogging tools that can easily compete with other website hosting solutions on the market. Also, there are various security features, like SSL certificates and DDoS protection, to secure your website hosting servers and your visitors.

In addition, Elementor comes with a website builder included in each subscription plan, allowing for easier website customization to meet your desired results.

More so, Elementor boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee; however, the hosting provider servers can be found in Belgium only. Additionally, it’s based on cloud hosting infrastructure, so it should handle even high-traffic periods without too many issues.

Elementor WordPress hosting plans and pricing

Elementor WordPress hosting offers 4 different plans based on the website size you intend to host. In addition, while there’s no free plan, each paid subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to safely test this service before committing to a long-term subscription.

BasicGoogle Cloud Platform, 1 WordPress website, managed WordPress hosting, CND, 10GB SSD storage, 30GB monthly bandwidth, free domain, free SSL, and DDoS protection. $9.99/month
BusinessGoogle Cloud Platform, 1 WordPress website, managed WordPress hosting, CND, 20GB SSD storage, 50GB monthly bandwidth, staging, free domain, free SSL, and DDoS protection. $19.99/month
GrowGoogle Cloud Platform, up to 3 WordPress websites, managed WordPress hosting, CND, 25GB SSD storage, 75GB monthly bandwidth, staging, site cloning, free domain, free SSL, and DDoS protection. $22.99/month
ScaleGoogle Cloud Platform, up to 10 WordPress websites, managed WordPress hosting, CND, 40GB SSD storage, 100GB monthly bandwidth, staging, site cloning, free domain, free SSL, and DDoS protection.$49.99/month

Each plan includes the website builder tool for an additional price. The website builder prices differ based on the hosting plan you’ll pick. However, each version provides the exact same features and tools.

Elementor Basic

Elementor Basic plan is best for personal website hosting since it offers limited storage and bandwidth; additionally, it supports only 1 website.

The Basic plan has all the needed features for your website hosting. That includes a Google Cloud Platform, 10GB SSD storage, CDN, 30GB monthly bandwidth, a single free Elementor domain, an SSL certificate, and email domain authentication.

However, you won’t get the staging feature or site cloning with this plan. In addition, the number of monthly visitors that a website can handle is capped at 25 thousand. Also, if more than one person works on the website, you’ll get premium customer support for only one user.

Elementor Business

Elementor Business plan is best for small businesses since it has some storage and bandwidth restrictions, as well as a monthly visitors cap. However, it’s plenty for a small or starting business and can always be scaled.

With this plan, you’ll get all the same features as the Basic plan but with extra additions. So, there’s a 1 WordPress site, managed hosting, CDN + remove 2 custom domains per site, 20GB SSD storage, 50GB monthly bandwidth available, staging feature, free domain, free SSL, and DDoS protection. Lastly, the monthly visit cap is at 50 thousand.

In addition, premium customer support will be available for 2 members. However, Site cloning isn’t available with this plan either.

Elementor Grow

Elementor Growth is the scaled version of the Elementor Business plan. This one is good for growing businesses that don’t require too many resources and comes at an approachable price.

This plan has the same features as the Business one, expands to 3 WordPress websites, 25GB SSD storage, 75GB monthly bandwidth, and includes staging and site cloning features. In addition, it can easily handle up to 75 thousand monthly visitors and will provide premium support for up to 4 users.

Elementor Scale

The Scale plan is the most exclusive option available, and it is the best for big businesses. It’s generous with resources and features and, compared to other hosting providers on the market, comes with a great price-to-value ratio.

With this plan, you’ll get the same features as the previous ones, but it also adds up to 10 WordPress websites, 40GB SSD storage, 100GB monthly bandwidth, and supports up to 100 thousand monthly visits.

You’ll get premium support for 6 members.

Elementor website builder

One of the best perks that Elementor hosting offers is its website builder. It’s straightforward to use, has various excellent features to help you customize your business website, and offers marketing features so that it can be used for E-commerce sites, making it a good competitor to other top-rated website builders on the market.

Ease of use

Elementor offers a built-in website builder with a hosting solution. This builder includes 100+ pre-existing templates and kits, with the “Hello” theme already built in. The themes are grouped into E-commerce, Creative, Events & Entertainment, Landing Pages, Media & Blogs, Education, Business & Services, and Technology.

In addition, the editor allows you to customize every part of your website – it works with a drag-and-drop functionality and requires no coding.

elementor website builder interface

This editor allows you to customize colors, fonts, set animation, and motion effects. More so, there are over 100 powerful widgets for you to pick and choose from.

Website elements

You can edit all of the website elements – from headers and footers to setting new settings for global fonts and colors (set the same for the entire website). In addition, you can create custom logos, add features to your website or remove them (like headers or footers).

From Elementor’s editing dashboard, you can add different elements to your website – they are grouped into Basic, pro, and General. The Basic features include videos, text blocks, dividers, and heading.

Moving on, the Pro panel includes many more advanced features. That includes the likes of animations, portfolios, galleries, price lists and tables, allows you to embed social media posts, and many others.

elementor website builder elements

This Pro tab is where you’ll find the tools needed to build an E-commerce site, so you can start selling goods and services.

Marketing features

Elementor website builder helps you successfully create your WooCommerce site for your business. You can build landing pages without coding and easily integrate your email marketing tools, social media, analytics, and WordPress.

In addition, you can customize every part of your online store, without the need to code. Build landing pages and popups, customize carts, product pages, and more in minutes.

Elementor website hosting management

Elementor covers your basic needs to host and manage your business site. Since it’s limited to only WordPress hosting, the features can be lacking, especially compared to other hosting giants available.

Here are the main features available, which are all easy to use and practical for both beginner and experienced hosts.

Elementor management dashboard

Elementor’s native management dashboard allows you to manage your website and subscription from one place easily.

elementor management dashboard

From here, you can access your WordPress editor, edit your site with Elementor, and manage your site, including the staging tool. More so, you can connect emails if more than one person is using this dashboard, different domains (if your plan allows it), and access databases of your subscription.

The Elementor native dashboard also allows you to access customer support and FAQ pages to find all the needed information and guides for better management and use.

Hosting setup

To begin with setting up your website on Elementor, you first need to pick a subscription plan that fits your needs and provides enough resources for your website size.

After picking your subscription plan and paying for it, the setup process is pretty easy to navigate:

  1. On the main Elementor management dashboard, find a “Create a hosted website” button and click it. elementor hosting setup
  2. Then, you’ll be asked to give your website a name (you can change it later).
  3. You’ll get a custom Elementor domain meant only for building your site.
  4. Then pick what kind of website you’re creating – Portfolio, Blog, Online Store, or Business/Corporate website.
  5. Finally, you’ll be presented with many different templates and kits to pick to start setting up your website. Alternatively, you can build the website from scratch and customize all parts yourself.

Staging tool

The staging tool helps you safely test the designs you’ve picked and customized on a duplicated environment that mirrors your website. This way, you can make and test out changes without disturbing your site and making mistakes.

You can find the staging tool on your main dashboard by clicking “Manage your website”.

elementor staging tool

Then you’ll be able to create a staging environment that will look exactly how you created the website.

Custom domain registration and support

The default domain that Elementor provides you with upon website creation is very long and unprofessional looking. Therefore, before making your website live, you should change the domain name to something better representing.

Elementor supports custom domains; however, you need to purchase them from third parties. You can click on “+ Buy a domain” to purchase it from Elementor’s partner page or from wherever you prefer and then connect it to your Elementor website.

elementor custom domain

Email services

Adding an email linked with your custom domain makes your business appear more professional and avoids having your mail appear as spam. Therefore, Elementor allows setting up professional email services that you can set up with three partner providers– Zoho, Google, and Microsoft.

elementor email services

An important thing to note is that you can only add an email account if you’ve already purchased and connected Elementor to your custom domain name.

Elementor hosting performance

Elementor hosting offers only one data center available – and it’s in Belgium. This is why connecting from further locations can lead to worse performance results. However, from the tests we ran with GTMetrix with our mock-up site, we can assure you that Elementor ensures stable and mostly speedy performance, managing even high-traffic periods.

We ran two tests to challenge Elementor, and here’s what we found:

  1. Speed. We tested Elementor’s loading times from different locations (the US, UK, and India). Even with only one data center in Belgium, Elementor still showed impressive results with the US and UK locations, while India was the slowest one. The best result came from the UK – it took only 715ms till the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) was fully loaded. To compare, for India, it took 3.7s. So, the speediest times will come from locations closest to the data center. elementor loading time test
  2. Stress testing. We sent 50 visitors to test out our website’s response and performance. The increase in visitors is shown with the gray line, while the response time is light blue. As you can see, the response time mainly stayed the same. The only bump was at the very start. So, it ensures that Elementor can handle visitor surges and still perform reliably. elementor stress testing

Overall, Elementor ensures stable and reliable performance if people visiting your site are from around the data center location. The performance starts lacking outside of Europe.


Not only does Elementor manage your security, but this provider offers reliable safety features to cover the most important points. Here are the main points broken down for you:

  • Free SSL certificate – with every plan, you’ll get a free SSL certificate that ensures secure connections to your website. In addition, it will protect sensitive information by encrypting it.
  • DDoS and firewall protection – with Elementor, you’ll get integrated DDoS protection from online threats. Better yet, there’s also a firewall to prevent cyber threats.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Elementor manages your website monitoring with its own tools, checkups, and a security team.
  • Automatic and On-Demand Backups – Elementor has automatic daily backups so that you can restore the previous version of your website whenever you wish. In addition, you can also back up your site on-demand whenever you need to.
  • Auto Security Updates – Elementor will automatically update your website’s security and fix any issues without you needing to do anything.
  • Site Lock – this website host offers a feature that allows you to lock your website and keep it hidden while you’re working on developing it. You can also use the lock feature to only make your website available via a pin code.

Elementor customer support

24/7 Live chat
Ticketing system
Knowledge base (FAQ)
Community support

Elementor provides various customer support options for their users. All these channels are accessible from your management dashboard with all the needed resources available.

elementor customer support

We have tested out Elementor’s 24/7 Live Chat option, and there is still some room to grow. The chat begins with an AI that, based on your issue, then directs your communication to a live agent. However, getting in contact with a human agent can take a little while, so if your issue is time sensitive, this might be quite a drawback for you.

On the other hand, once we contacted an Elementor agent, the responses were really quick and helpful.

Elementor vs other hosting platforms

With so many hosting solutions available on the market, it’s rather difficult to stand out. However, there are a few features that Elementor has that do bring this service out to the forefront and make it an exciting solution to consider:

  • Elementor hosting comes with its website builder included.
  • Elementor has a great scalability option to grow the size of your business.
  • Based on cloud hosting, Elementor ensures high-performance results regardless of where your visitor connects.

Wrapping up

Elementor hosting is a reliable mid-way hosting provider that offers various useful features to both host and build a business website. This hosting provider offers all the basics you need to host and build a professional-looking website and then scale it if there’s a need. However, there isn’t anything to make this service stand out from other website hosts available.

While yes, Elementor comes with its own website builder as well, other options on the market also offer this feature for less money, like our top-rated Hostinger. In addition, Elementor still has room to grow since it only supports WordPress hosting, and has only one server location available, which can damage the performance.

Overall, Elementor hosting is a good and reliable option for beginners in website hosting. Still, it just might not be enough for experienced users that require more features and better performance.


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