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Damien Black

Damien Black

Damien Black is a Senior Journalist at Cybernews.

He got his first job in newspapers in South-East Asia, working as a sub-editor for an English-language broadsheet covering local and international politics and business. Since then, he has worked for a variety of news-stand and contract publications in the UK, including the Independent, Big Issue, and Metro.

Damien recently took a break from journalism and copywriting to focus on his own fiction: he has written and published three novels, as well as a novella and a collection of short stories. In his spare time he still works on Game Of The Gods, an interactive text-based adventure story that has received praise on Google Play and App Store.

His central thesis as a writer is that a well-crafted sentence can send ideas far and wide, something he aspires to do for at least five days a week. Though new to the cyberworld, he believes it is the human stories within it that ultimately make it interesting.