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Crooks stole Daily Loud’s Twitter, posted scam messages

Hip hop news outlet Daily Loud had their official Twitter account hacked, with the culprit posting scam tweets.

Over a million Daily Loud’s Twitter followers were greeted with scam messages. A scammer took over the Twitter account of a popular hip-hop and viral news outlet.

“Sorry guys about all those scam tweets, we got hacked unfortunately. Good news is we are back to normal,” Daily Loud posted after restoring access to their account.

The scammers posted several messages with fictitious offers to purchase MacBooks. Crook behind the attack likely aimed to coax unsuspecting followers into parting with a few hundred dollars.

According to Daily Loud, the scammer even contacted the media outlet offering to sell back access to Daily Loud’s Twitter account. The media outlet believes that the scammer was residing in Istanbul, Turkey, and urged anyone affected to contact the authorities.

Based on Daily Loud’s responses on Twitter, the media outlet did not use two-factor authentication before the attack. A follower inquired whether the outlet employed 2FA, to which daily loud responded with, “we do now.”

Daily Loud was established in 2012 and self-describes as a “music website dedicated to the cultivation of hip-hop from all over the world.”

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