Silverstone Formula One circuit posted on ransomware leak site

Royal ransomware posted the legendary Silverstone Circuit on its victim list on the dark web.

Threat actors posted Silverstone on Royal ransomware cartel’s leak site on November 8. The post doesn’t specify what type of information threat actors might have taken.

Meanwhile, Silverstone's representatives told Cybernews the company is investigating why it's name appeared on a ransomware gang's leak site.

"We are aware of this posting and are investigating this matter,” Silverstone's press office told Cybernews.

Royal Silverstone
Announcement on Royal ransomware leak site.

Silverstone Circuit is a well-known motor racing circuit in the UK, hosting the British Grand Prix leg of the Formula One race since 1948. Many other racing events take place at Silverstone, such as Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Formula Two, and Formula Three events, as well as many British racing championships. Silverstone circuit is operated by The British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC).

Royal is a relatively new ransomware family, first noticed in early 2022. The group employs a double extortion tactic many other criminal groups use. However, researchers believe Royal operates without affiliates and is run by a private group of members.

The group also presents victims with hefty ransom demands ranging from $250k to $2 million.

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