Intel presents the “fastest processor in the world”

Intel has introduced its newest processor, the 14th Gen i9-14900KS, claiming it to be the fastest desktop processor in the world.

Its technical features include providing “up to 6.2 gigahertz (GHz) max turbo frequency” and “24 cores/32 threads and 36 megabytes (MB) of Intel Smart Cache” for fast and high-quality performance. It also includes a reliable cooling system.

What do these features mean for potential users? According to Intel’s Vice President Roger Chandler, the newest processor should boost its user experience – especially for gamers and content creators – to a higher degree, allowing them to reach new levels of performance.

Intel claims that gamers can notice a 15% increase in performance, while content creators can expect a 75% boost when comparing the 14th Gen i9-14900KS to the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor.

Overclockers managed to push 14900KS up to 9.118GHz, setting a new world record for processor frequency.

Intel Core product
Intel Core

The processor is already available for purchase. Users who are interested in an upgrade are already asking how it’s different from its predecessors and, most importantly, if it’s worth buying.

Various reviewers shared mixed findings, revealing that Intel’s previous processor editions don’t differ much in areas such as performance or memory size.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the 14900KS is mostly a higher-clocked silicon copy of the standard Core i9-14900K. It has the same physical design with eight threaded performance cores and 16 single-threaded efficiency cores.