Rhysida ransom gang sells child patient data

Ransomware group Rhysida plumbed new lows with the declaration that it has sold data it stole from a US children’s hospital.

“Bastards sold all the children’s data,” read cybersecurity pundit Dominic Alvieri’s laconic but effective tweet posted on X on March 7th regarding data stolen from Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Last week, Alvieri posted details of the ransomware gang’s claims to have hacked into the hospital, complete with an extortion demand of 60 BTC.

A single Bitcoin is currently valued at around $66,000, so it can only be presumed that Lurie simply could not or would not fork out a staggering $4 million at such short notice.

“All data was sold,” bragged Rhysida in its latest dark web post on the matter. “Stay with us, we will upload new companies later.”

However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for potential future victims of the ruthless online cartel, whose source codes were recently hacked by South Korean researchers in what has been described as Rhysida’s Enigma moment.

First spotted last year, Rhysida is known for going after “targets of opportunity,” including the education, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and government sectors.

It has a notorious reputation for focusing on hospitals but has also hacked into the British Library, the UK’s most prestigious public storehouse of books, journals, and other written records.

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