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Royal Mail was hit by Russia-linked ransomware group LockBit

Royal Mail has been targeted by a ransomware group with Russian ties, LockBit, which has since threatened to publicly release the stolen data.

Earlier this week, the British multinational postal service company suffered an incident that caused disruption to its international export services. As of Thursday, it was still unable to dispatch items overseas.

A few media outlets with sources close to the investigation reported that the company was hit with LockBit ransomware. Royal Mail has also allegedly received a ransom note saying, “Lockbit Black Ransomware. Your data are stolen and encrypted.”

Although the ransom demand can range in millions, the same sources claimed that it’s possible to get the system working again.

Royal Mail has not indicated when is it going to resume international deliveries, with the incident currently under investigation.

LockBit ransomware leads the criminal realms of digital extortion. The gang, which is believed to be linked to Russia, is behind a number of high-profile ransomware attacks. As such, they have targeted The Department of Finance of the State of California, St. Marys, a town in southwestern Ontario, and French telecom company La Post Mobile.

According to research by threat intelligence firm Digital Shadows, LockBit was the most active criminal group in the second quarter of 2022, with 231 attributed victims.

“We tend to think that the lawlessness of ransomware stems from chaos and disorder, but LockBit is an example of a criminal enterprise organized around the common goal to make money, albeit illegally and at others’ expense,” Jason McGinnis, president of cybersecurity company Silversky, told Cybernews.

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