Bumble to use AI to detect fake dating accounts

The online dating app will fight fake accounts and scams at the backend using AI.

Bumble Inc. has announced a new tool called Deception Detector. By employing AI, the company is expected to reduce the amount of fake dating profiles and scams before they reach users.

So far, during testing, the new tool has managed to successfully block 95% of fake accounts, says the company. To ensure users’ safety, the model will be used alongside human moderators.

According to Bumble, the users of its online dating platform are mostly anxious about the authenticity of their matches. In 2023, the worldwide research commissioned by the company showed that fake profiles and the risk of scams are users' top concerns when online dating.

Another study of dating app users conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Bumble showed that a top problem for 46% of women is not knowing if the person they’re talking to is legit.

The new AI tool is the latest addition to the popular dating app’s safety features. In 2019, the company introduced Private Detective, an AI-driven tool designed to automatically flag and blur potential nude images shared within a chat, providing users with the choice to either view the photo or report the user.

The company is implementing AI not only in the field of safety. At the end of 2023, the Bumble For Friends app rolled out an AI-backed feature with icebreaker suggestions to assist users in writing initial messages tailored to the other person's profile.

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