OpenAI launches ChatGPT for Android

The ChatGPT app is now available to download from the Google Play Store in the US and three other countries.

The ChatGPT app for Android has launched, several months after an iOS version for iPhones and iPads came out. Like the iOS version launched in May, it’s free to use and is first available for users in the US, Brazil, Bangladesh, and India.

More countries will be added to the list over the next week, according to OpenAI, with the app promising to bring the company’s “latest advancements at your fingertips.”

The push to reach a new user base comes after ChatGPT use dropped for the first time in June and it was dethroned by Threads, Meta’s Twitter rival, as the fastest growing platform ever.

After launching its more advanced GPT-4 model ChatGPT Plus in March, the company stumbled in rolling out new features as it faced security and copyright concerns.

Earlier this month, OpenAI was forced to disable ChatGPT’s web browsing function, which was available as part of the paid subscription, after reports that it bypassed paywalls. Last week, it quietly disabled its AI detection tool due to a “low rate of accuracy.”

OpenAI was also sued by comedian Sarah Silverman and two other authors over allegations it illegally used their books to train its artificial intelligence models.

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