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Remove Google Lead Services malware

Do you frequently come across annoying pop-ups on your browser that redirect you to websites you don’t intend to visit? Or just get the feeling that there’s an advertisement overload on your browser?

Well, you might have Google Lead services installed, an adware that infected your system. Although a simple adware, it’s actually a browser hijacker that shows annoying advertisements on your browser while generating revenue for malicious actors. Both PCs and smartphones are susceptible to such adware. At times, they can expose your device to serious security threats.

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So, if you are wondering how to remove Google Lead Services, the process is simple enough. The easiest way is to use an antivirus, but it can also be done manually. Usually, this malware gets into your system with other legitimate applications like file converters. So, read on to learn the right steps to get rid of these irritating ads and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

What is Google Lead Services?

Google Lead Services is a potentially harmful adware that displays unwanted advertisements on your browser. While it’s easy to consider Google Lead Services to be something affiliated with Google, it’s actually not and, in fact, is harmful adware. Malicious players use this deceptive name to run a rogue network of advertising. Although they resemble legitimate ads from Google, they are designed to take benefit in terms of revenue.

However, certain ads may also carry more serious threats as they redirect you to malware-infected or phishing websites. As an adware, Google Lead Services is capable of modifying your browser settings. In the process, it displays annoying ads on your web pages.

This adware is designed to collect information on your browsing history, search queries, and IP address. This data can be used to deliver more targeted advertisements or simply sell your personal information to third parties.

NameGoogle Lead Services
TypeAdware, browser hijacker
DeviceWindows and macOS, sometimes Android
SymptomsUnwanted ads, slower browser, illegitimate search results, and redirection to other sites
DamageAlthough not too dangerous, it can cause other malware to get into your device

Examples of similar scams and malware

Examples of similar adware include DollarRevenue, FireBall, and Gator. Users must remember that Google Lead Services is just one of the several adware programs designed to intrude your system. Along with this, other malware works in a similar way. They redirect your browser to sites you don’t intend to visit besides displaying unwanted ads.

Similar to Google Lead Services, they can enter your device along with a legitimate tool or come bundled with other apps. It’s imperative to eliminate them from your device to enjoy a safe online browsing experience. With a defensive stance against these malware and scams, you can maintain a high degree of cyber resilience.

How did Google Lead Services get installed in your system?

Before we explain how to get rid of Google ads, it’s important to understand how the adware made its way to your device in the first place. When you know how the malware gets into your system, you can strengthen your defense and keep it from affecting your browsing experience. So, check out the common channels through which Google Lead Services can affect your system.

  • Cracked or pirated files. You might have downloaded some cracked software or tools on your computer. It could have been a free version of a paid tool or a cracked version of an OS, for example. Such malicious adware often gets into your system through illegitimate software through bundling.
  • Malicious links. It’s common for Google Lead Services to get into your PC or phone when you click on malicious links. You might have accidentally clicked on one of these links, which led to the installation of the software on your system.
  • Bundling with other apps. Bundling refers to a deceptive method where additional files are installed with another program in the system without the user’s consent. Often, Google Lead Services gets into your PC through bundling when you download software from an unreliable source.
  • Visiting harmful sites. In case you accidentally landed on a malicious website while browsing, the adware may have been installed on your system. So, make sure your browser is free from vulnerabilities to keep these threats at bay.

How to get rid of Google Lead Services with an antivirus

There’s no denying that the adware turns out to be irritating and potentially harmful, therefore, you must be wondering how to get rid of Google Lead Services fast. The easiest and the most effective way is by using an antivirus app. Follow the steps below on how to get rid of Google ads with antivirus software in no time:

  1. Download a reputable antivirus software with real-time protection features. We strongly recommend TotalAV, now 80% OFF, to protect your device from any type of threat TotalAV website
  2. Install the antivirus app on your infected device and log in Install TotalAV on Mac
  3. Make sure real-time protection is enabled Enabling real-time protection on Mac TotalAV
  4. Carry out a full system scan, which will remove all the malware on your device, including Google Lead Services TotalAV system scan

How to remove Google Lead Services manually

There's another way of removing Google Lead Services from your system – getting rid of it manually. This is a more complex way requiring more steps, but can still be effective when done properly. Follow the steps below carefully for a manual removal.

1. Remove unwanted browser extensions

If you notice extensions on your browser that you did not install or give permission for, make sure to remove them. Below, you’ll find detailed guides for different browsers.

Remove extensions on Chrome and Brave

  1. On the top right corner, you will find three dots, click on them Chrome extension removal
  2. Hover over Extensions, then Manage Extensions, and select it Remove extension on Chrome
  3. If you find any suspicious extensions, simply remove them Removing suspicious extensions on Chrome

Remove extensions on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the three lines at the top right of the browser window
  2. Go to Add-ons and themes Firefox extension removal
  3. Now remove any suspicious extensions Remove Mozilla Firefox extensions

2. Reset browser’s settings

Google Lead services, like many other adware, can tamper with browser settings. So, sometimes it’s best to just reset the whole browser, to make sure any threats are removed.

Reset Chrome and Brave

  1. On the top right corner of your browser, click on the three dots
  2. Navigate to Settings and click it Resetting settings on Chrome
  3. Under Settings, go to the menu at the left and click on Reset Settings Chrome reset
  4. Next, choose the option Restore settings to their original defaults and click Confirm confirm chrome reset

Mozilla Firefox

  1. On the top right-hand side, click on the three dots
  2. Next, go to Help and click it Firefox resetting steps
  3. Click on More troubleshooting information Resetting steps on Firefox
  4. A new window will open, where you need to choose Refresh Firefox and then confirm it refresh Firefox browser

3. Remove suspicious applications

Adware, such as Google Lead Services, may expose you to other malware, potentially allowing more threats into your device. Here’s how you can remove any suspicious applications on Windows:

  1. At the bottom left corner of your screen, click on the Windows icon or the search bar
  2. Type in ‘Control Panel’ and click on it from the options that appear Uninstall app on Windows
  3. In the new window, click on Programs Programs on Windows
  4. Search for any suspicious applications, right-click on them, and choose Uninstall Uninstall suspicious applications
  5. In case you face difficulties when uninstalling suspicious apps, look for Task Manager in the search bar, find the corrupt app with the same name or one that uses a significant amount of CPU, right-click, and choose the force quit option. Now, go back to step 1 and try to uninstall it again.

If you still fail to remove any suspicious programs from your device, your best choice is to download a trusted antivirus program, such as TotalAV, and run a full system scan. This will remove any malicious files or software in no time and will keep your device secure in the future.

How to protect your device against malware

The following tips will help you secure your device from Google Lead Services and any other types of cyber threats.

  • Keep your system updated. Update your applications and OS regularly to prevent Google Lead Services and other malware from affecting your device.
  • Do not download suspicious extensions. Refrain from downloading any suspicious extensions. When you install new extensions, make sure you get them from the official source.
  • Download only genuine files. Try not to download pirated or cracked files, like movies or games. This content might potentially come bundled with Google Lead Services or other malware.
  • Maintain online hygiene. Don’t click on suspicious links or links on suspicious sites. Keep away from websites containing cracked games, pirated movies, or adult content. Take care when opening suspicious emails, too.
  • Carry out data backup. Malware attacks can cause significant disruptions in your system, resulting in the loss of valuable data. So, make sure to back up any valuable data to prevent loss.
  • Download a reputable antivirus software. The key to staying protected against online threats and malware is to install a trusted antivirus. Use a reliable antivirus with real-time protection and regularly run full system scans.


Google Lead Services is an adware that can be quite annoying and even pose a risk to your online security. There are a few ways on how to remove Google ads, including manually removing suspicious browser extensions or suspicious apps from your device. But the easiest and the most effective way to remove Google Lead Services is by installing a reliable antivirus.

One of the most effective antivirus tools to stay secure from Google Lead Services and other cyber threats is TotalAV. It scans the whole system and provides real-time protection, eliminating malicious elements the very second they try to get into your device.


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