Stormous claims cyberattack on Belgian brewer

The ransomware group Stormous has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on Duvel Moortgat brewery on Wednesday – but drinkers will be relieved to learn it has enough beer in stock to weather the storm.

The ransom gang took to dark web on March 7th, the day after the attack, to list Duvel as its latest victim. As yet there is no sign of the Belgian brewer caving in to any ransom demands, nor any indication as to what those demands may be.

Screenshot of Stormous ransom claims on Duvel
Stormous lists victims on the dark web - at the top it names Belgian brewer Duvel Moortgat, which reported suffering a ransomware attack yesterday

So raise a glass, if you can, to the fortitude of Duvel Moortgat, after it told local media in Belgium alarms went off in the early hours of March 6th at its IT department, which scrambled to meet the incoming ransomware attack.

“Ransomware had been detected,” said spokesperson Ellen Aarts later that day. “Production was therefore immediately stopped. It is not yet known when it could start again. We hope today or tomorrow.”

But she added: “We have more than enough beer in stock to cover this production stop.”

Duvel’s brewery is in Breendonk, Antwerp. Best known for its eponymously named Duvel, a golden ale sold internationally and noted for its strength and flavor, it also produces the popular Vedett and Maredsous beers.

Predictably, Belgian beer drinkers reacted to news of the incident posted on Reddit with typical bar-room humor.

“This must be met with nuclear retaliation,” joked drunkbelgianwolf.

“I think this should be classified under National Emergency,” agreed De-Roymeester.

Modoz, however, had an insight to offer. “My friend working there just told me that the beer pumps are still working,” they posted, “so all people working there (except IT) are now drinking beers in the cafeteria.”

Which, Cybernews must note, is really too bad for the IT department.

At the time of writing, it is not yet known precisely when Duvel Moortgat will resume full-scale production – nor who was responsible for the attack.