LockBit adds Audio-Technica to victim list

Audio-Technica, the Japanese audio equipment manufacturer, has been uploaded to LockBit’s dark-web blog, suggesting the company may have been breached by the notorious ransomware gang.

LockBit added the prominent audio equipment maker on March 9. Cybernews reached out to Audio-Technica via the company’s contact form, but did not receive a reply before going to press.

LockBit and other ransomware gangs use leak sites to showcase their latest victims. Some add a countdown clock as an intimidation technique, threatening victims with the release of their data if ransom demands are not met.

Audio-Technica is a well-recognized global brand within the audio equipment market, producing everything from headphones to sophisticated turntables and microphones.

Audio Technica LockBit
Image by Cybernews.

According to researchers at cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes, LockBit had the highest count of victims in February, with 51 organizations on its list.

LockBit was the most prominent ransomware gang of 2022. More generally it has been among the most prolific in the illegal ransomware business, targeting nearly 1,500 victims, data from the deep-web watchdog Darkfeed shows.

Recently the gang made headlines for extorting UK postal service Royal Mail. However, leaked conversations between the gang and the company show some companies resist succumbing to cybercriminals, going so far as to call the ransom demands “absurd.”

LockBit has been linked with other prominent Russia-affiliated ransomware cartels, such as Conti and its successor Black Basta and DarkSide and its descendants BlackMatter and BlackCat/ALPHV.

While there’s little doubt LockBit’s leader, nicknamed LockBitSupp, resides in Russia, he is believed to employ some truly Bondian techniques to evade detection.

For example, he has said he uses SpaceX’s Starlink internet connection to make it more difficult to track him down, should the authorities ever identify his point of network access.

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