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Top eSIM providers and plans in Taiwan 2024

Does ‘No more dealing with physical SIM cards’ sound good to you? Well, you can now achieve this. We’re glad to introduce you to the new and unique technology – eSIM cards. Unlike regular SIMs, eSIMs are digital, and you don’t need to install them in your device physically. Just download, activate, and you’re ready to connect to the world. For a comprehensive overview of eSIM options worldwide, check out our guide to the best eSIM providers.

With a Taiwan travel eSIM, you'll stay seamlessly connected while exploring bustling night markets, navigating Taipei's efficient public transportation, or sharing stunning photos from Sun Moon Lake – all without the hassle of hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots or worrying about excessive roaming charges.

Top 5 eSIM providers for Taiwan – our shortlist

What to consider when choosing eSIM for travel in Taiwan?

When selecting an eSIM for Taiwan, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve decided to put up a complete list of all the essential factors:

  • Coverage. The first thing that you should be interested in is the eSIM coverage. Coverage refers to the number of available countries and local, regional, or global plans. For example, there might be an eSIM for Taiwan only, but there could also be an eSIM package for the whole region of Asia.
  • Data plans. Having unlimited data is excellent in an eSIM for Taiwan. However, as this is only possible with some eSIM providers, you should check the data plans before choosing. You wouldn’t want to run out of data and pay roaming costs, right?
  • Cost. Different eSIM providers have different prices, so this factor is crucial. Before deciding, compare the prices of a few eSIM operators and see which one best fits your budget.
  • Compatibility. Not all mobile phones work with eSIMs, so you should confirm whether the eSIM you want to use is compatible with your phone. Luckily, you can check this on the provider’s official website.
  • Activation process. eSIMs should save you time, not make your trip harder. That’s why you need to consider the ease of activation. For instance, some eSIMs allow you to download them from home and activate them only when you arrive at your destination.
  • Validity period. Another crucial thing you need to explore is the validity period. Maybe you’ve installed your travel eSIM for Taiwan upfront, so you don’t want to be left without Internet services when you start your trip.

The best eSIMs for Taiwan travel – our detailed list

To provide you with the best eSIM providers for Taiwan travel, we tested some of the most notable eSIM providers and focused on their essential features. Based on our tests, here are the eSIM providers we recommend:

1. Saily – best eSIM for Taiwan in 2024

Saily esim banner
Coverage:150+ countries, including Taiwan
Plans in Taiwan:5
Supports 5G:Yes
Regional plans:No

We’re starting strong. If you want a reliable eSIM with numerous plans for Taiwan and other countries, check out Saily. Let’s see why it’s one of the top choices of users worldwide.

Coverage. Saily is one of the providers with the broadest coverage, allowing you to use this eSIM in more than 150 countries, including Taiwan. As a result, you’ll always have an Internet connection and get the most out of your trip. Read our full Saily review for a more detailed look at Saily's offerings, or read on for the brief version.

Data plans. Saily offers five different plans for Internet usage. You can choose from 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20GB of mobile data. The 1GB plan lasts seven days, while the rest last 30 days.

Activation process. You can use Saily in a few minutes. All you need to do is visit the official website, pick your preferred plan, and install it on your device. The whole process is a piece of cake!

Price. Saily starts at only $3.99/week, so you will get excellent value for such a low price and enjoy a cost-efficient trip.

2. Airalo – Taiwan prepaid eSIM with cost-efficient plans

Airalo banner
Coverage:200+ countries and regions, including Taiwan
Plans in Taiwan:6
Supports 5G:Yes
Regional plans:Yes

Airalo comes in second place, and there’s a strong reason. Not only can you use it in 200+ countries, but there are also regional and global eSIM plans.

Coverage. Airalo is known for its worldwide coverage. In other words, it has 200+ local eSIM plans, including one for Taiwan. On top of that, it comes with regional and global packages that have you covered for multiple countries.

Data plans. You have plenty of choices thanks to Airalo’s six plans for Taiwan. You can pick 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20GB data plans for 7, 15, or 30 days (depending on your chosen plan). This is great because you will be able to plan how much data you will approximately need.

Activation process. Airalo is also known for its effortless activation process. The steps are straightforward. Open the Airalo website, find a suitable plan, and install it on your mobile device. Once you do that, you’re good to go.

Price. Last but not least, Airalo is one of the most budget-friendly eSIM providers. The 1GB data plan's starting price is $4.50/week.

3. Nomad - eSIM for Japan and Taiwan

Nomad banner
Coverage:200+ countries and regions, including Taiwan
Plans in Taiwan:10
Supports 5G:Yes
Regional plans:Yes

Nomad is another fantastic choice if you plan on travelling to Taiwan. Ten Taiwan eSIM plans and additional regional options will ensure you stay connected. For full details about Nomad's global offerings, see our comprehensive Nomad review.

Coverage. Like Airalo, Nomad has eSIMs for over 200 countries and regions. Luckily, one is in Taiwan so you can pick the most suitable deal. Of course, you can check some of its regional plans if you want to visit more countries.

Data plans. Nomad has the widest range of data plans on our list. You can choose between 10 eSIMs with 1GB (two plans), 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50GB of data. That said, you can pick the perfect eSIM data plan for your trip and not worry about running out of data.

Activation process. Are you using an eSIM for the first time? Don’t worry! You shouldn’t have any issues because Nomad lets you pick and download a plan on your device. Then, once you arrive at your destination, you will have immediate Internet access.

Price. Lastly, Nomad’s price depends on the eSIM plan you choose. However, if you need it only for seven days, you will pay $4/week.

4. Jetpac – straightforward Taiwan eSIM

JetPac banner
Coverage:100+ countries, including Taiwan
Plans in Taiwan:8
Supports 5G:No
Regional plans:Yes

Jetpac is one of the most unique eSIMs for Taiwan. Its starting plan is called one-for-one, which means you pay a dollar and get 1GB of mobile data. But let’s see what else it offers.

Coverage. Although available in 100+ countries, Jetpac offers some of the most popular travel destinations. Due to this, you will find an eSIM for Taiwan and further enhance your journey.

Data plans. Jetpac offers eight data plans for Taiwan. Depending on your travel duration, you can choose from data packages totalling 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40GB — even better, some plans last 4, 7, and 30 days.

Activation process. Jetpac makes the whole activation process a cakewalk. Just choose your plan and download it on your device. You can also set the activation date from home to avoid losing time while travelling.

Price. As mentioned, the 4-day plan with 1GB of data costs only $1. Jetpac is a very cost-efficient eSIM provider.

5. aloSIM – incredible Taiwan eSIM with phone number

aloSIM banner
Coverage:170+ countries, including Taiwan
Plans in Taiwan:6
Supports 5G:Yes
Regional plans:Yes

While most eSIMs lack a phone number, that’s not the case with aloSIM. Not only will you get an international phone number with aloSIM’s Taiwan plans, but you’ll also enjoy many other benefits.

Coverage. aloSIM has incredible coverage. You can get some of its plans for 170+ countries, where one of them is also Taiwan. Asia and the Asia Five Pack regional plans also include Taiwan data.

Data plans. Speaking of data, aloSIM offers six plans: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20GB. One plan lasts seven days, while one lasts 15. The rest are available for 30 days.

Activation process. Once you choose aloSIM, you won’t have any issues with the activation. All you have to do is get your perfect plan and download it on the device you’ll be using, and that’s it.

Price. aloSIM is also an incredibly affordable eSIM provider, with its 1GB data plan costing only $4.50/week.

Benefits of using eSIM in Taiwan

There are many benefits of using eSIM cards in Taiwan. So, if you think they’re only suitable for offering you access to the Internet, you’re mistaken. Let’s find out what else will you enjoy:

  • Immediate Internet access. As eSIMs are wholly digital, you only need to open the website, find your preferred plan, and install it. Then, as soon as you land at your destination, you can connect to the local carrier and have Internet access anytime.
  • Convenience. Thanks to their digital nature, eSIMs offer a very high level of convenience. Instead of going from store to store and searching for a SIM card, you can do everything online without wasting time on your trip. Also, they’re straightforward to install.
  • Security. Public Wi-Fi networks can endanger your online security. Therefore, using an eSIM and connecting to mobile data is best. You’ll avoid all cyberattacks and still enjoy Internet usage.
  • Flexibility. eSIMs are flexible, so you don’t need to sign a contract. You just pick for how long you will need it, and that’s not all. Even if you cancel it upfront, you don’t pay any additional fees.
  • Cost-efficient. Another great perk is that eSIMs save you a significant amount of money. As you can see in our detailed list above, the price range for the starting plans varies from around $3 to $4.50/week.
  • Free phone number. While not all eSIM providers come with a phone number, some will allow you to use a new one for free and not pay anything for making international calls.

How to set up Taiwan eSIM

Setting up a Taiwan eSIM is a straightforward process that typically takes just a few minutes. Here's a general guide:

  1. Choose a reliable eSIM provider (we recommend Saily, but there are other great eSIM options).
  2. Select your destination and preferred data plan.
  3. Purchase the eSIM and receive a QR code or download link.
  4. Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Add eSIM on your device.
  5. Scan the QR code with a barcode reader or manually enter the details.
  6. Follow the prompts to activate your new eSIM.
  7. For detailed, device-specific instructions, refer to our guides on using an eSIM on Samsung phones or setting up an eSIM on iPhone.

Where to get eSIM in Taiwan?

While you can buy a traditional SIM card at any mobile operator store in Taiwan, eSIMs are a much better option. This is because they’re more convenient and cheaper.

More precisely, you don’t need to look for a specialised store and can get the eSIM online. Also, the installation process takes a few minutes. Aside from this, they are much cheaper than traditional SIM cards because their price varies from $3 to $4.50 for a 7-day data plan for Taiwan.

If this sounds intriguing, you will want to know where to purchase an eSIM for Taiwan. One option is to find a local mobile operator that offers eSIMs and get it from the store, but it’s much better to do this online.

You can choose from some of the best eSIMs, such as Saily, Airalo, Nomad, Jetpac, aloSIM, or any other provider that fits your needs. While it didn’t quite make our top 5 for Taiwan, Holafly is another popular eSIM provider worth considering. Find your perfect plan and download it via the official website or scanning a QR code.

Things to know about using an eSIM card in Taiwan

Before using an eSIM in Taiwan, keep these important points in mind:

  • Phone compatibility: Ensure your device supports eSIM technology. Most newer smartphones do, but it's worth checking your phone's specifications or contacting the manufacturer if you need clarification.
  • Unlocked device: Your phone must be unlocked to use an eSIM from a different provider. If your phone is locked to a specific carrier, contact them to request unlocking.
  • Validity period: Pay attention to the eSIM validity period. Some allow activation postponement for a few months, while others may have stricter timeframes. Always check this before installation.
  • Network coverage: Research the network coverage of your eSIM provider in the specific areas of Taiwan you plan to visit. While coverage is generally good in urban areas, it may vary in more remote locations.
  • Data usage: Monitor your data usage to steer clear of unexpected charges or running out of data. Most eSIM apps provide tools to track your usage.
  • Backup option: Consider having a backup connectivity option, such as a physical SIM card or a second eSIM, especially for longer trips or travel to more remote areas.
  • 5G availability: Taiwan has been rapidly expanding its 5G network. As of 2024, 5G coverage is widely available in major cities and tourist areas. If your device supports 5G and you plan to use data-intensive applications, choosing a Taiwan travel eSIM provider with 5G access can significantly enhance your connectivity experience.

By considering these factors, you will have a smooth and hassle-free experience with your eSIM in Taiwan.

Does my phone support eSIM?

To check whether your phone is compatible with eSIMs, you need to open the specifications and check this. However, most new phone models work seamlessly with this new technology.

Still, some phones don’t work with eSIMs, which may limit your trip to Taiwan and cause you a lot of frustration and unnecessary hassle. Here is a brief guide on how to check this:

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on “Connections” and then “SIM Manager.”
  3. If there’s an option to add eSIM, your device likely supports it.

For iPhone:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to “General,” then About, and look for “No SIM restrictions.”
  3. If there’s such an option, you shouldn’t have issues.

Final thoughts on eSIMs for Taiwan

An eSIM is convenient if you plan to travel to foreign countries because you don’t need to visit a store and physically install a SIM card into your mobile device. The whole process goes online, meaning you simply find a reliable eSIM provider and download it on your phone. Remember that eSIMs cut costs by preventing roaming expenses and offering immediate Internet access. If your phone is compatible with an eSIM, consider using Saily, Airalo, Nomad, Jetpac, or aloSIM. We encourage you to use the information in this guide to make an informed decision on an eSIM for Taiwan based on your specific travel itinerary, data needs, and budget for your upcoming trip.


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